Advice From a Sex Toy PR and Marketing Agency.
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Advice from a Sex Toy PR and Marketing Agency

PR and marketing agency for sex toys

Advice from a Sex Toy PR and Marketing Agency

Sex Toy PR and Marketing

Do you need to focus on sex toy PR and marketing? You don’t need to work in the adult industry to recognize the abundance of sex toys in the world. From the sultry shops, that attract the gaze of many passing husbands, to widely visited supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, the reach of sex toys is inescapable. Exactly how it should be, in our opinion. And it would seem many would agree with us. Tech Navio, for example, has predicted that the sex toy industry will grow by almost $10 billion between 2019 and 2023.

Despite them being one of the sex industries biggest trades, there is a surprising lack of public knowledge surround sex-toys. For example, did you know that one in three women uses sex toys in the USA? Or that over 50% of UK women have used a vibrator during sex?

As a sex toy marketing agency, it’s essential for Adult PR to stay on top of the ever-changing and developing world of sex toys. Ultimately, this knowledge of the industry helps us to provide the best PR and marketing strategies to any client. Ensuring their brand is able to stay ahead of the competition by targeting the right audience.

Why Adult PR?

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Finding a team of professionals who are willing to help with PR and Marketing strategies is one thing. Finding a team of professionals who are willing to help with your adult-industry PR and Marketing strategies is another. It can be surprisingly difficult to come by assistance for an adult brand. Often leaving business owners to do it all for themselves. This can easily result in serious miscalculations and a thorough waste of time and money.

At Adult PR, our team has readily developed connections with members of the press, as well as industry insiders. This gives us the upper-hand in reaching your target audience as we will be able to place your brand exactly where it needs to be. Our dedicated PR team can secure your sex toy brand features in either print or online publications (or a mix of the two if the mood takes you). However, we recommend digital press as these will often improve your adult websites SEO. Not to mention, it’s far easier to share online content than a printed article!

Avoid Trial and Error

Sex sells. Everyone knows that. We’re certainly not the first to say it (although we wish we could claim we were!). Either way, if sex is involved, there’s money to be made. The problem here is something we touched on in the first paragraph of this blog: sex toys are everywhere! This means that without a dedicated sex toy PR agency, you will find it very difficult to make your brand stand out against all the competition.

Without a team in place to handle your sex toy PR and marketing affairs, you will find that your budget disappears horrendously quickly. Most likely with little to no results to show for it. This certainly doesn’t mean that your brand is no good, far from it! What it does mean is that PR and marketing is not your forte, and outsourcing this work is the best course of action for you. This won’t just save you money, but will make you more money in the long-term! Once effective strategies are put in place and receive the desired effect.

The team at Adult PR never considers trial and error as a viable strategy. We put in the time to develop and effective sex toy marketing campaign, and work with you closely to ensure our endevours are well-informed and reaching your intended audience. Below are some of the benefits a sex toy marketing agency, like Adult PR, can bring to your brand.

Adult Industry SEO

sex toy PR and marketing

It’s essential for any sex toy company to have a memorable online presence in order to succeed. But, it can be difficult to create a memorable online presence if no one can find you in the first place. That’s where SEO comes into play. If your SEO value is bad, then customers won’t be able to find you. This means that a good portion of your marketing efforts should be focused on sex toy SEO.

Your SEO value can be improved by simply paying for Google Ads. However, this method is far less worthwhile than achieving organic SEO. Utilizing keywords is an excellent way to work on your organic sex toy SEO. Keywords refer to the terms potential customers may search in order to find your product. Developing a broad spectrum of keywords and phrases to use across your website will really help your SEO hit different target audience groups.

Your keywords should be naturally implemented across your website. To do this effectively, you will need to do a website audit. This will involve looking at what is written on your websites copy and rewording sentences to seamlessly include your chosen keywords. Writing regular blogs for your website is also an exceptional way of continuously utilizing your keywords and raising your SEO value. 

Exposure and More Time

Having the necessary media contacts, as well as previous experience of what works for the sex toy industry in PR, will help you get the best brand exposure possible. You could, of course, personally build all of this from the ground up. But that’s an awful lot of time and effort to spend on something that a sex toy PR agency, like Adult PR, already has.

Our team has the expertise to generate maximum brand exposure for you. Leaving you with the freedom to work on the important day-to-day that is running your business. Arguably the biggest benefit of outsourcing work like this is the safety of knowing you have the free time to work on your business, whilst a team of professionals is handling the face of your brand and reaching out to your target audience.

If you would like to hear more about how oursex toy PR and marketing agencycan benefit you, then contact us today by clicking here. Why not visit our Instagram?