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Adult Link Building

Escort and sex worker PR agency

Adult Link Building

Not sure where to start with adult link building? You’ve come to the right place!

Based in the UK, Adult PR are a trusted digital marketing agency, helping to put brands within the XXX industry on the map. We have helped a colourful portfolio of clients throughout the years. These span the UK, US, Europe, and even Asia! This combined with our 13 years of experience has given us an invaluable insight into different markets and what they respond well to. As a result, we have been able to elevate hundreds of new and existing businesses!

Keen to know more about link building and how this process works? Keep reading.

What is a backlink?

If linking is something you have little experience with, don’t fret. In actual fact, backlinks are relatively easy to get your head around, even if they may not be quite as easy to generate.

Essentially, a backlink is when one website links back to another. These are typically generated through digital PR. If a business or individual features within a press article, the journalist will usually include links to where their readers can find out more about them. For example, a backlink to their website or social media page. 

Why are they important?

If others are willing to trust you, Google are more willing to do so too. Providing your links are genuine and come from trusted publications, these can go a long way in boosting your websites credibility. The more of these backlinks that you generate, the more likely Google are to promote you to their users. In other words, you should begin ranking higher on the search engine results page (SERP). 

If you have been within the adult industry for some time, you won’t need us to tell you how saturated it has become. Brand visibility is everything. If you want to go far, or even become a market leader, you need to be appearing higher than your competitors. Strong adult link building can help you achieve just this!

The pandemic hit us all hard. Now that we are getting used to today’s new normal and restrictions have been eased, it’s likely you’re keen to recuperate any losses. If this is your company’s current focus, building backlinks and investing in your websites SEO is certainly the way forward!

The difficulties you may face

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, there is still a taboo that surrounds sex and pleasure (especially of the female kind!) Whilst journalists do look to share alternate views on the world, sometimes, it can be tricky to gain any traction when pitching. This then has a knock-on effect on backlink generation and so on.

The above being said, when you work with adult link building specialists like ourselves, we can help your story get picked up by the press. As experts in public relations for over a decade, we have been able to build a solid network of connections. From ideation, to pitching, to writing the article itself, we’re with you every step of the way! What’s more, we’ll even monitor backlinks for you as they come in, removing anything that could be potentially harmful.

XXX industry SEO Services

Adult PR offer a complete guarantee on our leads. Working with journalists can be tricky, especially with them having liberty over what they publish. Unfortunately, reporters can easily change their mind on what they share at the drop of the hat. This is an issue that every specialist PR firm faces. To protect our clients, however, we promise to always replace lost opportunities with even better ones!

Taking things a step further with SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is a tricky concept to wrap your head around. This being said, whilst an outside team may be required, this technique can be incredibly lucrative when the right resources are allocated.

SEO is a way for businesses to better align their website with Google’s algorithm. In other words, it’s a way for businesses to optimise their website so that the search engine favours their content and ranks them higher. 

This process involves making lots of modifications to your website, both in the front and back end. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Writing meta-descriptions
  • Including alt-text
  • Optimising your website for mobile devices
  • Compressing image sizes
  • Adult link building
  • Creating optimised content – blogs, landing pages, website copy etc.

Knowing where to start and finding the time to do so can be tricky. If we’re honest, when it comes to SEO, this task really is best left to the professionals. We know exactly what Google are looking for and how to get your ranking higher in no time!

Do I really need to be investing in SEO?

In answer to this question, yes, you do. 

There are trillions of websites on Google and of these, thousands will be competing for the same searches that you are. As consumers, we rarely venture much further than the first page of results when researching. What’s more, our eyes are rarely cast beyond the top 3 options either. 

If you want to excel your online presence, SEO is definitely the way to go. Believe us when we say that you don’t want to be missing out on the ROI this can bring!

Developing your online presence

Search engine optimisation is an incredibly effective way of driving traffic to your website. Once this has been generated, however, it is then down to your site to convert these clicks to sales. 

If your website is hard to navigate or doesn’t appeal to the right audience, no amount of SEO is going to save you. With this in mind, it’s important that you are constantly developing your site as you go.

At Adult PR, we are multi-skilled. Whether you’re looking for support with your website development or are in need of a complete reskin, we’re happy to help!

Get in touch!

Interested in hearing more about adult link building? Keen to receive your complimentary marketing proposal? To find out more about any of our services, get in touch with a member of the team! You can reach us by clicking here.