Adult SEO Marketing Company: Helping you scale up the SERP
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Adult SEO Marketing Company: Helping You Scale the SERP

SEO for adult industry websites

Adult SEO Marketing Company: Helping You Scale the SERP

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is notoriously known as being the most challenging of areas when it comes to marketing. When working on your Google ranking, it can be hard to even know where to even start. There are so many different ways to optimise your site and quite frankly, the whole process can be a daunting one. Despite this, SEO still remains one of the most impactful and crucial marketing techniques there is. 

Here at Adult PR, an adult SEO marketing company, we work alongside our clients to boost them up the SERP. Our team is made up of young, unique and knowledgeable individuals all determined to bring our customers the ROI they deserve. We combine the wisdom and skill of our professionals to get you ranking better and to help perfect the end-user experience of your site. No matter how big or small your business is, we can help boost your site traffic. With SEO on your side, you’ll be seeing exponential growth in no time. 

How Does it Work? 

Unless you specialise in SEO, it’s likely to be an area you’ll never understand. Although it’s possible to learn, search engine optimisation is extremely difficult to teach in a few paragraphs. It takes individuals years to learn the skillset needed to boost a website effectively. Implementing SEO into your strategy without the help of an expert could be extremely detrimental in the long run. Some mistakes can be irreversible whilst others are very difficult to fix. It’s for this reason that it’s sometimes best to just cut your losses and bring in an adult SEO marketing company. 

Although somewhat difficult to explain, allow me to cover some of the basics of how SEO works. Essentially, like any other business, Google want the experience of their users to be the best it can be. Obviously, if they were to suggest websites to their customers which were lack-lustre, this would damage their reputation. Therefore, they needed to find a way to separate the good sites from the potentially bad ones. In order to do this, they created their Google algorithm. 

The Google Algorithm

SEO for adult business

The Google algorithm is essentially made up of a list of attributes every good website should have. The more boxes you tick, the higher you climb up the ranking. Of course, you may ask why you can’t just apply all the criteria and have it done with. Well, the issue is, Google don’t actually tell us what they want to see. That would completely defeat the object of the algorithm entirely. Therefore, it takes a lot of getting used to in order to discover their needs. Going back to what we were saying earlier, this is why the combined experience of an SEO team is crucial. 

If this wasn’t already a hard enough task, Google seemingly like to test us experts. Algorithm changes come into play constantly. This means, we have to put in lot of background work to keep up with trends. One of the negatives of having an in-house SEO team is simply having to pay them whilst they retrain during these updates. By outsourcing the work to an adult SEO marketing company, you avoid this problem. Of course, it’s our job to be professionals. Therefore, we would never charge our clients for the time we take to improve and refresh our skills. 

In order to assess your ability, Google send out robots known as ‘spiders’ or ‘crawlers.’ These are responsible for indexing your site and then reporting back with how much of their algorithm you satisfy. The characteristics they’re looking for can be split into both on-site and off-site factors. More on this later. 

Why Do I Need SEO? 

As you will be well aware, the adult industry is one that is heavily saturated. Even some of the smaller niche markets are slowly becoming overexposed with new companies popping up daily. With this in mind, its important people are able to discover your brand in a sea of competitors. The internet plays a huge part in everything we do in this day and age. This means it’s vital that you appear when people search for key phrases relating to your adult business. 

As the algorithm has been in play for so long, we’ve become acclimatised to finding what we need within the top few results. In fact, the lower down the results page a business is, the more its chances of gaining new traffic dwindle. Appearing lower than some of the other key companies in your industry will be extremely damaging. SEO simply helps you to bring more people to your site over theirs. In the long run, this will lead to helping you fight for top position in your industry. 

What Are On-Site Factors? 

On-site SEO refers to any of the techniques you employ on your website to improve your ranking. These can be split into both content factors as well as back-end optimisation. 

Starting with content, have you ever wondered why most businesses have a blog on their website these days? Well, the more content you feature, the more chance you have of answering the questions of Google’s users. As well as this, it also helps indicate to the search engine what your site is all about. Landing pages and blog posts go a long way in proving your expertise. Ensuring you hit the recommended word limit, keeping your sentences short and working on your keyword density are all factors that will make your content more SEO appropriate. This may seem easy at first, however, coming up with fresh ideas is tiresome and near impossible without input from others. 

Let’s Talk About Your Back-end

Back-end optimisation is all about the things that go on behind the scenes. Realistically, what use is a porn website that keeps buffering? Similarly, how are you supposed to buy a sex toy if the links aren’t working? Tasks such as fixing broken links and speeding up your site make you far more appealing to Google. As well as this, you need to be ensuring you’re using meta-descriptions and alt tags. 

The amount of web surfing we do on our mobiles is astronomical. What’s more, this type of viewing will only continue to increase in popularity. Google isn’t stupid and of course, they recognise this trend. ‘Mobilegeddon’ is a well-known term used in SEO practice. It was a nickname given to the Google algorithm update in April 2015. This is where Google began almost penalising sites that weren’t optimised for mobile phones. To this day, if your site doesn’t work well on a smartphone, this will be seriously damaging to your SEO value. Getting this in place will help to boost your credibility as well as improve your reputation. 

What Are Off-Site Factors? 

Off-site factors refer to the things we do outside of our website which still have a direct effect on how we rank. This is where social media and PR both intertwine with one another, as well as SEO. 

The more people that follow you on your social media platforms, the more this proves to Google that your content is enjoyed and respected. This helps assure them of your expertise meaning they’re more likely to trust you. 

Similarly, appearing in popular big name publications also helps to promote these same feelings. No large, trusted brand is going to boast about your company to their readers unless you are legitimate and an authoritative figure in your industry. Appearing in online publications means a number of back links will be generated. ‘Back links’ are essentially when another website links to yours. These again act as an indicator to Google that you meet their EAT criteria. This anagram simply stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. 

Contact Our Adult SEO Marketing Company 

After reading what you have, we hope you’re able to recognise just how fundamental SEO really is. If this is something you’d like to begin implementing into your strategy, why not get the professionals involved? To contact our adult SEO marketing company, you can do so by clicking here. Alternatively, why not follow us on Instagram!?