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Adult SEO Agency in the UK 

Adult SEO Agency

Adult SEO Agency in the UK 

When looking for an adult SEO agency in the UK, you’ll soon find that your options are few and far between. Unfortunately, this industry is still surrounded by stigma. As such, many mainstream marketing firms won’t touch brands within the sex sector. Spotting a gap in the market, Adult PR was born! 

Here at Adult PR, we are keen to aid the industry in their movement towards normalising sex and pleasure. We’re passionate about giving adult brands a voice, helping them to build effective and lucrative strategies. If you’re after support with your SEO, look no further! 

What is adult SEO?

Millions of brands around the world are implementing SEO to boost their sites visibility. This marketing technique is designed to improve where you organically rank on Google. When done well, you’ll soon find that you’re appearing higher under certain searches that you weren’t even on the first page for before.  

As humans, we like instant gratification. If we can’t find an answer to our question within a short space of time, we’ll often stop looking. The same idea can be applied when looking online for a certain product or service too. In fact, research suggests that the first 3 options on the results page receive 52.75% of all clicks. Moreover, less than 5% of people go beyond the first page of results.  

SEO involves making certain modifications in both the front and back-end of your site. These must be made in-line with the criteria laid out in Google’s algorithm. In doing so, you’ll soon position yourself as a high-quality, credible site, making you a more favourable choice for ranking.  

As the name would suggest, SEO agencies are responsible for boosting your site health by implementing a comprehensive search marketing strategy.  

When you work alongside our adult SEO agency in the UK, we will carry out a comprehensive check on your site to assess anything you’ve previously done with your SEO. From here, we can then create a plan forward. This might involve optimising your current website copy and back-end, along with creating new content in the form of blogs and landing pages. Everything we produce will be in done an SEO-friendly manner, providing maximum results.   

Our writers have experience across a broad array of industries but hold expertise in the adult space! We’re confident we can create high-quality content that offers readers value and positions you as an expert in your field.  

Types of SEO

Search engine optimisation is a lengthy yet rewarding process. If you’ve never implemented this technique before, there is lots to be done and this can often feel overwhelming. As such, it’s always advised that you work alongside an adult SEO agency in the UK 

There are two different types of SEO, both on-site and off-site. So that you have a better idea of how this process works, let’s break things down…

On-site SEO

On-site SEO is all about ensuring your site and content are optimised. 59% of all searches take place on a mobile device, according to research. As such, gone are the days where brands can get away with having websites that aren’t formatted correctly for phones. What’s more, the layout and aesthetics of your website will play a huge part in keeping your bounce rate low (positively impacting your site health). 

Producing fresh, relevant, and consistent content for your website gives Google more to crawl and effectively judge you on. What’s more, you’re also likely to answer more questions that people might be searching for. Your content does, however, need to be optimised in a number of ways. Utilising keywords, keeping your sentences short, and not using complicated jargon are all good examples of best practise.   

SEO for adult business

Another key consideration is creating optimised meta-descriptions for all of your website pages, as well as producing alt-text for your images. When you work with a professional adult SEO agency in the UK, we can also look at ways to speed up your website. Each of these elements contributes to the strengthening of your online presence. 

There are plenty more considerations beyond those listed above. This being said, we’d be here all day if we were to divulge all of them! As you can see, optimising your website is a full-time job whether you have a good head start or not. What’s more, with it being so technical, it’s always advised that brands hand this over to a team of experts.  

Off-site SEO

When ranking your site, SEO take a look at the full picture. As such, they’ll take into consideration any appearances in the press as well as the success of your social media. The greater your online presence, the better.   

Backlinks are the strongest form of off-site SEO. These are produced through appearances within digital publications. When journalists share articles online, they’ll often include a link back to a website. Although we cannot guarantee back links and they are harder to obtain for adult clients, when these are included, they can have a great benefit on your SEO. 

Although social media can be tricky for some adult brands, where applicable, it’s well worth the investment. A good following and a high level of engagement only makes you look more credible. As such, this will give your website a boost when it comes to authority, positively impacting your SEO. 

Contact our adult SEO agency in the UK

Looking for support with building and implementing an SEO strategy? In need of guidance with other areas of your digital marketing? We’re here to help! Why not speak to our professionals today?  

For more information on any of our services and to speak to our team, click here to complete our contact form. From here, we’ll pair you with a member of our business development team who can help you start your marketing journey!