Adult SEO Services: Understanding SEO Jargon
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Adult SEO Services: Understanding SEO Jargon

SEO for adult business

Adult SEO Services: Understanding SEO Jargon

As expert providers of Adult SEO services, we have helped hundreds of different businesses see success with their digital marketing strategy. Our team of talented professionals are experts in building attention for our clients’ brands. Through our specialist techniques and 13 years of adult industry experience, we can help your website climbing the SERP in no time. 

If you know you need help, why not contact us now and our team will create a bespoke proposal along with a website review for your brand, free of charge, and with no obligation. 

What is SEO? 

If this is the first time you’re hearing of SEO, this marketing technique was designed to improve a brands visibility on the internet. When a website is first published, search engines need to determine what category a website falls under and where it should rank when people are searching. The more aligned you are with Google’s algorithm, the higher you will be positioned, boosting your websites overall traffic. SEO will also help you to improve the end-user experience of your site. 

For more information on search engine optimisation (SEO) and how it works, click here

Key terms you’ll hear and what they mean… 

When on your hunt for adult SEO services, you’re likely to be met with a lot of jargon along the way. So that you can gather a better understanding of what each of these key terms mean, we’ve broken them down for you here: 

Backlinks: Backlinks are built when another website links to yours. Most commonly generated quality links are via digital PR. These can help to boost your authority as a brand. 

Crawling: When your website is published online, it undergoes a process known as crawling. This process is Google’s opportunity to search through each of your web pages looking for criteria from their algorithm. For instance, they might look at how quickly your site loads and the keywords you’ve used (if any). From here, they can then decide where your website should rank under key terms that relate to your business.


EAT: This anagram stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are 3 core values that Google are on the lookout for. Off-site SEO is a great way to prove that your business harnesses each of these characteristics. For example, if an article that features your brand is published in a trusted publication, this will make you more credible. 

Landing page: This is a page that, although is linked to your domain, cannot be found via your website itself. Nevertheless, providing these are well optimised, 

landing pages can bring a great deal of value in terms of SEO. These can still be found on the SERP by people searching for your product/service.


On-site SEO: This term refers to any optimising work that takes place on your actual website. For example, improving your loading speed, improving compatibility with mobile devices, or sharing SEO-friendly blogs. 

Off-site SEO: This refers to any SEO work that takes place away from your website but that still has a positive impact on your ranking. Backlinks built through PR is an example of this. Furthermore, boosting your credibility and engagement on social media is also a type of off-site SEO. 

SERP: This anagram refers to the search engine results page. In other words, the options you see when searching. 

Spiders/Crawlers: When your website is crawled and ranked, Google use small bots to undertake this task. These are known as ‘spiders’ or ‘crawlers.’ 

Why do I need adult SEO services? 

In all honesty, SEO is a difficult marketing technique to implement. Nevertheless, the impact this can have on your business is astronomical. With its highly technical nature, it’s always advisable to seek help from professionals when it comes to optimising your website. 

Playing around with your website without knowledge of SEO could end up causing more harm than good. Making mistakes in the backend can be time consuming to correct and some may be irreversible. Working alongside a team like Adult PR will eliminate this risk, ensuring your site health is constantly improving with time. 

Starting from scratch with your SEO? This can be a lengthy process and takes real time, dedication, and most importantly, patience. It’s likely to take a minimum of 3 months before you will see progress from your efforts. What’s more, even when your website is fully optimised, you will still require constant maintenance to keep you aligned with Googles ever-changing algorithm. Trust us when we say that, as a busy CEO, this is the last thing you want to be adding to your plate. Investing in adult SEO services is the easiest way to improve your brands visibility and the end user experience of your website. 

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