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Backing It Up: The Importance of Creating Backlinks for Adult Industry

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Backing It Up: The Importance of Creating Backlinks for Adult Industry

If you are a new business owner within the adult industry, creating appropriate brand awareness and obtaining maximum visibility is probably at the top of your priority list right now. As an agency which focuses on creating backlinks for the adult industry, we know that there are various ways in which you can gain more exposure and of course, get that all-important website traffic heading your way, SEO being one of them. 

Search Engine Optimisation is a vast and complex marketing technique which can organically push your brand to the forefront of a wider audience. Backlinks for adult industry play a huge part in this, as it essentially justifies the credibility and reputation of your brand. If it’s good, then naturally, it results in an influx of customers and a healthy ROI. Without backlinks, you’re hindering your SEO progress and you’ll stay stagnant on the SERP, which is never good for business.

At Adult PR, we are SEO and PR experts, specialising in backlinks for adult industry. We understand that the two must work hand in hand in order to achieve above and beyond results. Having worked both in the UK and USA, we pride ourselves on our bespoke and comprehensive service. Our in-house team work hard to gain exposure and publicity for our clients, so that they can achieve the success they deserve. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of creating backlinks and how we can help you on your marketing journey.

Backlinks Improve SEO Value

Now, we’ve gone into details about the benefits of SEO many a time on our blog. We really believe that it is one of the best ways to magnify your brand. Backlinks for adult industry remain one of Google’s top three ranking factors, and amongst the ever-changing algorithm, it’s one technique that continuously stays put, highlighting its importance. 

Gaining backlinks addresses Google’s EAT guidelines – Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. The more you get from credible sources, the more it’ll place you as a reputable and specialist service. Increased authority equals higher rankings on SERPs, thus granting your site more visibility and much more organic traffic. 

Credible Backlinks and Link Building

Link Building simply means a hyperlink from one site to another. When website 1 links to website 2, it implies to Google’s algorithm that it deserves to rank higher because it’s being vouched for. For clarification, it’s important to note that a backlink can also be referred to as an inbound links, or an external link. Wherever they’re coming from, good links should always have the potential to send referral traffic. The point is to drive the masses towards your business. 

Remember, links are a signal of trust between one website to another. The highest quality backlinks for adult idustrycome from the most trusted sources. Think of it as taking a recommendation from a friend. You would always trust this insight over someone you didn’t know – it’s the same concept for backlinks. The more reputable and recognised the source, the higher quality link.

Additionally, a credible link will topically align with your own website’s content. If you’re selling sex toys for example, then a link between a piece of content on cookbooks is not going to help you. Credible links come from other web pages that cover a similar topic to your own.

Not All Publicity Is Good Publicity 

However, it is important to note that not all links are helpful. Toxic links will harm your ranking and commonly display signs of low quality or an attempt to manipulate rankings such as:

  • Existing on every page on a website.
  • Using target keywords as the link text – exact match anchor text
  • Being inserted into blog comments.
  • Being concealed in a website’s footer.
  • Coming from sites that have been set up only for the purpose of linking out.
  • Emerging from sites and content which aren’t topically relevant. 
  • Coming from sites that aren’t indexed by Google.

How Do I get Backlinks?

Obtaining the right backlinks will work wonders for your reputation and organic marketing is the way to make the biggest impact. The most effective backlinks are either editorially earned, come from topically relevant and authoritative website and will not have been paid for or sponsored. You can gain backlinks for Adult Industry, in three ways.


When people discover your content via Google, social media, or word of mouth, and decide to link to your page. Earned backlinks are organic. By creating topical and informative content, this will improve your chances of earning backlinks.


By manually adding links to your site on other likeminded websites. This could be leaving blog comments, replying to forum threads, or adding a website to your social media profile.


Reaching out to other relevant and reputable site owners or editors and asking them to link to your page. For this to work, you need to have a clear value proposition.

How Adult PR Can Help You

As an award winning and trusted adult marketing agency, we have a wealth of reputable contacts within the industry. Digital PR is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your brand and putting you on the map. It also results in backlinks!

If you’re just starting out, you may be lacking contacts, which can hinder you getting your feet off the ground. Our in-house PR team can reach out to a vast array of international publications and journalists and showcase what your brand has to offer.

Any content you put out online, must adhere to the EAT guidelines and appeal to Google’s algorithm. Often, with the busy schedule of running a business, there just isn’t time to learn what is needed, write the content and consistently deliver it week on week. This sacrifices growth, success and achievable results.

Through informative content, expert knowledge of the adult industry and our SEO specialism, Adult PR can help you gain backlinks for adult industry so that you become a recognised and reputable adult brand. 

From SEO to PR, Graphic Design to Social Media Management, we can help your brand! If you’d like to know more about what we can offer you, don’t hesitate to email our friendly team at [email protected] or click here to contact us directly.