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Adult Industry PR agency

Adult Industry PR agency

The adult industry can be an extremely difficult one to manoeuvre. Due to its competitive and taboo nature, it can be extremely testing to find a marketing and PR team that is effective in reaching your target audience. At our adult industry PR agency our team of professionals have over 12 years’ experience in this area. We know exactly how to approach the industry and most importantly, how to make your business stand ahead of competitors in the already crowded landscape of adult work. 

How to market your adult business 

Many other mainstream marketing agencies may think they can approach this niche area the same way they would with other businesses; but this is simply not the case. All business sectors have different angles of approach and with an Industry as unique as this it is vital you target it correctly. When you choose to work with our adult industry PR agency, we believe in having as much input from you as possible. We see it as a collaboration, this makes your marketing content much more personal, effective and believable in the eyes of the customers. After all, no one knows your business quite like you! 

Some of the services we offer

  • Social media and marketing – Unless, you have been living under a rock for the last decade, then you will know that social media is one of the best ways to organically grow your following and target new customers. Plus, you don’t have to spend a single penny, unless you want to, of course!
  • SEO – Known as search engine optimisation, this is mastering the art of boosting your website higher on search engines. The higher you are placed the more trusted your brand and business becomes, which makes you more likely to be a contender for customers. 
  • Marketing strategy creation – Every business needs a strong marketing strategy behind them. At our adult industry PR agency, we can put together a strategy to suit your needs and target the audience you want to. 
  • Events – Hosting an event can be a stressful time for a company, our team can take the pressure off of planning a big event by creating invites all the way through to managing the event itself.
  • Graphic design – We have our very own in-house graphic designers who can create just about anything you need, including brochures, invites, logos and even a full rebrand. 
  • PR– Of course, PR is a huge part of marketing. This is an umbrella term for so many ways of promoting that we can use. Predominantly, when you mention PR, people instantly think of press and articles. This is a brilliant way to get your name out there in trusted and reputable newspapers and magazines.

What else?

These are just a few of the services we can offer to you. There are many more options you can choose to utilise when you work with our company. We believe in offering our clients full transparency, meaning that we will never sell you a service that we don’t think will benefit your growth as a business and brand. At the end of the day if you aren’t growing, then neither are we. As specialists we know how important it is to pick the right marketing tactics for you. Afterall, what works for one business, may not be the best option for yours! 

LGBTQ+ marketing and PR agency

Expert Knowledge 

At our adult industry PR agency, we pride ourselves on dedication. All of our Adult PR team will work closely with you towards your goal, we will communicate with you regularly and provide you with an in-depth monthly report of the work we have carried out and the results we have achieved in doing so. This enables us to provide you with total clarity and also gives you an inside knowledge of what and how your money has been spent. 

We are a team of 16 marketing members that is split into 4 departments. Each department specialise in one specific area of marketing. When you choose to work with us, you will be provided with a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to deal with your needs. This enables the people working on your account to become more knowledgeable about your brand and provides a much more cohesive process from start to finish. 

PR Connections 

Having worked in this industry for a number of years, we are proud to boast of our many trusted and established connections in public relations. At adult PR we have worked with numerous journalists and press reporters over the years and now have a longstanding connection with them. At our adult industry PR agency, we will introduce your brand to local, national and worldwide journalists and publications. Resulting in your brand reaching the eyes of millions of potential new customers. We can even use our expertise to target new audiences you didn’t expect to previously reach. 

Choosing Us

Of course, all marketing agencies will promise you the absolute world in order to get your business. We stand out from the crowd as to our knowledge we are the only adult industry PR agency who guarantee’s our results. Yes, you heard that right! When you work with us, we guarantee you a certain amount of articles and press releases each month. We believe this makes us stand head and shoulders above our competitors. Also, our many accolades in the marketing industry speak for themselves. From ‘best marketing agency’ to ‘best employer’. 

Contact Us

At adult PR we don’t believe in tying our customers into lengthy contracts. We believe our work speaks for itself and because of this we offer short term contracts so that our clients don’t feel like their hands are tied. Our agency has a fantastic client retention, meaning that majority of our clients choose to stay with us after their contracts expire. 

We have the knowledge, passion and expertise to help your business succeed in this Industry. If you think we could be the right PR choice for you and your brand, our team can offer you a FREE complimentary, non-obligated quote. Contact us today for yours on 01376 286 850. Alternatively click here!