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Adult Marketing Services

Adult Industry Marketing

Adult Marketing Services

When it comes to finding top adult marketing services, you’re likely to struggle. Whilst there may be many agencies out there, there are few who are willing to venture as far as the adult industry. Unfortunately, this is just another outcome of the taboo that still surrounds sex and pleasure. Especially of the female variety. 

When it comes to Adult PR, we have your backs! We are avid supporters of the ‘Sex Work Is Work’ movement and hope to show our support through our work. We offer adult brands a voice and assist in helping promote their products/services. During our 12 years, we have helped many brands make movements towards a stigma-free industry. No matter your niche, we have an expert team waiting to help you flourish! 

Is Marketing Right For Me? 

In short, yes. We may be biased, however; we believe adult marketing services are something every brand needs. The adult industry is one that is massively over-saturated and making noise can be tricky. Despite this, not standing out from the crowd could just be the end of your business. 

Despite the hurdles adult brands have to overcome with marketing, it still boasts an array of positives. We’ve already discussed that marketing makes you more visible. Further than this, however, marketing helps you build a connection with your audience and solidifies your reputation. All of these advantages lead to one thing – an increase in sales. 

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Branding and Website Design 

It all starts with your branding. This is something that no business can avoid having. Regardless, this doesn’t mean every company does a good job of it. Branding includes everything from your logo to your key colours, messaging and tone of voice. It should remain the same through everything you put out into the world. This includes social media posts, your website, packaging (if applicable) and your email marketing. This is what people will remember you by and branding should speak volumes for your adult brand. 

Next, we have your website. Not every adult business has a site, however, the majority of you do. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that adult businesses need to utilise online booking portals or e-commerce if they’re going to survive. However, it is not enough to just have a website. Additionally, you need to be working on the fluidity and usability of your site. This is where it can be helpful to outsource your web design to professionals in adult marketing services. We are able to offer a completely fresh perspective. Moreover, we can offer an insight from the view of a potential customer. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Web development and SEO tend to go hand in hand. Realistically, you cannot have one without having the other. Once your site is built, you need to start implementing an SEO strategy. Unless you are optimising your site, you’re unlikely to rank very high on Google at all. This makes it difficult for new customers to discover your brand. SEO works by implementing changes to your website in order to better satisfy the Google algorithm. 

Although we may have made SEO sound simple, we promise it’s no easy feat. In fact, as any SEO specialist will tell you, you cannot carry out this process without professional help. Search engine optimisation takes years to learn and understand. The only way to boost your ranking organically is through the combined experience of a skilled team. 

Social Media 

Marketing your adult brand through social media is extremely tricky unless you know the loopholes. Whereas most businesses can get away with doing this area themselves, unfortunately, adult brands don’t quite have this luxury. Platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are constantly putting up new barriers that make sharing content difficult. In their most recent updates, both outlets ban the sharing of explicit or implicit content. Pretty harsh, right? 

Although this may seem unfair, each platform has a duty of care for their younger users. Moreover, it is their right if they wish to keep their platform family friendly. Although this may be frustrating, our content team have definitely developed ways around these rules. With a little caution around hashtags and content, there is no reason you cannot benefit from social media marketing. It is advisable, however, that you onboard a professional team to assist with this. 

The best platforms for adult businesses to utilise include Instagram, Twitter and OnlyFans. Of course, this does depend on what area of the industry you operate in. For more tailored advice, our team would be happy to assist. 

Public Relations (PR) and Crisis Management 

Finally, we come to PR and crisis management. 

Starting with public relations, this works by placing your business right in front of your target segment. The aim with PR is to utilise the sources you have around you to build positive publicity. For instance, newspapers, magazines, podcasts or sometimes, even influencers. These sources will have an already established audience who value their opinions. By using their platform to share an emotive or relevant story, you’re able to boost your visibility. Media relations are specifically good for adult brands who want to help destigmatize the industry.

With the adult sector receiving lots of scepticism, it can be really easy to find yourself in crisis. Often, all it takes is one mistake or controversy and journalists will be quick to make a story out of it. One that could be detrimental to you as an individual or brand. As a firm offering adult marketing services, crisis management is something we suggest for all of our clients. We can help stop crisis stories from hitting the news through our established contacts in the industry. Alternatively, we can help you manage and minimise the damage should these stories have already been delivered. 

We encourage our clients to see crisis management as an insurance policy. You may not always need it; however, it’s useful to have a strategy in place. If you do find yourself in hot water, this could cause irreversible damage to your image. 

Contact the Team 

If you’re still reading along, we assume you’re in need of adult marketing services. If you’re keen to work with a company who value their clients, look no further. We have a proven track record of delivering amazing, award-winning results. To get in touch, click here