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Adult Industry Marketing

Adult Industry Marketing

Adult Industry Marketing

Here at Adult PR, we specialise in adult industry marketing. Bringing our clients closer to their customers is something we’re passionate about; regardless of what adult entertainment sector you are in. With marketing being such a broad spectrum, it can quickly become overwhelming when looking into what avenues suit you best. This is where outsourcing to an adult industry marketing agency may be beneficial to you. 

Why You Need Marketing

Every company needs customers. Without them, there would be no point. Marketing simply offers a way for you to build your customer base and expand your target audience. 

Now is the best time to be marketing all aspects of the adult industry. Whether you specialise in porn or escorts, everyone should be utilising the current boom in interest for adult entertainment. With the pandemic still in full swing people have spent much more time away from the outside world and more time in the comfort of their own bedroom. Regardless of whether you have a partner or not; it is in our human nature to want pleasure. Now more than ever, people are bored of bog-standard sex; meaning lots of people are far more open to experimenting. Now really is the time that you should be branching out your scope to every corner of the adult world. 

The Different Industries We Cover

With almost 12 years’ experience under our belt, we have worked with a whole range of companies. With so many different fetishes out there, there really is no end to the niches you can reach. Having this experience means we are able to confidently deliver and serve a whole host of sectors. To name a few, we cover the following: 

  • Porn 
  • Sex Toys
  • Camgirls 
  • Phone Sex
  • Escorts 
  • Sex and relationship experts
  • Gentleman’s clubs

The Services We Offer

To be a successful company, you most likely have a unique selling point. As such, it would be unfair to market two companies the same way. The services we offer may not all suit your company or even your budget; but we can definitely help advise where we think you’ll get the best ROI from. This means no matter what you are looking for, we have a solutions that will work for you. 

PR & Crisis Management

This service is something lots of adult clients like investing in. First impressions are everything, meaning your reputation and how you come across to potential customers is important. PR is the way you connect your brand to the public. Whether this is through industry specific media or mainstream media, all PR is good exposure. You may have an article published about you in a magazine or maybe you collaborate with an influencer online but either way; the possibilities are endless when PR is done right. 

When considering adult industry marketing, crisis management is definitely something every sector can benefit from. Keeping negative stories away from tabloids or helping to lessen the impact of an otherwise detrimental news article has been particularly helpful for our escort and camgirl clients. What’s more, if you’ve already been through the worst of it, we can help to salvage and build up your reputation again. 

Event Management

Although we’re met with a lot of restrictions right now; especially with what we can do in terms of events, not all is lost. Many companies have turned to virtual events and actually, they seem to work well. What’s more, the world will go back to normal one day (we hope!) This means that further down the line there may be a need for you to host an in-person event. 

Most companies think launch events just entail a big party with lots of booze. We know different. Having hosted lots of events, we know the best way to host a night to remember. Bringing it back to online events, it can be hard to know what to do. This doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether though. There is lots you can do in an online Zoom call and we’re full of suggestions. Ann Summers parties may be a thing of the past, but this doesn’t mean your event has to be. 

Social Media Management

As I mentioned previously, adult industry marketing is all-encompassing. Social media management is often the most popular type of marketing just because it’s what people find they know the best. Having used social media ourselves, it’s where we feel comfortable. In fact, many companies successfully manage this on their own. Unfortunately for anyone in the adult industry, you are often greeted at the front door with a whole host of restrictions in what you can post and the angles you can take. But fear not, like with anything in life there is always a loophole! Investing in an adult industry marketing agency will be beneficial if you’re stuck on what to post without getting banned. 

With the likes of OnlyFans joining the market and others undoubtedly to follow; our team here at Adult PR are always keeping up with new trends and keeping an eye out for up and coming platforms.  


Search engine optimization can be tricky to get your head around. Not everyone is confident enough to tackle this alone in fear of doing damage and that’s completely understandable. Whether you’re a porn website or working in developing sex toys, your SEO matters. 

Essentially SEO refers to your Google ranking. Being the first option on the list is bound to mean more people clicking on your website. In a market so saturated; you need as much website traffic as you can get. 

Graphic Design

Branding is everything you do. From the colours you use to the type of language you speak; branding is at the heart and soul of every company. Making yourself eye-catching and memorable is an important step in every marketing strategy. Our graphic design team can do everything from website design and business cards all the way through to logo creation.

Contact Us

Being straight with you, adult industry marketing is hard. Sometimes, even for the experts! Battling with so many restrictions and having to find new ways of optimization is something we do daily. If you think your company could benefit from our help, we would love to have a chat. To get in touch, please click here.