Adult Industry Social Media Marketing: Getting Over the Hurdles
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Adult Industry Social Media Marketing: Getting Over the Hurdles

social media for the adult industry

Adult Industry Social Media Marketing: Getting Over the Hurdles

Here at Adult PR, we are a team of experts in adult industry social media marketing. We help our clients by growing their presence on social media and solidifying their reputation. Throughout the years, our clients have seen a massive ROI from our award-winning results. This is simply down to our 12 years of experience and our extremely creative team. We serve companies globally, predominantly in the UK and US. No matter what you specialise in, we have the skills you need to excel. 

Why Things May Be Harder Than You First Thought

If you’ve ever attempted doing your own social media, then you’ll know it’s no picnic. Whereas this type of marketing is often something lots of companies tackle themselves, this is usually unachievable for adult businesses. This is simply down to the sheer amount of hurdles that are put in your way. 

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are very strict on what they allow people to post. In fact, Instagram is well-known for its hostility towards the adult industry. So much so that in December 2020, they introduced an update to their user guidelines that went even further in censoring sex workers. Although there may not have been any new additions, they did however rephrase key points in order to clarify their rulings. This includes bans on any explicit or implicit content as well as what they referred to as ‘horny’ emojis. The only way in which they allow nudity is if it is of an educational or artistic nature. 

Although slightly more relaxed, Twitter has also followed suit with their guidelines surrounding explicit posts. In order to share anything of an adult nature on this platform, you need to have marked your profile as ‘sensitive.’ Like Instagram, their only exceptions come in if your content is deemed artistic. 

The reason these platforms are so opposed to adult content is simply for the protection of their users. They understand that not everyone will want to be exposed to explicit posts and are aware of their duty of care to protect those that are underage. In addition to this, they also implement these guidelines simply to allow their space to remain family-friendly. Although we can’t blame them, these restrictions can definitely be frustrating when it comes to adult industry social media marketing. 


As I’m sure most of you are aware, OnlyFans is one platform that has spiralled in popularity during recent times. During the first lockdown, lots of people took to using OnlyFans for either selling or receiving adult images. Even though the platform was originally made to share anything, it has definitely built a name for itself amongst the adult community. In case you’re unfamiliar with the site, this platform allows creators to share content with their subscribers. In doing so, they can earn a pretty impressive income through subscriptions. 

Overall, OnlyFans is great for generating word of mouth about specific creators or a brand. Although this may not suit all of you, it’s definitely one to consider for those of you it does fit in line with. 


Although many adult brands have been boycotting Instagram recently, the bottom line is, you need it. Arguably, Instagram is one of the most vital tools when it comes to adult industry social media marketing. 

As the majority of you will know, Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. Published in 2010, Instagram shot to fame almost instantly. To this day, it still remains a very popular social media site, especially amongst the younger generations. Given the nature of how this platform works, Instagram is usually a great place for brands to showcase their work.

Instagram brings in a huge audience meaning it is a great place for boosting your brands recognition. In addition to this, however, it can also be used for customer service, promoting exclusivity and also, solidifying your reputation. 

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When it comes to Twitter, some would say they are quite an anomaly in the social media world. Whilst most platforms have their own speciality, Twitter doesn’t tend to have any rhyme or reason. This works really well when it comes to adult industry social media marketing. Although there is definitely a corporate side to Twitter, it also welcomes lots of adult brands looking to reach their target audience. 

Before delving into the world of Twitter, you first need to be aware of just how often you need to post. The trouble with Twitter is, in order to really get anywhere with it, you really need to be uploading content multiple times a day. The good news is, with their character limit set at 280, posts on this platform are always short and snappy. 

Why You Need an Agency 

As we touched on earlier, many companies in other industries are able to take on their social media themselves. Where things vary when it comes to adult industry social media marketing, however, is simply in how difficult it can be. Building engagement and your following can seem near impossible unless you know the loopholes in the system. This is where bringing on-board an expert team can be highly beneficial. 

In addition to the above, you also need to assess your own ability in coming up with interesting content. Doing so is a lengthy process and can be really tricky if you’re not a naturally creative person. If you’re struggling to find unique ideas, it’s definitely advised you reach out for help.

Contact Us 

As experts in adult industry social media marketing, we know it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Despite the difficulty that comes with it, utilising online platforms really is the way to go if you want to experience growth. If you’re struggling with where to start, why not reach out to the professionals? We would be happy to discuss ideas with you and would love to hear more about your brand. To get in touch, click here to be redirected to our contact form. If you would like to read more, click here.