Adult social media marketing - what you might be missing
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Adult Social Media Marketing: How to Make Your Strategy More Effective

social media for the adult industry

Adult Social Media Marketing: How to Make Your Strategy More Effective

Adult social media marketing is difficult. Although non-adult brands can usually build their online presence themselves, it’s unlikely you’ll receive the same luxury if you are an adult brand. Unfortunately, the adult entertainment industry is one that is often held back by restrictions. When you’re not being censored by the taboo, you’re having to deal with social media sites banning your content. Quite frankly, the whole process can be a lengthy and demotivating one.

Although a tricky task, adult social media marketing definitely isn’t impossible. In fact, our marketing team are experts in it! At Adult PR, we are responsible for running multiple social media accounts for our clients. Not only are we posting regularly on their behalf but also, building their following and solidifying their reputation. With experience in a variety of niches and a wealth of knowledge covering the marketing landscape, we promise incredible results. Moreover, we guarantee a team who care about your success and will go above and beyond to deliver. 

Why Adult Social Media Can Feel Impossible 

adult industry social media marketing agency

As a business in the adult sector, you’re likely aware of how rife competition is. Ironically, even when given this many options, consumers will still stick to the brands they know. This means that each adult company is trying to stand out and boost their visibility. With so much content flying about, it can be really tricky to make noise within your industry. Subsequently, this can make the task of adult social media marketing feel impossible. With so much done before and everyone competing for the top spot, how can you be different? 

In addition, user guidelines are far from your friend. With sites such as Instagram and Twitter limiting the content they allow; this makes it difficult to generate content ideas. Each site bans both explicit and implicit content unless of an educational or artistic nature. Although we’d argue porn is a form of art, unfortunately, the higher-ups don’t agree. We all know that sex sells. However, how are you supposed to market adult products/services without showing them off? 

Although the above issues seem like big hurdles to conquer, we promise it is possible. With the help of professionals and the tips we share below, your ROI will be soaring in no time! 

How To Make Your Adult Social Media Marketing More Effective 

There are many tricks that people miss when undertaking social media marketing. Although the process isn’t quite rocket science, it is vital you get things right. Here are some of our tips for making your social media more effective: 

Keep Your Feed Diverse 

The amount of social media content we consume each day is vast. This means it needs to be diverse if you’re going to keep your audience engaged. Posting the same types of media consistently is likely to become mundane for both you and your followers. When you 

introduce more diverse methods, this can help you to catch people’s attention. Moreover, it will also help you stand out from your fellow competitors. The best way to keep people interested is through posting a mixture of videos, photos and graphics. 

Keep Things Personable 

People like to feel connected, and this doesn’t stop when it comes to their favourite adult brands. Where lots of businesses fail is in not making their content personable enough. By sharing relatable posts or getting your followers involved, you help to build a better relationship with your audience. Overall, this helps boost your reputation and your brand loyalty. 

Utilise Hashtags 

When it comes to sites such as Instagram, hashtags are a necessity. Most social media platforms track the type of content each of their users enjoys. This is so that they can show them more of what they want to see. Using hashtags allows outlets to place you in front of an interested audience. As such, this will help boost your following and improve your overall visibility. 

Although they may seem simple to use, there is a certain level of skill required. If you’re struggling to improve your reach through this method, it may be useful to seek advice from professionals. It’s also important, however, that you steer clear from banned hashtags. Always make sure to check them before posting! 

Track Your Results 

One of the biggest benefits to using social media for marketing is simply how measurable it is. Regardless, many brands make the mistake of not keeping track of their insights. These statistics tell you how your posts are performing, what people enjoying the most and also, when you can gain the most traction. This is an extremely powerful tool to have and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not knowing whether your campaign is successful or not can be demotivating for your team. 

Engage with Your Followers 

If you’re a large conglomerate, replying to all of your messages and comments isn’t feasible. Despite this, we often see companies of all sizes ignoring their followers. This is a big no, no. If you’re short on time, you need to make engaging with your followers a priority. Ignoring the people who support your brand can be extremely damaging for your reputation. 

Use A Professional Team 

At Adult PR, we never leave a job half-finished. So that we can offer our clients the quality they deserve, we operate as a full-service agency. Not only can we help you do all of the above but also, we can assist in other areas of your marketing strategy. This is often a valued feature of ours as many business owners like to keep lines of contact to a minimum. 

As our team grows, our services have also expanded to include an array of methods. The areas we currently offer include: 

Social Media Management 

Videography and Photography 

Graphic Design, Branding and Web Development 

Event Management 

Public Relations (PR) 

Crisis Management 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Contact Our Professionals 

If adult social media marketing is something you’re interested in delving into, why not get in touch? We know social media may not be everyone’s forte, but we’re more than happy to lend a helping hand. To reach the Adult PR team, please email us on [email protected] or click here!