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Adult SEO

SEO for adult industry websites

Adult SEO

Having been adult SEO specialists for over a decade; we have seen first-hand just how impactful websites can be for every company within the adult entertainment industry. What’s more, we have worked alongside hundreds of clients to get their website to the top of the search engine results page (SERP.)

What is SEO & Why is it Important?

Adult SEO is something many companies like to outsource to a marketing company like ours purely because of how technical and time-consuming it can become. We all know that it’s human nature to go for the brands you are familiar with. This means that when new companies come into the market, it can be almost impossible to get exposure. Unless, of course, you take time to work on improving and nurturing your SEO. 

SEO relates to how high on the search page you appear when someone Googles certain keywords relating to the content you have on your website. The better your adult SEO is, the higher you will rank and the more people who will see you.

What Google Wants

Google wants their consumer to have the least amount of work possible. It’s for this reason that they’re picky on the information they want to promote. The way in which Google determines how good your SEO is can get quite complicated. Essentially, when a website is published it will be crawled. These ‘crawlers’ are robots that carry out an index on your site. Once your website has been indexed, it can then be found online. The more SEO checkboxes you have ticked off the list, the higher you will rank for certain searches.

Being top-ranking on the SERP can have a whole host of advantages. Every entrepreneur wants their business to do well and this success is often measured in the way of sales. When someone types in ‘sex toys’ for example, if you’re the top-ranking result, it’s only common sense that you’ll get more clicks. Not only will this boost your website traffic, but it will also result in more e-commerce purchases. What’s more, having a high-rankings will also increase the amount of people who know who you are. Helping to make you a recognised brand in the industry. 

On-Site SEO

When it comes to improving your adult SEO, most people look at the on-site criteria first. Put simply, on-site SEO is everything you do on your website to improve your ranking. There is a whole range of different ways you can do this but most commonly it’s done through content creation. When we say content creation, we’re referring to landing pages and blogs specifically. 

Landing pages are essentially single pages that appear when someone clicks on an optimised search result. Most commonly, they’re not visible when someone visits your website but will still appear on the SERP. By creating these pages, you are creating more and more content that Google can use to answer questions. A website with hardly any information simply isn’t going to rank well purely because there is nothing to pull from it. Blogs work in a very similar way to landing pages, they just often include far more text. When optimizing these, it is important you consider a range of things from sentence length and formatting all the way through to your keywords.

Delving deeper into on-site adult SEO, you then have the behind-the-scenes ways of improving your ranking. This can be done through the likes of meta-descriptions, alt-tags and link building to name a few.

SEO for adult business

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO relates to everything you do to boost your SEO that hasn’t been done on your website directly. One way of boosting your adult SEO in this way could be through public relations. Having your adult business appear in the media or collaborating with an influencer can be a great way of generating backlinks and improving your click-through rate. Back-linking is essentially where someone refers to your website on theirs. This helps Google indicate how trustworthy you are and whether you are experts in this industry or not. Appearing in high profile publications such as Playboy is a great way to build your recognition. This will then mean people search for your website organically and it simply helps to build recognition around your brand. 

Social media is also a useful tool when it comes to off-site SEO. By building up a large following you are reaffirming the message that you are a trusted, recognised and an expert brand in the industry. This can also be echoed through people engaging with your posts and sharing them with their friends. 


Examples are often a good way of helping people to get their head around tricky topics. This being said, let’s look on how specialists would boost the SEO of sugar daddy/baby websites. When it comes down to this industry specifically, often the types of websites you will come across are memberships sites. Websites where sugar daddies can sign up and meet sugar babies or vice versa. For those of you in this market, you will know that it is highly saturated much like the rest of the adult industry. This means it is integral for you to make yourself stand out. 

Let’s look more closely at their adult SEO strategy. To start with, we would suggest you really focus on building your socials. Social media management has unlimited potential when it comes to boosting your reputation and SEO value. Although many adult industry brands struggle here due to the taboo nature and restrictions put in place, there are definitely ways around this that we have implemented with many of our clients. 

Secondly, we would really suggest content creation. When organically searching, this is what will show up. As I mentioned previously, getting ahead of your competitors is vital and this is the most efficient way of getting to the top of the SERP.

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Of course, there is lots more we can suggest depending on your specific business however, we would be here for hours if we went into the finite details. Whoever you are, we are confident that we can help to boost your SEO value. To find out more on how we can be of assistance, click here!