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Branding for Adult Businesses: 3 Things to Remember When Developing Your Brand

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Branding for Adult Businesses: 3 Things to Remember When Developing Your Brand

When it comes to branding for adult businesses, it’s important that you develop your designs carefully. When you operate within this industry, it can be tricky to build your reputability. If this is an issue you’re facing, our team are here to help!

At Adult PR, we have been elevating brands for over 12 years. In addition to branding and website development, we are a full-service agency, with a team of a multi-skilled marketeers. This allows us to provide support covering a range of specialist areas. These include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Press and influencer marketing (public relations)
  • Internal communications
  • Crisis management 
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) 
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Event planning and management 

What is branding?

When conversations arise surrounding branding for adult businesses, people immediately think of logos. Whilst this is a huge part of the overall process, in fact, your image goes much further than just this.

Branding is about building a persona for your business. This includes how you communicate with your customers, staff, and other business acquaintances. Additionally, it also includes physical aspects such as your key colours, tagline, and typography (fonts). 

As you will begin to see, there is a far wider picture outside of just your logo design. When complete, your branding should give customers a detailed understanding of who you are and what you stand for. A document known as ‘branding guidelines’ can also be created and shared with your staff to ensure uniformity throughout all materials created.

Why is it so vital?

Whilst many business owners know they need to have branding, many of them overlook the vital part this plays in their success. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a strong image is the affect this has on your reputation. Branding for adult businesses allows you to position yourself as a credible brand. Additionally, it also allows you to build a personality for your organisation. For instance, a sex toy brand may want to use bright colours to express fun and energy. Meanwhile, a lingerie brand might want to use more sultry tones.  

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Another key benefit of a strong brand personality is differentiation. The adult industry is incredibly saturated, and every niche is just as competitive as the next. With this in mind, looking different in comparison to your competitors has never been so critical. Quite frankly, your image has the power to make or break your entire business. It’s vital you are investing in this area if you want to stand a chance at survival.

The pandemic was tough on every business. Whilst some of you may have flourished, others certainly didn’t. If one thing’s for sure, however, we were all impacted in one way or another. If you’re now using this time to build your brand back up, it’s important that you’re able to make an impact. Branding is often the first encounter anyone has with an organisation and helps consumers to form their first opinions. Strong branding helps to elevate your business by establishing your voice, putting you on the map!

Important facts you need to know

As specialists in branding for adult businesses, we could sit here forever telling you how crucial this is for your long-term success. But don’t just take it from us! Below are a few important facts you need to know…

  • Psychologists believe it takes around 7 seconds to make a first impression 
  • It takes around 5-7 encounters with your product/service before brand awareness is generated
  • 59% of consumers have reported that they prefer to buy from brands they trust
  • 21% of shoppers admit buying a product because it was from a brand they like
  • 86% of people surveyed said they prefer to support brands that come across as personal, authentic, and honest on social media

3 things to remember when developing your branding

Keep it personal

When it comes to choosing which brands we want to support, people tend to warm to those who keep things personal. Regardless of which corner of the adult industry you operate within, keeping things unique and transparent is important. This is key to building trust and making your customers feel valued. This is a trend that needs to be echoed throughout your marketing too.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Whilst it’s never advisable to base your businesses branding off of another’s, that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration. Observing your competitors is actually a great way to see what works, and what to avoid with this project. The same goes for when you’re formulating marketing campaigns too. What’s more, with so many new businesses entering the market each day, keeping an eye on your competitors will help you to ensure your image still stands out from the crowd. 

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is one of the first rules of business. Unless you know who to talk too, there’s no point talking at all.

Before creating your branding or embarking on your rebranding journey, make sure to get to know what your consumers like. Look at who’s following your competitors and the type of accounts that they then follow. Take note of branding themes that you could potentially incorporate.

Get in touch!

If we’re being completely honest, branding for adult businesses is a long and tedious process. Not only do you need to spend time carrying out market research, but you also need to dedicate time to ideation too.

If creativity and designing isn’t quite your forte, reaching out to a professional is a way to streamline the entire process. Not to mention, it’ll lift a weight off your shoulders too! At Adult PR, we have over a decade of experience revamping brand images. You can be confident in our skill and ability.Looking to get started with the branding process? Want to know more about any of our other services? Get in touch! You can reach a member of the team by clicking here