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Anyone operating within the adult industry will know the challenges involved with getting your brand seen. Google hides adult businesses behind safe search filters, and most social media platforms prohibit explicit content in its entirety. This can make ranking highly on search engines incredibly difficult, but no less necessary. Strip away the erotic content, and you’re left with a business which needs visibility just as much as any other. After all, you’re still competing for the attention of your target audience. Considering this, one key component of your marketing strategy must be adult website SEO in the UK 

But what actually is adult website SEO? At Adult PR – an adult industry agency specialising in SEO –this is one of the questions we’re asked most frequently. To help answer it, our team have created this blog to show just how important this technique is for XXX brands. 

What is Adult Website SEO?

When you search for anything online, how often do you go past the first page of results? Not very often, right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, as many as 75% of users won’t either, with most clicking on one of the first three results. If you want to be amongst these, it’s essential your SEO is up to scratch. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and refers to the process of streamlining your website to rank higher on Google. The greater your ranking, the better your visibility, and the more likely you are to be found and clicked on. 

Search engines like Google follow a unique algorithm to determine how highly a website ranks. These algorithms are constantly evolving and consider hundreds of different factors when deciding your ranking. The more of these boxes you tick, the higher you position. Simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s anything but.  

Google doesn’t share the list of criteria they want you to consider. After all, if they did, what’s the point of an algorithm? Everyone would have a ‘perfect’ site. As such, it takes a lot of refining to discover the best SEO practices. This is where an experienced agency specialising in adult website SEO in the UK will be crucial. It’s not something you can just do by yourself overnight, unless you’re a hidden SEO whiz, that is! 

How Important is Adult Website SEO in the UK for Adult Brands?

Type anything into Google and we’d hazard a guess that the results displayed will be from brands you already know. If you were to search ‘womens fashion,’ for example, the top few results include the likes of ASOS and Next. You may not realise it, but this is actually SEO in action! These multinational companies rule the search results, and this is no different within the adult industry.  

Pornhub dominates adult content searches, whilst Love Honey and Ann Summers lead in their sex toy and lingerie niches. Understandably, you won’t be able to immediately compete with the likes of these companies for relevant searches. Therefore, when you’re identifying your keywords to target, it will pay to be more realistic. Find long-tail keywords that you can rank for within your niche, whichever that may be. It will take time to build up your ranking, but its far more likely you’ll be successful this way. 

Adult SEO Agency

A properly SEO-optimised website can be hugely beneficial for your business. With 57.8% of all website traffic coming organically from Google, it’s something you can’t avoid missing out on. It’s key for lead generation as people are far more likely to trust your brand if you’re amongst the big names. Think about it, would you purchase something from a brand you don’t know if they’re ranking on the 7th results page? Probably not. Appearing lower than other competitors within your industry will be extremely limiting for your business. If you want to be fighting for the top spots, adult website SEO in the UK is a given. 

What SEO Techniques Should I Be Using?


For any website, regardless of industry or niche, identifying relevant keywords should always be your first point of call. These are the words or phrases which your potential users or customers will be typing into Google. They’re also the terms you want your website to be ranking for and be associated with. Also, you should consider whether you want to be including local keywords within your keyword list. Say you’re a dominatrix based in Manchester, for example. Your potential clientele will often be searching phrases like ‘dominatrix near me’ or ‘Manchester dominatrix.’ Including these keywords within the content you produce will also help to improve your visibility within the local area. 

Content Creation

Once you’ve identified your keywords, your next step is to create a few blogs featuring them throughout the text. Most websites have a blog these days, as they’re the perfect medium for answering the questions users are searching for. As you’d probably expect, however, it isn’t simply a case of writing any old thing stuffed full of relevant keywords. In fact, Google will penalise your website for doing so. Some of the factors you need to be considering when writing content include: 

  • Sentence length 
  • Word count 
  • Utilising headings and subheadings 
  • SFW images and other multimedia 

Off-site SEO and Backlinks

This covers activities that strengthen your website’s credibility and ranking outside of your own domain. One way of doing so is by obtaining backlinks. This is where other high-quality sites link directly to your own, usually generated by digital press. To Google, backlinks are an indicator of credibility. Its algorithm likes to see your website being referenced by others as it shows they view your content as useful. Also, low-quality backlinks and buying links should be avoided at all costs; they’ll only damage your SEO value in the long run. If this is something you need assistance with, Adult PR would be happy to help! 

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Hopefully this blog has helped you recognise just how important SEO is to the success of any business. Navigating this within the adult industry requires a great deal of care, commitment and knowledge. If this is something you’re not already doing, it’s best to seek the help of the professionals. To contact our agency specialising in adult website SEO in the UK, click here!