Digital Marketing for Adult Websites: Building a strategy.
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Digital Marketing for Adult Websites: Building a strategy.

adult industry digital marketing

Digital Marketing for Adult Websites: Building a strategy.

Digital Marketing for Adult Websites: Building a strategy.

Digital marketing for adult websites has the power to completely transform your business. However, where lots of companies fall short, is in knowing where to start with their strategy. That’s where we come in!

Based just outside of London, UK, Adult PR is a trusted marketing and communications agency. We provide support to adult industry brands globally, with the majority of our clients across the UK and US. Our offices are split into different departments covering a range of specialist areas. From social media, PR, and search marketing, right through to event planning and graphic design, we can cover your every ,marketing need! What’s more, we keep everything in-house, and all operate from one central location, removing any hassle for you as our client. 

What is a strategy and why is it important? 

A strategy is a document that details your plan of action for all marketing activity over a certain period. It should include:

Your budget

How this will be divided

The techniques you’re looking to implement

Your short term and long-term goals for marketing

Any campaign ideas

A competitor analysis 

And much more!

adult website digital marketing

Strategies are key for giving your marketing team direction, whether you’re outsourcing the project or not. They ensure everyone is on the same page and give them something to work towards. Afterall, if you don’t set objectives, how are you going to measure the true success of a campaign? 

What’s more, marketing strategies are also useful if you’re a business looking for investment. A clear digital plan shows dedication and potential for growth, encouraging investors to take the plunge. 

How to know where to start

Unless you have a background in digital marketing for adult websites, it’s tricky to know where to start. It’s for this reason that many people reach out to credible agencies for their support. Working with Adult PR, we can advise on how best to allocate your budget and the techniques that will generate the best results. 

Below, we’ve listed some of our core services that might be suitable for your adult brand…

Social media marketing

As many of you will know, social media is an incredibly lucrative marketing platform. Giving even the smallest of businesses a platform to make some noise, the likes of Instagram and Twitter, when managed well, can generate great results for all adult brands. 

At Adult PR, we help our clients to navigate the restrictions placed on explicit content on these platforms. What’s more, we also create and share content on your behalf alongside optimised captions. Our approach can be tailored to suit your goals, be it a growth in brand awareness or generating credibility. 

Public relations

PR is all about telling a story and making sure your brand sticks in people’s memory. What’s more, it’s also a great way to generate authority within your market. Public relations can open plenty of doors for adult brands of all shapes and sizes, it’s just all about who you know. 

Brands are free to approach any publication they wish for a feature. This being said, most of the time, you’ll find that you start incurring hefty fees for coverage. Moreover, that you’re also not getting very prompt responses, if at all. Based just outside of London, Adult PR have a long list of contacts within the UK and US press industries. Our network grants us access to unique opportunities with zero cost to our clients (besides our agency fees). We will pitch ideas to journalists on your behalf, write articles for them to share, and manage the entire process from start to finish! 

Search marketing (SEO & PPC)

Search marketing is easily the most complex of all digital marketing techniques. In fact without prior hands-on experience, we wouldn’t advise ever implementing your own SEO or PPC strategy. 

Search marketing is incredibly lucrative for a number of reasons. Targeted at improving your visibility on Google, techniques like SEO and PPC are incredibly successful in driving more traffic to your site. Furthermore, appearing at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) also adds an element of credibility too. 

SEO and PPC work very differently to one another and which you choose will depend on how quickly you’d like to see results. PPC will generate a ROI much quicker than search engine optimisation. This being said, SEO is the better long-term solution. Where budget allows, it’s advisable to use both methods in tandem with one another for the ultimate results from your digital marketing for adult websites. 

Influencer marketing

Although not suitable for all adult businesses, for those of you with tangible products, influencer marketing is a great way to reach new audiences. Beyond this, creators are a great way to boost brand awareness, generate positive word of mouth, and grow your authority within the market. 

There are some costs involved in influencer marketing if you’re looking to do paid collaborations. This being said, you can also run gifting campaigns where the only cost to you is the products you send out. Going down the paid route allows you to target creators with a larger audience. Meanwhile, gifted partnerships are much cheaper but are usually only securable with smaller influencers. 

As specialists in digital marketing for adult websites, when you work with us, it’s our responsibility to source creators that align with your brands values. From here, we will manage the entire process. From initial contact and agreeing terms, to ensuring posting requirements are met, we’ll handle every step! 

Contact our team

If you’re looking to enquire about our services, you can do so by filling out our contact form. From here, one of our business development experts will be in touch to schedule in a discovery call. This is just an informal chat to get a better feel for your brand and marketing requirements. Following this, our team will put together a complimentary, bespoke proposal based on your specific needs. 

Like what you see and want to take the next step with digital marketing for adult websites? Get in touch with our team today! You can reach us on [email protected].