Adult entertainment PR and marketing - do you need an agency?
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Adult entertainment PR and marketing

PR and marketing agency for adult entertainment

Adult entertainment PR and marketing

If you have a brand or company that operates within the adult entertainment industry you will already know just how competitive the market (and industry) can be. With so many adult brands appearing to offer similar products or services; how do you ensure that your target audience are going to find and use you and not your competitors? One of the best ways to make sure your brand stays in the forefront of the consumers mind is to implement an effective adult entertainment PR and marketing strategy. 

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Many adult brands have high hopes and visions of taking the adult entertainment market by storm. However, far too often people try to take on the adult entertainment PR and marketing by themselves. It’s hard enough to market any brand, but marketing in the adult industry is notoriously difficult. 

This usually ends up with company owners or employees spending more time on marketing than originally planned. Quickly they realise that adult entertainment PR and marketing is a full-time job that requires a lot of knowledge and even more connections.

The team here at Adult PR, an adult entertainment PR and marketing agency, have listed why outsourcing to a PR agency such as Adult PR could be more advantageous than you think.

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Building trust.

With most of the adult entertainment market taking place online it can be notoriously difficult. Creating and manintaining a brand that’s comes across as established and trustworthy isn’t an easy task; especially if you don’t know both the industry and marketing inside out. By outsourcing to an adult PR agency, you will have a team of specialists on hand to assist with the growth of your brand. This will ensure that your online presence resonates with your target audience.


With the adult industry being so saturated and competitive, you will need to constantly be on best form. You should also ensure that everything you do is not replicating a competitor. It can take years of experience to be able to create truly innovative content and ideas. Therefore, in the long run it is always a cheaper option to outsource this task.

Adult social media marketing.

Knowing the ins and outs of adult social media marketing can be a huge task in itself. You will quickly find that running an adult brands social media accounts can turn into a full-time job. Also, with ever changing user guidelines, policies, and algorithms you need to constantly have your finger on the pulse so you don’t get deleted. Here at Adult PR our social media team work around the clock to ensure that our clients adult social media marketing is as effective as possible.

Adult entertainment PR and marketing tips.

You may be finding it difficult to try and crack the adult world; it’s not surprising due to the vast number of competitors you’re up against. Not only that, but there are tough rules across the board with regard to the type of content you can post and where.

After years of trying to make a name for yourself, you may have considered calling in the help of an adult marketing and PR agency. Here are some reasons why you should choose an agency which specialises in sex industry public relations.


One of the most effective marketing methods is adult public relations. PR not only enhances your media relations; it also gets your name heard in both national and industry specific publications. The benefit of choosing a PR agency like ours is that we already have connections with all the right journalists who will be keen on hearing your opinion. 

Adult SEO services. 

Introducing back end optimisation along side other concepts, such as a blog page, for example, will help your website begin ranking in no time. Adult industry website search engine optimisation is one of; if not the most effective organic digital marketing methods.

How to get ahead of the competition.

Adult entertainment is a massive market that can be divided into hundreds of sectors but in each of those smaller sectors there is still fierce competition; whether it be auditions for adult actors or gaining traffic through your sex toy ecommerce site; in order to succeed in the industry your brand will need great adult entertainment marketing.

Our adult entertainment marketing and PR team here at Adult PR have some of their top tips to help your marketing efforts.

Confidence is key.

If you are going it alone and want to control all your adult entertainment marketing then it can feel incredibly daunting. The best way to start is to work backwards and focus on what you want to achieve from your marketing campaigns. Once you have decided what you want to achieve, you need to go into your marketing plan with confidence. It is important that once your plan and business structure is right, you go for it. 

Get rich quick doesn’t often exist.

Any marketing takes time to see results, this is especially true for the adult industry. You need to think of longevity. So many brands come and go because they go into the adult industry with a short-term money-making scheme. You need to spend time creating a community of followers that will become loyal to your brand. Moreover, you can do this through thoughtful and exciting SEO, social media marketing, and public relations.

Playing it safe.

It is easy to think that showing NSFW content will gain a following. However, the truth is although this would certainly grab people’s attention it would not bode well for a long-term marketing strategy. This is because your content could see you hidden on social networks, a one example. Instead, try to create content that is engaging, shows the viewer what they want, and entices brand loyalty. 

Why you should outsource your adult entertainment marketing and PR.

In the adult entertainment industry, public relations are absolutely vital when a company or individual is looking to increase their presence; brand recognition, or even promote something new. Adult industry PR can be extremely difficult to get to grips with, as it’s so unique. Poor DIY marketing attempts can see companies and individuals exhaust their marketing and PR budget with very little return.

By outsourcing your adult industry PR, not only can you save yourself time, but you can also rest easy knowing that you have a team of experts planning and executing your strategy.

Here at Adult PR; a NSFW PR and marketing agency; our team have listed some of the advantages of outsourcing.

1. Outsourcing any part of your business which is not the core of what you do is always beneficial. 

For example, if you are not completely confident with filing your accounts; the first thing you do is hire an accountant. The same goes for your marketing and PR. By outsourcing to an agency that specialises in the adult entertainment industry, you gain access to a team with a strong knowledge base. On top of this, you will also gain access to contacts within the adult entertainment media. Lastly, you gain experts with specific marketing knowledge. This helps to produce the best strategies and tactics for your business. Our agency don’t freelance or white-label either; so you know everyone working on your account is completely dedicated.

2. Tracking the progress of your marketing and PR strategies can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

By outsourcing to our agency, you will be given reports every month. These documents will highlight exactly what is working well and how your money is being spent. Furthermore, they detail plans of the coming month. By having these, you are better equipped to discuss routes and strategies that you may want to try in the future.

3. Outsourcing will save you money. 

If you are a company that is looking to hire individuals to take care of your marketing and PR; you will then have salaries and other expenses to contend with. By outsourcing your PR and marketing, you can set a budget that works for you and gain a full team of professionals to work on your behalf without considering overheads like sick leave or holiday. 

If you would like to know more about how Adult PR can help you or your business with adult industry PR, then get in touch today.