Adult SEO agency: How to use SEO to stand out post-COVID
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Adult SEO agency: How to use SEO to stand out post-COVID

SEO for adult business

Adult SEO agency: How to use SEO to stand out post-COVID

Adult PR are an adult SEO agency based in Essex. With over 12 years of experience within the industry, we understand that it’s not always easy to dedicate time to the more procedural sides of your business. The technical elements of SEO can seem a little confusing but, they are vital to the development your website and brand. Adult PR can help cultivate a tailored SEO strategy to ensure you are making the most of your site. 

SEO – What Is It? 

If you’ve never heard of SEO before, we can break it down for you. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This refers to the ways you can adjust your website to make it appeal to Google’s algorithm. Optimising your site and meeting these criteria will allow you to rise through the rankings of the search engine results page. This will have a direct effect on the organic traffic to your website, increasing clicks and allowing you to sell your services or products and build an effective customer base. 

SEO basics 

Before you can implement SEO within your website, you have to have a grasp on the basics. Our adult SEO agency are here to tell you a bit about how it works and how to rise through the rankings. 

Google use a variety of factors to determine if your website will be useful to a user. Bots called crawlers will crawl through websites and identify EAT within the content. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. If crawlers see that your content contains EAT, they will index your site and will rank it higher. This is because Google can be confident the site contains information that will answer a user’s question. These bots will also use other factors like meta titles and descriptions to index your site. The more helpful they think your site is, the more likely they to rank it higher. 

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Adult Industry and Covid 

The global pandemic meant that a lot of people were without jobs in 2020. Many turned to the adult industry to provide a source of income when most other industries were inaccessible. The online world has become inundated with adult industry business, websites and individuals offering services. It has become more important than ever to establish your brand correctly and stand out from others. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re starting to see a rise in competition, SEO can benefit you greatly.


In 2020, the online adult and porn industries were estimated to be worth a total of $774.7 million and, despite only being halfway through 2021, this has already risen to way over $800 million. Our adult SEO agency knows that the industry is only going to continue to grow over the coming years. Now is the perfect time to use the bustling industry to your advantage. There is a possible disadvantage to entering a potentially saturated market, 

however, at Adult PR, we believe that a well thought out SEO strategy can make the world of difference and help you can a head over other websites and business. 

Using Content to Your Advantage 

The content of your website can sometimes get forgotten. It might not seem like something you should focus on within the adult industry; who has time to read content if they’re looking for porn or sex toys? You couldn’t be more wrong. The content on your website is what is going to get you ranking higher on the SERP. The higher up in the SERP you are, the more people are going to click on your link. People looking to find or consume adult services and products won’t want to scroll too far down. The sites at the top signify trustworthiness and familiarity to the user – they will go with what they know. 


Your content must contain keywords and phrases that are most searched. These will help the algorithm identify that your website is useful. Our adult SEO agency can work with you to identify which keywords you wish to focus on, pinpointing the ones that will gain you the most organic traffic. 

Sentence length 

This may seem irrelevant, but it is actually something Google’s algorithm is hard on. Sentence length has a direct impact on the time a user will spend on your site. The most effective sentence length is just over 20 syllables. The algorithm also likes to see longer sentences too, but this must vary with shorter ones. 

If content is hard to read, it is likely a user won’t stay on your site for long. This affects your bounce rate. A bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who visit your webpage without taking any direct action, like making a purchase or clicking a link. Google sees a high bounce rate as a sign your site has issues with its content and, as a result, your position on the SERP will go down. 

Updated content 

Google’s crawlers are consistently indexing sites and crawling through pages. It is important that you are uploading content on a regular basis. This will allow the crawlers to index your webpages appropriately and determine when to suggest you to a user. If your content is up to date, it will also increase the trustworthiness of it. You will then see a rise in your SERP rankings. 

Get in Touch 

Our adult SEO agency have a dedicated team who are ready to discuss an SEO strategy that’s right for you. All of our team have open minds and fresh ideas, and can revitalise your content, boosting your SEO value and your SERP rankings.


At Adult PR, we also offer other services alongside our SEO expertise. These include: 

Social media management. (SMM) 

Public Relations. (PR) 

Crisis management. 

Event management. 

Business development. 

Graphic design for website development and branding. 

If you feel like you could benefit from SEO optimisation, or any of the other services that we offer, do not hesitate to get in contact with us today!