Adult Public Relations -Our international agency explains the benefits
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Adult Public Relations

adult industry public relations

Adult Public Relations

Here at Adult PR, we have worked alongside hundreds of brands, helping them with our expert knowledge surrounding adult public relations. Having been in the industry for well over a decade, we have been able to build up contacts with both national and international companies. These have been invaluable to our clients whether they’re smaller adult entertainment companies or massive multi-national conglomerates.

Public relations (PR) refers to the process in which a company is brought closer to their target market through various different avenues. This could be through a magazine or news article, through influencer marketing or by being mentioned during a podcast. Either way, the main focus for PR is to help establish your brand amongst more people bringing more attention to your business. 

Types of PR

Before considering your adult public relations strategy, you first need to be clear on your target demographic. Without knowing who you’re targeting, your ROI isn’t going to be optimised to its full potential. Once you know this, you can then explore the different types of PR and whether they’re relevant for your adult brand. Let’s take a closer look at the different areas of public relations:

Online and Physical Print

The mistake most commonly made with adult public relations is targeting the wrong kind of media. Remember I said you need to consider your target market? Well if you’re targeting the average horny individual (i.e. almost every adult out there) you’re going to want to be aiming for mainstream media as well as industry specific platforms. Whilst your articles may need to be tamer and more tailored for mainstream media, you can still gain a hell of a lot of traction from these publications. What’s more, being in an industry so heavily frowned upon, print media can be a great way for you to shout about beating the stigma and taboo surrounding sex and pleasure.

Let’s be honest, if you can get something free at the touch of a button, you wouldn’t pay for it. That’s what most people come to the conclusion of when they think about printed publications these days. With the internet being so vast, the amount of information you can receive online is incredible. It’s only natural that magazines and newspapers turned to being digital and as a result of this, many offer you viewing for free. Whilst all of this is true, the traditional physical print is still strangely popular. Be careful not to discount it at the first hurdle.

public relations for adult entertainment brands

Influencer Marketing

The term ‘influencer’ is usually used to refer to anyone who has an influence over a group of people. They may be a content creator or blogger to name a few examples. This form of PR has become huge within all industries through the years and the ROI you can get from it is massive.

Once you know your demographic, you can begin looking for influencers that you think have a similar audience to you. When looking at adult public relations, reality stars are often a great place to start. Their audiences are usually young but old enough for this to be appropriate. What’s more, the younger generations are often more open to being exotic in the bedroom. In recent times, market leader Ann Summers has benefited from this kind of PR. Their collaborations with influencers such as Megan Barton Hanson from Love Island was able to help them reach entirely different markets. People they weren’t appealing to before.

Crisis Management

Adult public relations aren’t always about getting you in the press as much as possible. Sometimes, PR can be just as much about keeping you out the press if a crisis arises. If your company or you as an individual fall into a media trap and find yourself gaining a negative reputation, our PR agency can help with crisis management. We will strive to keep harmful stories away from newspapers. In the event that a crisis has already happened, we have ways of limiting and controlling the damage. This means minimal disruption for you. 

Regardless of whether this has happened to you in the past or not, every business is at risk. Crisis management is a great way for you to plan for the future. 

Advantages of Public Relations

It would seem pretty pointless for me to waffle on about adult public relations without at least touching on what it can do for your brand. Public relations are effective because they allow you to be seen by people who otherwise may not have considered using your brand. This allows you to become far more well-known amongst the general public. This means more website traffic and revenue for you in the long run. Moreover, when PR is done properly, the reach can be much larger than some other forms of marketing. It can even give you the chance for your brand to go global.  

Disadvantages of Public Relations

As well as an abundance of advantages, nothing comes without a few negatives as well. Knowing the success of a campaign is important. However, public relations can be quite difficult to measure sometimes unlike social media marketing. What’s more, PR can also sometimes be a bit hit and miss. It’s impossible to accurately anticipate what type of content a journalist is looking for, making it hard to guarantee immediate results. It’s for this reason that we introduced our PR guarantee. We’re well aware of what we can achieve and as such, we won’t make promises we know we can’t keep. With our guarantee in place, you can be confident that we will deliver quality results meaning no unexpected surprises for you.  

Contact Adult PR

If you’re in the adult industry, you’re going to benefit from investing your time into adult public relations. Short on time and/or money? We would be more than happy to offer you our expert opinion. Alternatively, we can even manage the entire project for you. For more information on how we can help, get in touch by clicking here! Alternatively, why not follow us on Instagram?