Projects that have a significant, positive impact on the industry and the people in it.


#MyBodyMyChoice was a campaign that stemmed from the recent ban of F1 grid girls. Many people assume that women who have careers as reality TV stars; models; grid girls or even adult entertainers, are subject to derogatory opinions. However, this is of course not the case and MyDirtyHobby wanted to challenge the stereotype. The entire campaign was therefore aimed at changing people’s perceptions of women in these industries and reduce the backlash faced on a regular basis. The event was covered by mainstream publications in the UK such as The Sun and Pretty 52, in addition to the German press.

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For 2018 NYC Pride, we ran a few campaigns highlighting issues that consistently affect the LGBTQ community. Given that Xtube is a predominantly gay adult entertainment site, we decided to raise awareness of the normalisation of gay sex; porn and inclusive sex education. During the march, we also arranged for branded condoms to be handed out to promote safe sex. As a result of our connections, MTV; Gaydio and Gay Star News all joined Xtube on the day to report live. Finally, the results of these campaigns were extraordinary and bought in an abundance of positive exposure for Xtube and their ambassadors.

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Social Media & PR

Off The Record Models is an elite webcam model management agency. It has the unique selling point of being run by women, for women. In just three weeks, we managed to improve their reach by 57% and their impressions by an impressive 109% on their Instagram account!

For this client in particular, our aim was to increase enquiries from a female audience who would like to work as webcam models. In the same three weeks, we received an 80% conversion rate of those who enquired.

Lastly, we also ensured that this client also appeared in The Sun and the Daily Star within their first month! 

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SEO & Social Media

Romantic Adventures are an American-based, sex toy superstore. Through split testing, Adult PR have discovered the avenues that work really well in converting sales for their audience; our Easter bunny sex toy campaign gained an amazing conversion rate! 

We go above and beyond to achieve regular increases in our client’s ROI. For example, this client saw a revenue increase of 192% when compared to the previous year when they were not working with us. 

Romantic Adventures have also been featured in the Cosmopolitan; Metro and Sexual Health Magazine.

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