Adult Social Media Marketing - utilising social media for your adult business
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Adult social media marketing – utilising social media for your adult business

adult industry social media marketing agency

Adult social media marketing – utilising social media for your adult business

Why use adult social media marketing? With approximately 3.2 billion people using social media (give or take a few hundred million), it has quickly become one of the best possible ways to market any brand or business. You read that correctly. Over 40% of the entire global population is networking online! From this statistic alone, it should be clear that there’s simply no justification for not using social media as part of your brand’s marketing strategy. 

It’s understandable to assume that, since your brand is adult-based, there may be no place for it on social media. What with it being a place for everyone and all. But this is not true in the slightest. Even the dirtiest and devilish brands can market themselves on social media with a dash of creativity and a pinch of subtlety. Our team at Adult PR, who provide marketing for the adult industry, have put together this blog to help guide you through the sprawling avenues of adult social media.

Creating SFW content to promote your NSFW content

The majority of social media sites won’t allow explicit content on their platform. But, as previously stated, this does not mean there’s no place for adult industry brands. This is where content creators are given the opportunity to get as creative as possible. Even the roughest form of eroticism can be tasteful. Your social media should aim to tease your audience through a mixture of sexual symbolism and euphemisms. Some subtly naughty imagery and sex puns, that can’t be that hard, can it? As it turns out, yes it can. All too many adult brands lose the interest of their audience through crass, and even childish, posts. 

All the SFW content you produce for social media should have a great deal of thought behind them. They need to show exactly what your brand does/is, without explicitly showing any of the dirty details. This is definitely easier said than done. Keep in mind that your audience has an imagination. If you’re able to walk the line of sensual and seductive subtly, your audience should be able to fill in the blanks. This, rather than an explicit advert, is likely to make them even more curious and eager to check out what you offer. It’s always worth looking at social media’s restrictions as an opportunity for creativity, rather than an unavoidable problem.

Social media marketing agency for porn brands

Remember to stick your brand’s key themes and colours when filling out your social media page. Especially on a platform like Instagram, where the grid’s aesthetic is oh-so-important! This type of consistency in your posts will portray a great deal of professionalism – something that is severely lacking from far too many adult brands. Just because you’re promoting adult content, it doesn’t mean the content has to be low-brow!

Bridging the gap between the adult industry and the general public

To build upon the previous point of avoiding low-brow content, social media is a great place to prove that the adult industry is so much more than just tasteless, vulgar sex. The adult industry is full of real people, with interesting lives and stories that deserve to be told. Through social media, you can showcase the exciting, glamorous and genuine aspects of the adult industry, whilst surreptitiously garnering some substantial brand recognition.

One of the best uses of social media, especially for the adult industry, is to accumulate brand recognition. You want people to know who you are and why they should be interested in what you offer. Snapchat and Instagram stories – and more recently, Tik Tok – are a great way to provide your audience with compelling insights into the personal lives of those in the industry. This helps to build a genuine connection with your audience. This level of congeniality will help to make your brand more accessible, which is the ultimate goal of bridging the age-old gap between the adult industry and the general public.

Promoting your goods and services

Did you know that over half of social media users use their various platforms to research products and shop? It’s absolutely true! Due to social media being filled to the brim with real people, each of them all too eager to share their very real opinions, shoppers will often put their trust in the user-reviews they find on the platform. This trust certainly extends to reviews of adult industry products, such as sex toys. So, what are you waiting for? Start selling through social media!

There are also plenty of influencers out there who would be happy to endorse your toys for pay. This adult social media marketing strategy is an excellent way to secure maximum exposure for your product. No matter what product or service you provide, there’s almost certainly someone with a high following out there who would happily take on the role of ambassador. On the topic of services, porn and escorting services have a lot to gain from utilising social media platforms too. A mixture of relevant hashtags, following sprees and consistent engagement, will help to build a genuine following for your brand. And don’t forget about the previously mentioned influencer collaborations! Alternatively, you could hire a porn marketing agency, who will never forget to make your marketing a priority!

social media for the adult industry

Up until now, we’ve spoken about social media as if it was exclusively against NSFW content. But, the rise of OnlyFans has turned the tables on this. If you are able to secure an endorsement from a popular user of this explicit platform, you will be able to market your adult brand straight to your target audience!

Adult social media marketing agency

Adult PR is (in our minds) the best example of an adult social media marketing agency. Overseeing the creation, scheduling and management of any and all social media campaigns is our speciality. With social media management being highly important to both us, and your brand, outsourcing your marketing to an adult social media marketing agency just makes sense. 

With the industry constantly evolving, investing in an agency whose job it is to keep track of these changes – as well as the dynamic stigmas and opinions ever-engulfing the industry – is definitely a sensible move. 

If you’d like to learn more about our adult social media marketing agency, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email Adult PR on [email protected]. Or find us on Instagram here.