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Adult Industry Graphic Design

graphic design agency for the adult industry

Adult Industry Graphic Design

2021 is just around the corner and if you’re looking to boost your brand, you need a company specialising in adult industry graphic design. No matter what corner of the adult industry you’re in, our team have the expertise to help your brand reach dizzying heights. We have an entire team dedicated to the graphic design element of marketing. They’re always buzzing with creativity and love taking on new challenges. If you’re looking for an increased revenue in the new year, you’ve come to the right place. 

Why You Need Graphic Design 

It’s thought that first impressions are constructed within the first 7 seconds of an encounter. Sometimes, we even make decisions on things subconsciously without meaning too. It’s in our human nature. In terms of business, this means you have very little time to impress your customers. No matter whether you’re working in porn or you’re a sex toy retailer, this should be your biggest priority. Afterall, if your customers won’t buy from you, you’re going to go under fairly quickly. 

Being in such a saturated market, you can use adult industry graphic design as a way of standing out. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, adult entertainment businesses usually stick to the same trend with their branding. Understandably, it’s far easier to mimic your competitors. It can also be incredibly tempting to do so if they’re seen to be doing well in the industry. This is however, a very dangerous game. In a sea of companies doing the same thing as you, you want yours to be the one that screams ‘look at me, I’m different.’ This is something that is easily achievable through graphic design. 

Not only does branding help construct people’s first impressions of you but it also helps solidify your reputation going forwards. Rather than going for the usual tacky feel, why not go down the route of classy and sophisticated? It’s the brands that are different that we usually remember. There’s no reason why this can’t be the case for your adult entertainment business too. 

Website Design 

One of the largest components of adult industry graphic design is website creation. The invention of the internet was revolutionary for us all, let alone adult businesses. It plays a huge part in how many of you operate and for some of you, without a website, you’d be lost. 

The above being said, your website speaks volumes when it comes to a customer deciding whether to utilise your services/buy from you or not. If they’re underwhelmed, they’re likely to click off and visit one of your competitor’s sites instead. Alternatively, if they’re impressed, they’ll stay on your site for longer. Your website is also great for building brand loyalty too. 

Branding and Rebranding 

Most people have the misconception that branding is all about your logo and that alone. Whilst you’re not entirely far off the mark, there are lots of other things to consider too. For instance, your brand colours, tone of voice and typography. Essentially, branding is what speaks to your customers and sets you apart from the rest. It’s what makes you distinguishable. 

The world is constantly evolving and with this, your branding needs to develop too. Freshening up your image through rebranding is something that many companies are scared of doing. Not knowing how change will impact your business can be daunting and we understand that. Despite this, rebranding can actually give your adult company a whole new lease of life. If done well, it’s going to get people talking about you. 

Having worked with clients in the US as well as the UK, it’s distinctly clear to us the differences in branding. US adult brands tend to have a much more dated feel to their imagery which tends to hold them back from reaching their full potential. Once having our input, we have found our clients getting much more engagement from the public. If you can move with the times and keep your branding modern, you’re bound to do well out of it. 


Depending on what area of the adult industry you’re in, you may require packaging for a product. In lots of scenario’s, packaging is often what actually sells your goods therefore, it needs to hit the mark. Unless you’re doing so, you’re going to be limiting yourselves in terms of sales. 

There are billions of products out there and trying to develop an authentic design can be tricky. It can also be difficult to know what encourages your audience to buy. Having been in the industry for over a decade now, we have a wealth of knowledge surrounding consumer demand. This means we already have a fairly solid idea of what your customers want to see and why they buy what they do. 

Why You Need the Help of Our Adult Industry Graphic Design Team 

Creativity doesn’t come naturally to us all. If you can relate, you may benefit from the help of our team. We have worked with a range of adult companies in every sector. What’s more, we have studied what audiences respond best to intensively. These two points combined create the perfect narrative for impeccable results. 

In addition, adult industry graphic design can be a very time-consuming process. It requires a lot of trial and error to get things perfect. Unfortunately for you, the components of graphic design aren’t ones you just throw together. This means that from start to finish, this can be quite a lengthy project. If time is something you’re in short supply of, you may find it useful to outsource the work to professionals. 

Why Not Get in Touch? 

This year has been tough on every business, no matter the industry. Despite the adult sector seeing an increase in demand, there’s no guarantee on how long this might last. In order to ensure a stable future for your brand, you may want to consider some of the services we have spoken about today. In fact, why not reach out to our adult industry graphic design team? For more information and to get in touch, you can do so by clicking here.