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Five Top Criteria for Choosing a Camming Site

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Five Top Criteria for Choosing a Camming Site

This last year, one of the biggest searches has undoubtedly been tips for choosing a camming site. With the increase in interest in the adult profession, we’ve had an influx of interest asking how best to go about it. Contrary to popular belief, we’d like to suggest that people really do take the time to consider all aspects of each site. If you’ve taken the decision to start camming, it’s not advisable to take a punt and jump into creating content for a site you know nothing about. Here, our resident expert cam girls at Adult PR has put together their most important things to consider when choosing a camming site.

How often do they pay?

One of the main things we like to consider when choosing a camming site is what our pay schedule is going to look like. Here at Adult PR the pay out is every week on a Tuesday, which is something we find to be extremely convenient! Knowing when you’re going to get cash in the bank is so important, so you can plan covering your expenses around that. Not only that, it means you’re able to keep on top of your tax documentation. Meaning you can organise receipts, invoices and more month by month. Once you know when your pay date is, it means you can also set aside some time to treat yourself to some new lingerie or toys… AHEM we mean, strictly work-related business expenses.

What’s the Payment Percentage?

Once you know when you’re going to get paid, surely the next logical step is to know roughly how much. Since cam sites can vary wildly with payment percentages, this is definitely something that requires a bit more consideration. Although, it shouldn’t be the sole defining factor when choosing a camming site. Some have their percentages set at 30% and some are as high as 70%, but different sites come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Cam ‘N’ Climaxxx, for example, has a fair rate set at 70%, which allows the performers to budget their time spent on work, knowing what their return on investment will be.

Sometimes, cam sites will have extra bonuses and prizes for top performers, at Cam ‘N’ Climaxxx, they have the added perks of a referral service. If you refer a friend and they start camming, you receive 5% of everything they earn. This has unlimited uses!

What kind of Models get Accepted?

This one has got to have decision making on a business level and on a personal one. On Cam ‘N’ Climaxxx, they currently have 21 different choices for categories on our site, but there’s always room for more! Spend some time having a look at their top performers and which make it most consistently onto the main page. What’s their ‘look’? What’s the vibe that the site itself is going for? Sometimes websites will have restrictions on who can perform on them. Make sure you check these out before filling out all the paperwork only to find they only accept solo females.

If you’re creating content that is a specific niche or fetish, it would be worth looking out for sites which push these more than others. If you create a range of content, however, choosing a camming site is a little more open. 

Take a Look at their Traffic

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Much like deciding whether you’re going to set up physical shop in the hipster streets of Camden or bustling Birmingham city centre, you’ve got to weigh up who’s likely to come across your shows. Choosing a camming site is very much the same principle. With a quick Google search it’s easy to see which cam sites are going to pop up first, and if you add some of your keywords or niches to it, those results might change. Cam ‘N’ Climaxxx, for example, enjoys a healthy amount of views daily in terms of traffic, and most, if not all of them are very well engaged. However, you may come across some sites that get thousands of viewers, and no one who actually stays for long. 

Of course, by searching for it, you’re not instantly going to be able to see exactly how many viewers and potential fans would be coming to your stream every day, but it works well to give you an idea of what people are searching to find you. Most sites, however, have a bit of information on their pages about what their traffic looks like. 

How do their Privacy Settings Look?

Something we as adult workers should always consider is safety. When choosing a camming site make a list of the most important safety features for you and check them off when you’re researching a site. Do they have geographical location restrictions? How does blocking and reporting members work? What safety measures are put in place for screen recording? Not only does this whittle down your options to what really matters to you, it also gives you peace of mind for the longevity of your time on this site. If you feel safe there, of course you should stay!

Something you should consider, although it may not be a perfect science, is the potential for oversaturation on a site. This is something that you can’t help in some cases, but in others, it just takes a bit of differentiation in your content. Ultimately, we can’t tell you what to do, choosing a camming site has got to be a decision that’s right for you both personally and professionally. 

If you’re interested in taking the leap into the world of self-employment and cam shows? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch on [email protected], and we can talk about building your business on Cam ‘N’ Climaxxx!