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PR Agency for Adult Industry: 3 top tips for keeping your press positive

Public Relations for Camgirl Agencies

PR Agency for Adult Industry: 3 top tips for keeping your press positive

The process of finding the perfect PR agency for the adult industry can be overwhelming. Whilst the communication specialist sector may appear flooded, few of these businesses are willing to dip their toes into the adult sector. This will make your search much harder, of course, and it’s easy to feel there is no solution out there for you. Therefore, we do what we do.

At Adult PR, we have been elevating adult businesses for over a decade. During this time, our focus has always remained on one thing – generating positive press. PR is all about telling a narrative and with some of the best storytellers in the business right here on our team, you can have confidence in our skill set.

Bad press

We’ve all heard the saying ‘all publicity is good publicity’, but is it really?

Over the past few years, cancel culture has become more and more prevalent to us. In the wake of social media, negative press, be it aimed at an individual or a brand, could spread like wildfire. With reputation being one of the biggest factors affecting consumer behaviour, how can bad publicity ever be good?

The world is full of businesses looking for their next big opportunity to go global. Whilst it’s true that scandals will land your name in the press, is this really the right way to be building your brands identity? In the opinion of a trusted and experienced PR agency for the adult industry, it’s an unnecessary risk.

Like many other businesses, you’re not alone in being concerned about the affect of negative news stories. Opening yourselves up to the press can be daunting. With the appropriate communications support, however, the risk of this can be reduced almost entirely.

How to keep your press positive

There are several things your brand can be doing to avoid running into crisis. Below, our team have shared 3 of our top tips for keeping your press positive…

1.    Avoid getting unnecessarily involved in politics

Starting simple, avoid getting involved in politics where possible. And this goes for your personal profiles too!

We know this might seem a little trivial but believe us when we say that this happens all too often. It’s simple, if a political issue doesn’t affect your brand or industry, it’s best not to comment at all. It is, of course, still important to still stay true to your brand values, however. If changing the perception of the adult industry is one of your key objectives for example, don’t stay quiet, just be careful with what you put out.

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2.    Apologise where necessary

Nobody likes admitting they’re wrong. Regardless, we can’t always be right and sometimes, as brands, we make mistakes. Sharing a meaningful apology can be a great way to close down a crisis before it goes too public. This being said, it’s important you don’t act too quickly, otherwise your statement could come across as insincere.

Navigating the minefield that is writing a public apology can be tricky, leading us on to tip 3…

3.    Work with a team of professionals

In today’s digitally-infused society it’s almost impossible to know what the right and wrong things to say are. As an experienced PR agency for the adult industry, we have over a decade of expertise bridging the gap between businesses and their consumers. What’s more, we’re also highly experienced in building brand reputations too.

If you’re not quite sure where to start with your communications strategy, it’s always advisable that you seek professional communications advice. You won’t regret it!

What to do if a negative news story hits

No business is every fully safe from crisis. As a business owner, you automatically have to place a lot of trust in anyone who represents your business, this includes your staff and any shareholders. One wrong move and you could find your brand being slaughtered in the press.

So, if the unthinkable does happen to you, what do you do?

Here at our PR agency for the adult industry, we are specialists in every area of communication. Whilst securing positive press and building your reputation will be our main aim, we are always on hand to help in a crisis too.

First and foremost, where necessary, we can help you to build a public statement following your mishap. With over 13 years’ experience doing this, we know all the right things to say and when the best time to share your apology is.

Additionally, we can also use our vast network to limit the spread of the negative news story, limiting the fallout. We’ll even work extra hard to secure additional press during these moments too, creating positive campaigns that overshadow anything that is potentially detrimental.

It’s always advisable for businesses to have a contingency plan. No matter how much you may hope a scandal doesn’t come your way, it could and it’s best to be prepared for if it does.

How do I find out more about Adult PR?

The bottom line is, managing your communications strategy is a full-time job. The reputation you have with your consumers is everything, especially as a brand within an industry so saturated.

If positive word of mouth, brand reputation, and customer retention align with your goals for the future, you might want to start considering reaching out to a team of communications specialists. Once in contact, we can then begin to establish a plan of action and begin working with you to grow your business!   Keen to know a bit more about our services and the team behind Adult PR? We’re aways up for a chat! To hear more about any of the products we provide, be it public relations, social media, SEO, event management, or graphic design, get in touch today! You can reach our PR agency for the adult industry by clicking here!