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Adult Instagram Agency – Tips for growing your social media presence

Social media marketing agency for porn brands

Adult Instagram Agency – Tips for growing your social media presence

Tips for growing your social media presence

Social media is something that many of us use each and every day. This being said, utilising these platforms for pleasure is very different to using them to generate sales for your business.

As an adult Instagram agency for over 13 years, we have been able to optimise the way we work. Below, we share our 3 top tips for growing your social media presence organically…

Keep your target audience in mind

One of our biggest pieces of advice for every brand is to keep their target audience in mind. Although this may seem a trivial to many, you’d be surprised at how many brands lose out by trying to attract everyone. Take some time to break down your audience into segments. How can you appeal to each one exclusively?

Market research is a vital step in the success of any marketing strategy. Take your time to understand your audience. What kind of content do they like consuming? Which features on Instagram do they use the most? If you don’t know the answer to these kinds of questions, you need to be spending more time here. 

Experiment with different platforms

Although this blog focusses mainly on Instagram, it’s important to acknowledge the other wonderful platforms that are out there too. For example, OnlyFans, TikTok and Twitter. 

Although these outlets might not be for everyone, it can often pay to be experimental. Don’t just focus your attention on Instagram. If you do this, you could be missing out a huge consumer group. Having said this, it’s important that you don’t spread yourselves to thin either. If you’re running low on time, our adult Instagram agency is here to help with any of the above platforms!

Jumping on trends

During lockdown it seemed like every new week brought a new trend. In fact, this is a pattern we’re still seeing on social media today. If you see a certain type of content blowing up, get involved. Think of ways that you can tie this in with what you do. This is a great way to reach new audiences and further your reach!

The importance of following the 80/20 rule

People don’t go on social media to be sold too. Despite this, so many businesses make the mistake of using these platforms for the hard sell. Treat marketing like a first date with your customers. If all you talk about is yourself, it’s unlikely there’s going to be a second engagement.

When researching Instagram marketing, you may have come across the 80/20 rule on your travels. This is something that we always urge brands to follow. Essentially, the idea behind this concept is that 80% of the content you share how you add value to the consumer. Meanwhile, the remaining 20% can be about selling.

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If your posts are constantly talking about the service you offer, it’s unlikely you’re going to gain any traction. Simply put, you lose authenticity and respect. Comparatively, if you tell your audience how your product will impact their lives, they’ll be far more likely to make a purchase. For example, don’t just tell people they need to buy your sex toys. Tell them about how these are going to transform their lives.

Understanding the Instagram algorithm

Now you have a better understanding of the types of content you need to be sharing, it’s vital that you know how the algorithm works too. As an adult Instagram agency, we are constantly keeping up to date with changes as and when they’re made. What’s more, we also know all the loopholes too! This is crucial when marketing any brand within the NSFW industry.

When you share content online, this is first shared with a small percentage of your followers. Depending on how they engage, you then have a chance of reaching other areas of your audience too. The more people like, share or save your content, the greater your visibility. Comparatively, if people don’t react to your content, this will stump your growth.

From a consumer’s perspective, however, the algorithm works very differently. Instagram provide a free service to their users. Of course, this begs the question of ‘how do they make money?’ Like most businesses, Instagram earn their revenue through adverts. The more of these a consumer sees, the more likely they are to click through and buy something. If a business’s ads are performing well, they’re more likely to up their budget and so on. The cycle continues.

In order for Instagram to increase the number of adverts a user sees, they need people to stay on the platform for longer. To achieve this, they created their algorithm to help them track patterns in the types of content you consume. Over time, they will begin showing you more of this, keeping you engaged for longer.

Why is vital you never buy followers

If you’re struggling to grow your audience organically, we know that it can be all too tempting to buy followers. This is a huge no, no. And for more reasons than one!

As we touched on earlier, the reach of your content heavily depends on engagement from your audience. When you purchase followers online, the audience members that you gain are typically inactive accounts. If these make up a large portion of the people your content is first shared with, this is going to be a huge hinderance.

What’s more, when a brand has thousands of followers but are only achieving a few likes on each post, this can look disingenuous. Further, it can also reflect negatively on your brand, damaging your credibility. 

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