Adult Website SEO
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Adult Website SEO

Adult Website SEO

Optimising a website can be difficult, but adult website SEO is even harder. Our clients have often worked with SEO exerts who don’t specialise in the adult industry; which has slowed their progress down.

With an adult site, SEO is even more important, predominantly because pay per click (PPC) is not always an option due to Googles advertising restrictions. Need proof we can help you? You’re reading this page, which has been optimised to show we are experts in adult website SEO!

adult industry SEO
SEO for adult industry websites

So, what can we do to help?

Our team have worked in the adult industry for over a decade, and in SEO for 15 years! We know what to do with your website to ensure it ranks. Additionally, we have our own PR team, who create articles in the press; which can be either mainstream media or industry specific. These quality articles hold links or mentions which show search engines like Google that your site is worth visiting, which moves you up the rankings.

So why Adult PR?

In case we haven’t convinced you, read on… Our team are a phenomenal group of experts who know both the adult industry and the speciality of SEO inside out. We have worked with brands in the UK, USA, Asia, and Australia for over a decade; so, we know exactly what we are doing.

Unlike other brands, we also don’t work with anyone who can be considered your competitor. This means we never have the moral dilemma of what client to feature where, and who will rank highest. We would rather have a small, quality, handpicked number of clients rather than working with everyone and anyone.

How does adult website SEO help me?

Having a good ranking on search engines helps you in numerous ways. First and foremost, the higher you rank the more visits to your site you will attract, after all, who clicks on a website beyond the first page of Google results?

Secondly, showing you rank well for your profession ensures people know you are a trustworthy site. Imagine you are buying a TV. Would you rather go straight to Samsung, or would you trust a brand that’s just popped up that’s ranking 30th or 40th on the internet?

Thirdly, and certainly not last, when PR is amalgamated into your adult website SEO strategy, you benefit from that method of marketing. PR isn’t just beneficial to your search engine rankings. To gain the press, as a by-product you will be put in front of the public. This is always in a relevant publication that your target audience will read. The hidden benefit is that people will see you in the news and visit you directly from there.


Furthermore, you are able to put an ‘as featured in’ section on your website or social media. This further enhances the trust potential customers will have in you. After all, if the press thinks you are a good enough a brand to feature, you must be quality.

Contact us

So why not get in touch? We will create you a bespoke proposal, which you can trial on a short-term basis to see how you feel about working with with our adult website SEO team.

We won’t tie your hands behind your back with lengthy contracts. Finally we believe our work speaks for itself and is the reason we have held such longstanding relationships with our clients, who we see as partners. After all, as their businesses grow, so does ours.

So click below to get in touch, and find out what we do.

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