Adult Industry Marketing Agency working internationally
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Adult Industry Marketing Agency

Adult PR agency

Adult Industry Marketing

Who We Are

The team here at Adult PR have been specialists in adult industry marketing for over a decade. Having worked with companies internationally, we cover a whole range of industries. As well as this, we have diversified the number of services we offer throughout the years. The services we now offer are:


Social Media Management

Public Relations

Graphic Design

Event Management


adult industry marketing agency

Guaranteed Results


PR can sometimes be hit and miss. This has been echoed to us through our clients telling us about the bad experiences they have had with other adult industry marketing agencies. Nobody wants to pay for something that they won’t see a good ROI from, and you shouldn’t have to. Having listened to their concerns, we want our clients to feel confident that we will deliver amazing results. It’s for this reason that we are the only PR agency in the UK who guarantee our results. What’s more, we believe in transparency and being realistic. Adult PR stand by the decision that we won’t make promises unless 100% sure we can keep them. This allows our clients to be rest assured in our results ensuring no disappointment.

What Else Will You Love About Us?


We won’t just give you a generic marketing strategy. No two companies are the same therefore, it would be unfair for us to assume your marketing strategies are too. It’s for this reason that we offer completely tailored packages depending on your specific budget. This will allow us to target the correct people meaning maximum efficiency. What’s more, we won’t waste our time and your money working on things that won’t boost your companies’ value.

Having run our own business for years, we know that originality is just as important as ever. Despite this, we’re all only Human and sometimes we hit a brick wall when it comes to being creative. With our team of 18, we always get there in the end. Bouncing ideas off each other to create the maximum ideation possible. This means authenticity for you and more fun for us.

Our Values

Listening to your customer is the best thing any business owner can do, and adult industry marketingis no exception. At Adult PR, we’re dedicated to giving the best possible customer service as well as going above and beyond your expectations.

Furthermore, we see each of our clients as business partners. By building up a collaborative bond, we are able to work alongside our clients to really grasp the concept of your business to ensure the best possible results.

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Contact Our Adult Industry Marketing Agency

If you’re passionate about your business and think you could benefit from the help of an adult industry marketing agency, we would love to hear from you! Whether it’s big or small, we are more than happy to help. For more information on how we can help, please get in touch via [email protected] or click below!

Alternatively, you can read more about adult industry marketing here!



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