Adult Social Media Marketing: Having a Virtual Identity Helps Business
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Adult Social Media Marketing: How Having a Virtual Identity Can Add Value to Your Business

adult industry social media marketing agency

Adult Social Media Marketing: How Having a Virtual Identity Can Add Value to Your Business

Adult social media marketing – It’s no wonder companies all across the world are benefitting from the wonders of social media. With 66% of the British population using it actively each day, this statistic is just the tip of the iceberg. As we stay indoors during the first part of this new year, the adult industry is likely to continue seeing a soar in demand. With this in mind, don’t be the company that holds itself back whilst others capitalise on our desire for pleasure.

At Adult PR, we are a multi-award-winning marketing agency for companies within the adult sector. We help brands flourish through our decade of experience and wealth of knowledge. We’re a full-service firm offering a complete turnkey service. As well as adult social media marketing, some of the other marketing techniques we specialise in are: 

Public Relations 

Crisis Management 

Search Engine Optimisation 

Pay Per Click 

Event Management 

Graphic Design and Web Design 

Where Things May Be Going Wrong 

Previously, adult social media marketing is something many businesses in the sector did themselves. However, as the guidelines of different platforms tighten, people have begun to struggle when it comes to knowing what they can and cannot post. Instagram has always been criticised for its hostility towards sex workers. In December of last year, they updated their Terms of Use to reflect their unsupportive nature. Although these developments weren’t completely new, they certainly made some key rulings even clearer. Instagram now clearly state that any explicit, as well as implicit sexual content, will not be tolerated. This lead to many accounts being deleted or shadowbanned. Unfortunately, this is just one example of a difficulty many of you may be facing. 

Despite the above being said, our marketing agency has always worked hard to fight the corner of adult brands. As such, we have learnt about many of the loopholes in various social media guidelines to ensure our clients are still able to market in this way. If this is something you’re struggling to overcome, allow our adult social media marketing experts to save the day. We can advise on what content will be allowed, the best hashtags to use and how to boost your following. 

Social media marketing agency for porn brands


Whilst Instagram may be unsupportive of the adult industry, OnlyFans seem more than happy to accommodate brands like yourselves. This platform may not be suitable for all of you, however, for others, it will be an extremely valuable tool. 

Although created in 2016, OnlyFans really shot to fame during the first UK national lockdown in March last year. They support a variety of creators however are best known for their tie to the sex industry. This platform allows creative’s to share their content with subscribers for money and many people have made a hefty wage in doing so. This is definitely a platform to consider if it fits with your brand identity. Not only will it add an extra stream of revenue but also much more visibility for your business. In the long run, this will drive more people to your site and help you to grow. 


Although you may be keen to boycott Instagram given what we discussed earlier, the fact is, you need it. No matter what area of the adult industry you’re operating in, Instagram is the place to be. 

In terms of demographics, their main audience remains quite young. 75% of people aged 18-24 are using this platform actively on a daily basis. Meanwhile, their least popular age bracket is those aged 65+. This is to be expected considering how modern the outlet is. A perfect match for the general target audience of adult brands.

Built for sharing videos and photos, Instagram was created in October 2010. Its nature makes it the perfect place to showcase what you do. Posting images of your products or services allows people to get a better idea of your brand. Instagram is a great way to solidify your reputation. Not to mention, all social media platforms are great for boosting your SEO value as well as providing customer support. 


Finally, we come to Twitter. Realistically, anything goes on this platform. It’s a strange space but one that welcomes everyone. Whilst being the king of memes, Twitter is also well respected for business. In addition, they also encourage people within the adult entertainment industry to use their services. This unusual blend means businesses like yourselves could really excel here. 

The only downside to this platform is simply how often you need to post. Whilst on other varieties of social media you can get away with posting semi-regularly, Twitter like their users to be extremely active. To build any kind of substantial following, you need to be posting multiple times a day. Of course, this may be unattainable for you if time is in short supply. This is where people often look to utilising our offer of help. 

Knowing Which Platform to Pick and Why You Need an Agency to Help 

Although your options aren’t limited to these three platforms, the above are where you’re most likely to see ROI. Despite their overall popularity, you first need to ensure they’re the right space for you. Choosing the wrong outlets is a waste of your time and even worse, could damage your reputation. This is where our team of adult social media marketing specialists may be of use. It is of course, our job to advise where you should be posting content as well as doing this for you should you require it. 

Of course the bans on explicit content means that adult brands need to get creative with what they’re posting. Keeping your content fresh, engaging and interesting is vital for every business when it comes to social media marketing. Being a full-service agency, Adult PR have lots more to offer. For instance, utilising our creative design team to draw up graphics for your social media profiles has proven invaluable to our clients in the past. As well as this, there is always room to develop your marketing strategy down the line should your budget increase. 

In addition to the above, you then need to think about just how much time social media marketing takes up. Trust us, it can be pretty time consuming. As we touched on briefly before, if this is something you’re lacking, why not allow us to take the slack? 

Contact Our Team 

If adult social media marketing is something you’re seriously considering, we’d love to offer you more information. All enquiries are free and we’ll even produce a completely bespoke proposal for you. To get in touch, simply click here.