Digital Marketing for Adult Websites Working Internationally
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Digital Marketing for Adult Websites

adult website digital marketing

Digital Marketing for Adult Websites

Having specialised in digital marketing for adult websites for over 11 years; we have worked with a variety of clients. Whether in the UK or USA, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to distinguishing the best forms of marketing for your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is relatively simple on the surface. It essentially refers to any form of marketing that is carried out by using online-based technologies. Social media for example.

With the online world ever-growing, every business should be taking advantage of the exposure that comes with building up your online presence. Whether you’re an escort business or work in selling sex toys, there are definitely aspects of digital marketing you should be taking on-board.

adult industry digital marketing

Different Types of Digital Marketing

Of course, with the internet being such an expansive space, it’s only natural that there is a plethora of different avenues to go down. Let’s explore these further:


SEO is a very valuable tool when it comes to the success of your adult business. If nobody knows who you are, how are they supposed to find you? 

Search engine optimization refers to improving how high you rank on the search engine results page (SERP.) Being in such a saturated market, it’s likely that your competitors are showing up on Google higher than you are. The higher they are, the less likely you are to get traffic to your website. It’s for this reason that working on improving your SEO should be your top priority.

PPC stands for ‘pay per click.’ Essentially, your business would strike a deal with another to appear in an advert on their website. Each time someone then clicks on this advert, they are redirected to your website and you then pay the company for that click. This is a really effective tool when it comes to digital marketing for adult websites if you want to reach new areas of your target market. 

Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, this refers to sending a commercial message to a mass group of people in order to gain more recognition and sales. It’s a great way of grabbing the attention of both new and existing customers. Email marketing can come in many different forms, the main being a newsletter. Depending on the nature of your adult business, you could also offer discounts.

Online Events

Events are quite difficult at the moment with the limitations on who we can see. This has meant companies are getting more creative and turning to virtual events. Again, depending on which sector of the adult industry you are in, online events can be a very effective way of digital marketing for adult websites. These are particularly great for building up anticipation and excitement around new launches. 

Social Media

Social media is definitely the most popular form of digital marketing for adult websites. With so many of us using it daily, the possibilities are endless. As an adult marketing agency, we strongly believe that every company can benefit from using social media platforms. Whether you want to consider using OnlyFans or even the well-loved Instagram, there are definitely a lot of platforms you can utilize. 

Where social media management often becomes a bit difficult is when looking at the restrictions that some platforms have in place. With sex still being such a taboo and also an age-restricted topic, many areas of the online world are overrun with rules and guidelines adult companies have to stick too. Although unfair, there are definitely ways around these challenges. By outsourcing this to digital marketing specialists like ourselves, we are able to advise what you can and cannot post. 

Public Relations

It’s 2020 and our lives are mostly spent scrolling through the internet. Newspapers and printed magazines aren’t only bad for the environment but they’re also bad for our pockets. With an abundance of free content online these days, it’s no wonder that less people are venturing out to buy these publications. It’s for this reason that digital PR is an important tool to consider when it comes to marketing your brand.

Having been in this industry for over a decade, we have built up a whole bank of contacts through the years. This means that we are able to get your company quality publications in both industry specific and mainstream press, helping to build your brand recognition and reputation. 

Why Now?

With the economy being in such a sorry state, the pandemic hasn’t left many companies untouched. This means that you’re likely to want to be bringing in all the sales you can right now. Digital marketing for adult websites is a great way of doing just this. What’s more, with a lot of us having spent months away from our partners, loneliness is on the rise. This has meant more people have been consuming porn or buying sex toys for solo play. Comparatively, for those of us who have been stuck with our partners, you may be getting bored of getting freaky under the sheets several times a day. Injecting some change is never a bad thing and its likely people will want to do this now, more than ever. 

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

We’ve already established that the consumption of online media is ever-growing. You don’t need me to point out that contributing to this will only bring you more customers but in case that wasn’t already obvious – contributing to this will bring you more customers! Alongside this, digital marketing has much lower costs as well as a much more global reach than traditional methods. Having a bigger reach means you can better target areas of your audience you may not have otherwise thought about. 

When carrying out marketing, it’s important to know that it’s working. There’s no point in putting hours of work into it if it’s not doing anything for your business. Digital marketing for adult websites is particularly good for this as many platforms have inbuilt features for measuring your success. 

Contact Us

Digital marketing is something we believe every company should be investing their time into. Although money may be a little tighter than usual, now is a great time to be getting to the forefront of the industry. If you’re looking to get a team of specialists involved with your digital marketing, we would love to help. To get in touch, please click here!