Adult marketing - We can create a strategy bespoke to your business
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Adult Marketing

marketing agency for adult brands

Adult Marketing

Adult marketing in the context that we will be discussing today is the practice of promoting brands, products and personalities within the adult industry. As you can imagine, this covers a wide range of sub-industries and sectors. Our adult marketing team here at Adult PR have worked with numerous individuals and organisations in many different divisions of the sex industry. We are based in the UK but work with brands across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Our expertice have seen us working around the globe with some of the biggest names in the porn industry. This being said, we don’t want to be one of those agencies that only deals with huge companies. Therefore, we always price our services fairly and have worked with many small to medium-sized businesses in the industry as a result. So, whether you are a cam girl looking for a bigger fan base or an established adult performer seeking more opportunities; a start-up sex toy retailer looking for more website traffic or a well-recognised streaming platform; we will be able to help you with your adult industry marketing. Every campaign we develop is unique to you and your brand. We pride ourselves on innovation and excellence, something our clients directly benefit from.

Our adult marketing services.

marketing agency for the adult industry

As a full-service adult marketing agency, we offer a variety of services that are designed to grow our clients exposure. When you work with us, we take into account what your business goals are and where you currently are in the market. This is considered along with the budget available to you. We must ensure what we do is equally effective and affordable. This enables us to create a bespoke marketing package for your brand. Once we have met or spoken to you, we will have this proposal with you within 48 hours.

We have four key departments in our office. They are public relations and events, SEO and content, social media and graphic design. These departments are all under one roof which means our internal communications are seamless. This sets us apart from other companies as our regular client brainstorms have the physical presence of all involved.

Why use a specialised agency?

Unlike other agencies, an adult marketing agency will know the specific layout of the adult market. This is a huge advantage as it cuts down on the research time that a mainstream agency would need. As the old saying goes time is money and a mainstream agency will charge you for this additional research. It goes without saying that we also benefit from understanding the inner workings and nuances of the industry due to our experience.

Using a specialist agency also means that you will benefit from our contacts. Our PR team have spent years fostering relationships with journalists and media outlets. This means that we can place your brand in international publications in the medium of thought content that will engage with your target audience. A mainstream agency will struggle to find journalists willing to publish articles about adult brands. If they do find a media outlet who does, the agency may not be trusted by them due to the lack of experience they have.

Not only will the PR results be better if you use our adult marketing agency. You will also receive better content when it comes to social media and website work such as blogs. This is because a specialist agency is familiar with creating such content. They will also know the ins and outs when it comes to publishing adult graphics and copy online. We understand what is and isn’t permitted on social media, and the grey areas which we can exploit to your advantage.

Examples of our success.

adult industry event management

Our team have had some great successes for our clients. We have helped them reach their business goals through high-quality, positive brand exposure. Our work has had our clients feature on the front page of international newspapers; we have organised and managed X-Tube’s part in the NYC Pride march and had a sex toy shop feature in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

These are just some of our successes we have achieved. However with one particular long-standing client, an escort booking platform, we achieved over a 7000% return on investment for them in just one month! Obviously, this is a huge achievement. We are happy to say that we have continued to deliver a great return for them month on month since then and they are of course still a current client and have been working with us for years.

Adult marketing consultancy vs agency.

At Adult PR we also offer a great consultancy service. The difference between an agency and a consultancy is that a consultancy will advise you on what to do for the best of your business rather than execute your marketing activities for you. We can create a strategy bespoke to your business that you can then implement yourself.

This service is cheaper than hiring an agency. This is because our team will not be carrying out the tasks but rather advise you on what to do. For example, you may be struggling with your social media but unable to pay for our team to manage your account at this time, as a result, you could look for professional advice, guidance and education. With our consultancy service, you can pay for various levels of help, it is completely up to you. Whether it is a one-off project or an ongoing campaign our team will be happy to help.

Levels of support.

adult digital marketing agency

As mentioned above we offer as much or as little assistance as you may need with your adult marketing. We can go all the way up to running every element of your PR and marketing while reporting the results to you regularly. The choice is yours as to the level of our involvement. Our services are very fluid meaning that you can pick and choose where you would like our efforts to be. We will always tell you what services we would recommend for your business. One thing we pride ourselves on is our honesty, if we think something won’t work, we will tell you straight. Our approach means that no matter what your budget is we can help you with your adult marketing.

If you need assistance with marketing your adult industry brand, then click this link and send our team a message today!