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Agency for Adult Marketing: Who Is Adult PR? 

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Agency for Adult Marketing: Who Is Adult PR? 

Finding the right marketing agency is a big decision. Not only do you need to have complete trust in them, but they also need to know your brand inside and out. Hiring an agency for adult marketing is an important step and one that will drastically improve your chances of growth. From credibility and exposure to sales, the team here at Adult PR will help you build innovative campaigns designed with your long-term goals in mind. 

Our Departments 

Here at Adult PR, we are a full-service agency. As such, we can offer brands both a turn-key solution and support with more specific aspects of their marketing. Below is a breakdown of each of our departments: 

Public Relations (PR) 

There’s something to be said about good old-fashioned press – you just can’t beat it! Whilst journalists may have historically been averse to sharing stories about adult brands, these angles are now something they actively seek. This being said, actually getting your brand in the press is all about who you know.  

Here at Adult PR, our team have global connections across the journalism field. What’s more, they’re also talented and versatile writers too. With a vast network, our clients benefit from exclusive exposure opportunities all for free. When you work with us, the only fee you pay is for our management.  

Social Media Marketing 

Social media can be a tricky marketing technique for some adult brands to tackle given the restrictions on many platforms. When done properly, the likes of Twitter (X), TikTok, and Instagram can still be incredibly lucrative routes to market. You just must be careful not to take any risks with the content you’re sharing.  

Worried about getting your account taken down? Our agency for adult marketing can provide guidance and hands-on support with growing your online presence the right way. What’s more, should you need us to, we even have a talented design team who can create branded graphics to share across your platforms! 

Search Marketing

Here at our agency for adult marketing, we specialise in both search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) – the two main types of search marketing.  

Looking to boost the visibility of your website among the sea of competition? Our adult content marketing experts are here to help you boost your website traffic, helping you to ultimately become a market leader. Drop us an email today to find out more about how we can lend a helping hand! 

Graphic Design 

First impressions matter. If you want to be a successful brand within the adult industry, you need to stand out. Moreover, your branding needs to be modern, innovative, and exciting.  

Are you a new brand looking to build your image? Or perhaps you’re looking for a quick rebrand? Adult PR is home to a talented team of graphic designers who are ready to take your business to the next level! 

PR and marketing agency for adult entertainment

Adult-Focussed Marketing 

It’s no secret that there are thousands of marketing agencies in the UK. As such, you’re probably wondering – why Adult PR

Finding a generalised marketing firm that is comfortable working with adult brands can be tricky, purely due to the stigma that surrounds the industry. As such, we created an adult-focussed agency as we believe every business should have access to strong marketing. 

Our agency for adult marketing work with a wide range of businesses, from individual content creators right the way through to sex toy companies, escort agencies, the list goes on! No matter your niche or who you’re trying to target, we’re here to help. 

Our Achievements 

During our time in the industry, we have supported a plethora of brands in achieving their goals. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a small handful of our results over the last few years… 

  • Generated 40 international press mentions surrounding one campaign alone, drastically increasing the reach of one of our clients. 
  • Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase revenue by 192% for one of our clients.  
  • Secured 56 pieces of coverage across 6 months, which was 46 more than our original guaranteed quota. 
  • In just two months, through our SEO efforts we managed to get 33 keywords ranking within the top 20 positions on Google for a client specialising in tantric massage. This drastically improved their visibility. 

In addition to the above, we have also been awarded many accolades including ‘Best Marketing & PR Agency – UK’ which proves testament to our team’s hard work. 

Contact Adult PR Today 

Excited by our stats and keen to see similar results for your business? We’d love to chat! 

Get in touch with our agency for adult marketing today by clicking here. From here, we’ll arrange a call for you with one of our business development experts who can help you distinguish the best route forward!