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Adult social media marketing

adult industry social media marketing agency

Adult social media marketing

Here at Adult PR, we specialise in adult social media marketing. With the never-ending rise of social platforms; everyone should be working hard on building their online presence no matter the sector they work in. 

The adult industry is a flooded market. That said, customers have lots of options to choose from when it comes to mature entertainment, buying sex toys etc. It’s for this reason that standing out against competitors is becoming increasingly difficult. Adult social media marketing is a great way to boost your brand awareness as well as increasing website traffic. 

The Restrictions Surrounding Adult Social Media

Unfortunately, the adult industry is still very much a taboo. It’s because of this that we are constantly battling with the restrictions put in place by the social media gods. What’s more, age restrictions also play a massive part in limiting the traffic on your profiles. This is where bringing onboard a marketing agency can be useful. Having worked alongside companies for almost 12 years, we have carefully studied all the guidelines and know exactly how to optimize your profiles for maximum reach. Despite the difficulties, when adult social media marketing is effective; the stream of revenue that comes from it is endless. 


Instagram has never really allowed explicit content on their platform, but they have become more and more strict as time passes. Lots of people find the main issue comes with hashtags. When people are looking to consume a certain type of content, you have the option to search for hashtags. Featuring on the ‘tags’ page on Instagram can be highly beneficial when it comes to new people discovering your brand. When it comes to hash tagging for an adult brand, knowing what you’re allowed is where people often fall short. 

Furthermore, Instagram doesn’t allow any form of nudity unless it is considered art. When it comes to distinguishing what can be considered as creative, the lines can become blurred; meaning your content may be at risk of getting taken down. Using an adult social media marketing agency like ours can be beneficial as we have years of experience working the system and we are well aware of the boundaries when it comes to this kind of media.

In terms of demographic, every social media platform is different. With an almost even split between male and female users, Instagram is more so targeted at people aged 18-35. This being said, Instagram is also a very visual platform making it perfect for brands trying to market a visual product. For example, a sex toy brand would probably do well here as they are able to show their products. They can also take advantage of the demographic being younger adults; who are more open minded.  


Twitter takes a much more relaxed approach in everything they do. In contrast to this, they still do not ‘technically’ allow nudity. Similar to Instagram, they do however ‘allow’ nudity when it relates to art, education or medical practise. 

Unlike some other sites, Twitter offer an option for you to mark your account as sensitive. This helps to keep your content away from people who shouldn’t be seeing it without penalising the business themselves. Like with anything, there are always loopholes. Once you have established these you can efficiently market your brand on Twitter freely with less limitations on what you can post. 

Research shows that 66% of Twitter users are male. Although this isn’t the biggest divide when it comes to demographics, the male-heavy audience does mean that Twitter is great for marketing adult content.


Social media marketing agency for porn brands

Reddit is one of the less popular social media sites; however it is still helpful when it comes to adult social media marketing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Reddit, essentially it is a website created for web content rating and hosting discussions on particular topics. Reddit is much looser in terms of the content it allows. Lots of threads on Reddit feature adult content and discussions meaning it is great for getting people talking about your brand. They also have an inbuilt feature where users can vote. The more votes a post gets, the more easily discoverable the content is. This is great if someone is talking about your product or service in particular. 

Marketing can be difficult here as ‘redditors’ don’t usually like promotional content. Our marketing and PR agency have lots of experience in adult social media marketing through Reddit. This means we have an advantage when it comes to subtly marketing your product to users without them even realising. We also know what type of content does well and how to best portray yourselves. 


Created in 2016, OnlyFans is quite a new social media site. This is a concept that blew up during the recent pandemic with many people in the adult entertainment industry earning a pretty hefty revenue. Although users can upload and distribute any type of content, it is most popular amongst people working in the pornography sector. For this reason, sex workers are missing out if they’re not utilizing the OnlyFans platform. 


Twitch is a family friendly social media platform so like some of the others, have limitations when it comes to the content they allow. So as though to make sure younger users don’t stumble across 18+ videography, nudity is banned unless for an artistic or educational manner. While this may not seem very appropriate when discussing adult social media marketing, you can still utilise the benefits of Twitch through promoting your brand without going against the guidelines. For example, if you are an adult entertainer who games, this could be a good platform to show that side of you. 

Demographics wise, Twitch have a heavily biased audience towards men. Within this, 55% of their male user base are aged between 18-49. 

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Whatever you specialise in, marketing benefits every brand who partake in it. Not only does it increase your sales and revenue, but it also potentially sets you up with long-term, loyal customers making it worth the investment. To find out more on how the team at Adult PR can help improve your brand recognition; click here to get in touch with us today.