Sex industry marketing - our expert team lay out a beginners guide
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Sex sells, but why is it so difficult to sell sex? Sex industry marketing is vital for one of the most difficult industries to crack. It’s unsurprising, due to the stigma still attached to the indulging of and purchasing of adult products.

At Adult PR, porn marketing and PR agency, we are firm believers that every company deserves top-quality marketing regardless of the industry that it’s in. Here is our beginner’s guide to marketing the sex industry.

Establishing your goals.

Before you can even begin marketing your product, you’re going to need to establish your long-term business goals. For example, if you’re a sex toy superstore, one of your long-term business goals may be to become one of the leading brands in the market. Once you have established your goals, you can then begin sex industry marketing.

Building relationships with customers.

The key to customer loyalty is building lasting customer relationships. When it comes to marketing the sex industry, you need to gain the trust of your buyer. This means that you need to spend time and effort investing in your brand message. One great way to begin building relationships with customers is through adult social media marketing. A little engagement can go a long way.

Porn public relations.

The next step in sex industry marketing is porn PR. You’ve established your goals, built your relationships and now it’s about growing your brand awareness. It’s time to build a campaign which will be considered newsworthy. One route you could go down is being in support of respectable causes. A notable successful porn PR campaign involved PornHub advocating a greener environment, planting trees across the United States. Naturally, this became newsworthy as the biggest porn site proved that they were not just a faceless corporation and were dedicated to using their influence to make a change.

How can we help?

Fortunately, at Adult PR, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to sex industry marketing and are dedicated to helping your business achieve your goals through organic digital marketing methods.

Every business likes to get more bang for their buck, especially the adult entertainment industry. When it comes to marketing within the sex industry, you can quickly exhaust your marketing budget trying to out-do the competition, that is why it is important to have a healthy budget you can stick to long term.

Here at Adult PR, adult public relations agency, we’ve seen numerous approaches to budget allocation for sex industry marketing. Here are our tips for making the most of your marketing budget.

Repurpose The Good Stuff.

High-quality content isn’t cheap, but any brand that thinks it has to create new content all the time may be spending money unnecessarily. Try to create content that can be repurposed in other ways, such as videos, social media posts or emails. This can be a sure-fire way to make the most of your sex industry marketing plan and budget.

Embrace Agility.

Even the best sex industry marketing plans need room for growth and improvement. Certain tactics like adult SEO take time to fully develop, which means measuring those goals will look different than the goals for your adult social media marketing. Always be prepared to adapt by knowing when there is a new algorithm update, tool or medium just around the corner.

Hire Experts.

Outsourcing your marketing to a sex industry marketing agency like Adult PR provides you with a team of experts with diverse ideas and perspectives. Hiring experts means they will have years of experience to draw upon and won’t make rookie mistakes; that could result in bad publicity.

This year, there’s never been a better time to make the most of your adult industry marketing budget. Here at Adult PR, adult digital marketing agency, we provide a variety of cost-effective services, ranging from web design to social media, to ensure your campaigns are a success so that you truly get more bang for your buck.

Is sex industry marketing as hard as it looks?

The sex and adult industry for many people is shrouded in mystery. As a result, many marketing and PR agencies struggle to find effective ways to promote adult brands. Luckily Adult PR, a sex industry public relations agency has the expertise and inside knowledge to market and represent international adult brands.

The team here at Adult PR, have put together 3 essential tips to remember when marketing sex industry brands.

Is there really much of a difference?

Adult entertainment and sex industry marketing is often seen as a near impossible task. This is due to strict guidelines and regulations. However, the way the industry is marketed or publicised is very close to any other industry. The adult industry is at an all-time high in terms of competition in the market; this means that appropriately promoting your adult brand is more important than ever. Although the methods may be similar to other industries it is important to remember that you are promoting adult material.

Sticky social media.

Social Media is reshaping the sex industry; but is also one of the hardest aspects to successfully achieve. One of the biggest issues many adult industry brands will face when trying to promote themselves is how they go about tackling adult social media marketing. Many companies and brands can find it difficult as they are not able to post NSFW content on many social media platforms. Therefore, when it comes to adult social media marketing, the content needs to be creative and innovative.

Adult SEO.

SEO is vital for any company in the current market; especially for adult brands that rely on a lot of online traffic. Organic SEO, using keywords in regular website content, is one of the best routes to take for long term results. This is as an alternative to paying for PPC and short-term ads that sees brands sit at the top of Google’s pages until their budget runs out.

What does sex industry marketing and almost every other industry have in common? The answer is sex. If you cast your mind back to some of the most successful marketing campaigns, whether it be advertising a sports car; an item of clothing or even food, the chances are, sex was involved somewhere.

Why? Because sex sells. From a marketing point of view, using sexuality can be appealing as it can have an emotional effect on the audience. This means that they develop a close bond with the brand. However, this doesn’t mean that when it comes to sex industry marketing you should explicitly post your services everywhere.

Let’s look at some cliches to avoid.

Cliché 1: Sex is controversial.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sex industry marketing is that sex is controversial. If you want to create a daring, successful campaign, it needs to be 18+. I hate to break it to you, but sex is considered dramatically less taboo than what it used to be. This is largely due to the rise and acceptance of online dating apps and amateur porn sites; where casual hook-ups and flirtatious conversations are considered normal.

If you are a marketer, you may be missing a trick by avoiding simple advertising. Many large corporations are noticing that advertising to singles on websites may be a goldmine. This is because these audiences and the demand for such services are still continuing to expand. If you place an ad, your brand recognition will grow tenfold.

Cliché 2: Celebrity endorsements.

Another common misconception when it comes to digital marketing is that you need to splash the cash on a celebrity endorsement. This might seem the best way to create an instantly recognisable campaign and automatically grow your brand recognition, but in sex industry marketing, celebrities aren’t a necessity. In fact, you would be better off thinking outside the box; such as considering how you can challenge stereotypes and conventions to attract attention to your brand.

Cliché 3: The same methods which worked 20 years ago will still work today.

Technology is ever-evolving and it is no shock that society today is totally different to how it was 20 years ago. Marketing methods have shifted and now factors like smart-phones; remarketing and social media play a pivotal role. When it comes to sex industry marketing, ensuring you have a social media presence is vital when reinforcing your brand.

Tackling the stigma.

Marketing for the adult industry is arguably more difficult compared with marketing for other industries. Why? Because there is still a stigma attached to the purchasing and indulging of adult entertainment services despite a gradual societal change in attitude. Today, Adult PR, adult entertainment agency, is here to discuss how to sell sex industry marketing to a sceptic.

Why are people so cynical?

When it comes to sex industry marketing, whether you’re a sex toy company or cam girl site, there will always be questions about the legitimacy of your product. This is because, for decades, many people have viewed and indulged in adult entertainment products privately; rarely making it public due to the perception that sex is a taboo subject.

Understandably, there has been a big shift in attitudes thanks to the evolution of technology, but there are still some sceptics out there. Here’s how to sell your porn products the right way.

Know your product.

One of the biggest questions your audience will ask when looking to purchase an adult product will be ‘is this legit?’ We’ve heard sex horror stories thousands of times before thanks to gossip tabloids. While they’re extremely amusing to read, they hardly work in your favour when trying to market an adult product.

So, how do you avoid this? Get to really know your product or service. What are its strengths; weaknesses and what makes your business different from others? By knowing this, it strengthens your legitimacy and presentation. This will then begin to help settle a sceptic’s doubts.

Build a relationship with your customer.

Building a customer relationship is vital in every industry but is even more important in porn marketing. The relationship between you and your customer is far more important than you might think. If you find a loyal customer, not only will they return time and time again; but they will also become brand advocates for your company which is highly important in sex industry marketing.

Associate yourself with respectable causes.

One of PornHub’s greatest marketing achievements was their advocating and support of environmental, political and social factors. Why does this work? Because it sets them apart from the other faceless companies and associates the brand with helping to bring about positive change. If you want your porn marketing to work, consider getting your company involved with respectable causes.

If you would like more information about sex industry marketing, get in touch with Adult PR today.