Adult Industry UK - How to market your adult brand
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Adult Industry UK

Adult Industry Marketing

Adult Industry UK

Here at Adult PR, we are experts in all things adult industry UK. Having worked with hundreds of clients from a range of different industries, there isn’t much we haven’t ventured into the realms of. From different fetishes to phone sex, we are confident that we can deliver on every occasion. 

Why it’s Hard to Market Adult Content

If you’ve been in the adult industry UK for a long time, you’re probably well versed in the difficulties that come with marketing explicit content. From age restrictions to platforms wanting to stay family-friendly, it can be hard for you to build a presence on social media or gain publications in the press. Unfortunately, in that respect, the UK is quite an old-fashioned country. However, having been specialists in this area for many years, we have worked tirelessly to find loopholes in the system. What’s more, we know the guidelines like the backs of our hands making it easy for us to plan content around them.

You’ll have probably also noticed that you’re in an incredibly saturated market. With the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more people have been turning to getting pleasure through adult entertainment. Whether it’s porn or camgirls, the demand has increased drastically. However, if you’re not a leader within your sector, it’s likely that you’re still struggling to get a look in. Marketing is a great way for you to establish yourself amongst your target audience so that people are more likely to visit your website next time they’re looking for your services. 

Going back to the United Kingdom being old-fashioned, we’ve still not managed to dispel the taboo that still massively surrounds sex. Furthermore, there is a lot of controversy surrounding females getting pleasure even more so. Marketing is a great way for you to make some noise and be a voice for change along within the adult industry UK. 

Types of Marketing

As with everything, not all types of marketing will suit your brand. Any marketing and PR agency out there will be able to tell you exactly what areas you should be targeting and how to get the most out of them. Let’s explore your options further:

Public Relations

As I mentioned previously, marketing is a great way for you to take steps towards the changes you want to see. Looking more closely at PR, you may want to try and gain a good quality publication so that you can be a spokesperson for these changes. Writing articles and humanising your brand (whether adult or not) is a great way to get the public to sympathise with you. The power of press is massive and the more adult PR we’re exposed to, the lesser the taboo.

adult industry digital marketing

Another area of PR to consider for companies in the adult industry UKis through investing in influencers. This may come in the form of a collaboration or simply by gifting your products for them to share with your audiences. Either way, you’re bound to reach an entirely different audience. 

Events Management

Although a little difficult right now, we’d all like to think that the world will go back to normal eventually. Events can be a great way for you to get exposure and catch the attention of new audiences. This will mean more sales for you in the long run.

Social Media Management

Social media management can be difficult for the adult industry simply because of the restrictions surrounding pornography and nudity. Unless of an artistic nature, lots of platforms put a ban on sharing anything explicit. Although I would argue porn is an art form, Instagram says differently. This doesn’t mean that marketing in this way is impossible, however.

OnlyFans is one platform that shot to fame during the recent and on-going pandemic. Although you can sell images of anything on this site, it’s best known for distributing adult content in exchange for money. This is a potential area you may want to consider utilising if suitable for your business.


Every business should be working on their SEO, especially if you’re in a saturated market. What we mean by SEO is how high you rank on Google when people search for things relating to your company. Essentially, the higher you are, the more clicks you’re going to get. There are a number of factors you can implement in order for you to improve your SEO from content creation to meta-descriptions. This being said, it can however become increasingly technical and keeping on top of it can be really tricky. 

How We Stand Out

We strongly believe in good customer service and satisfaction. We understand that our clients may be apprehensive to try public relations due to its unpredictability. However, you’d be silly to discount this form of marketing altogether. It’s for this reason that we guarantee all of our PR results. By implementing this, we avoid any dissatisfaction meaning no nasty surprises for you. We also refuse to outsource any work to freelancers. Whilst this is a fantastic idea for lots of companies, it just doesn’t work when dealing with lots of different clients. By having the team all under one roof, you’ll always be able to get hold of someone. 

We also understand that for marketing to do well, you need to tailor it to the specific company. By bringing on board our agency, we promise a completely bespoke package to ensure we stick to your budgets without wasting time where it isn’t needed.

If this wasn’t enough, we are also much cheaper than agencies based in London. Without the constraints of a London postcode, we are able to charge much lower rates without compromising on quality. This means better value for money for you.

Contact Adult PR

If you’re working within the adult industry UK and want your business to reach its full potential, you may be considering your marketing strategy. If you think you could benefit from the help of our team, we would be more than happy to have a chat! For more information on how we can boost your brand, get in touch by clicking here!