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Adult Marketing Packages: How we tailor our services to suit you

marketing agency for adult brands

Adult Marketing Packages: How we tailor our services to suit you

When it comes to onboarding a team to help with your communications, it’s important to shop around for the best adult marketing packages. The truth is, these kinds of services can quickly become expensive, unless you know where to look.

Based just outside of London, Adult PR have been helping businesses to disturb the industry since 2009. We help adult brands to push back against the stigma that surrounds them, encouraging us all to be a little more open minded. In the process, we build our clients reputation and brand awareness, helping them to climb to the top.

Our team work tirelessly to deliver innovative campaigns that truly help to captivate all that your brand is about. What’s more, due to our location we are able to offer far more competitive prices than those based directly in the city.

Looking for tried, tested, and trusted support and guidance? Keep reading to see how we can help!

The services we offer

Finding a marketing agency that is willing to support your adult brand can be tricky. Unfortunately, due to the taboo that still surrounds the sex industry, many would rather steer clear then get involved.

At Adult PR, however, we believe that every business deserves access to strong marketing. It’s for this reason that we offer a wide range of services, with dedicated departments on standby to help with your every need. Think of us as a one-stop-shop!

We can help you with…

  • Website creation and development
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Social media marketing and management
  • Public relations
  • Crisis management
  • Influencer marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Pay per click
  • Event planning

How we tailor our packages to you

Just like any business strategy, no two marketing plans should ever look the same. Just because your competitors are doing something, doesn’t mean you need to be doing this too. In fact, you’ll probably gain some brownie points for being unique and going against the grain.

With the above in mind, it’s important that your chosen communications agency can offer flexible adult marketing packages. Below, we’ve detailed a few of the ways that we target our services to suit you!


Every client we work with comes to us with a different budget. Some want to utilise all the services we offer, whilst others are just looking for a little boost. It’s important to note that neither of these approaches to marketing are wrong. How much you invest into this area is completely down to you and how quickly you want the results to roll in.  

At the end of the day, we only ever want to enter into agreements where both parties are completely satisfied. With this in mind, we are more than happy to work with brands to establish adult marketing packages that are perfectly in line with how much they wish to spend. Within our proposals we’ll even give you three different tiers, giving you complete control!

social media for the adult industry

Goals and objectives

Similar to how every marketing strategy is going to look different, as are a brands long-term goals and objectives. For some of you, your sole focus may be on making sales. For others, you might prefer to focus on building loyalty and customer retention.

When it comes to marketing, strong campaigns can help you to improve multiple areas of your business not just the financial side of things. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, our team will tailor our approach to suit, modifying our tone of voice and the content we create on your behalf.

Industry and niche

Although experience isn’t always the be all and end all, when it comes to adult marketing it pays to utilise an agency with direct industry expertise. Adult products and services can be tricky to market, especially given the many restrictions that are placed on the industry. With this in mind, it’s important that your team are well versed in platform guidelines, as well as the many loopholes! What’s more, that they know how to tailor your package to reach your specific audience.

At Adult PR, we have over a decade of experience delivering high-quality, bespoke strategies for our clients. During this time, we have gained a plethora of glowing client testimonials that pay tribute to our team’s incredible hard work and innovation.

Marketing vs advertising – what’s the difference?

If we had a penny for every time someone asked the difference between the two, we’d be millionaires!

Contrary to popular belief, marketing and advertising couldn’t be more different, even if they do have similar end goals in mind. One of the main differences is their approach.

Advertising has long been focussed on making the hard sale. This promotional tactic aims to make a business more money, simple as. It is usually quite invasive, and people usually tend to know when they are being advertised to.

Adult marketing packages, on the other hand, look at the bigger picture. Whilst the end goal is to ultimately boost sales just like advertising, it is far more careful in its approach to achieving this objective. It focusses on building a stronger relationship between a brand and its consumers, bringing many more benefits than just added revenue. A strong strategy can also bring with it customer retention, an improved reputation, and better brand recognition.

Which is better and why?

‘Marketing vs advertising – which is better?’ is a common debate had by many, and really, there is no simple answer. Like we said earlier, your approach to communications needs to be unique. If you ask us, however, marketing will always be the better investment (although we may be a little bias!)

Contact us!

The bottom line is it can be difficult to know which direction is the right one to take. What we can tell you, however, is that it’s important you get it right. It’s for this reason that so many businesses, both mainstream and adult, invest in the expert knowledge of professional marketeers. Afterall, it’s what we’re here for!

Keen to get our advice? Interested in getting a quote for adult marketing packages? Get in touch today by clicking here!