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Adult Industry Digital Marketing: Why marketing is crucial for success

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Adult Industry Digital Marketing: Why marketing is crucial for success

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve come to realise the true importance behind adult industry digital marketing. Through the years, this sector has only become busier and with the porn market alone now worth £20 billion worldwide, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs are keen to invest in this industry. 

At Adult PR, we have been helping brands flourish since 2009. Day to day, we work around the clock to build exposure for our clients. Working internationally, our team are familiar with a wide range of consumer groups. What’s more, with a diverse portfolio, we’re well geared to help any adult brand that comes our way!

What is marketing?

In short, marketing is a way for organisations to draw attention to their brand, product, or service. This technique focusses on building the relationship between a business and its consumers, helping them to feel more valued. Due to its organic nature, marketing doesn’t incur any direct costs, although most companies choose to outsource this to an agency.

There are lots of different techniques you may wish to include in your strategy. These include… 

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Events
  • Email marketing 
  • Influencer marketing 

In addition, our adult industry digital marketing specialists can also help with graphic design, website development, and getting your brand featured within the press.

How marketing and advertising differ

When it comes to marketing, the lines between this technique and advertising can often become blurred. Whilst their end goals may be similar, these methods couldn’t be further apart.

As we touched on earlier, marketing is an organic promotional technique. This means that outside the costs of hiring an agency, this method is completely free. In comparison, advertising can be very costly. On this note alone, marketing is a clear winner.

Although advertising might be the most traditional out of the two, marketing is fast becoming the preferred method among most organisations. Besides the fact marketing is cheaper, the implementation of an organic strategy can also be more effective too. Over time, we as consumers are growing tired of how pushy and intrusive adverts can be. With this in mind, advertising can often end up damaging your reputation rather than improving it. Meanwhile, marketing aims to take a more subtle approach, allowing you achieve the same objective without consumers knowing they are being sold to. 

The above being said, this doesn’t mean that advertising is completely redundant. For some adult companies, this technique really can be lucrative. Nevertheless, marketing can provide the same results for a fraction of the price! 

5 benefits of a strong marketing strategy

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At Adult PR, we believe that a strong marketing strategy is the key to success for any brand. Investing in this process can bring a plethora of advantages to the table, and quite honestly, you’d be silly to miss out on them!

Improved reputation

Reputation is one of the single most important aspects of your brand. In order to go far, you need to be able to establish credibility and build trust. Providing your campaigns are relevant and speak to the right people, adult industry digital marketing can give you a real boost when it comes to your brand image. 

Boosted visibility

Marketing is a great way to boost the visibility of your brand and allows organisations to reach both new and existing customers. When building your strategy, it’s advisable that you are giving thought to new consumer groups you wish to target. Marketing can help put any brand on the map providing it is done well. A strong plan of action will detract attention from your competitors, all whilst increasing demand for you. 

Increased brand awareness

With much of the adult market already heavily oversaturated, it’s key that your reminding potential consumers of your brands existence. Unique and memorable marketing campaigns are one of the easiest ways to build awareness around your product/service. The more time you dedicate here, the more likely you are to be remembered.

Positive word of mouth

Providing you are hitting the spot with your marketing campaigns; these should get people talking. People are far more likely to support a brand if it is recommended to them by someone they trust, a friend or family member for example. Your customers opinions of your brands have the power to make or break your business. With this in mind, it’s important you’re focussing on making sure that they’re positive!


The end goal of every marketing strategy is improved sales. Marketing campaigns are designed to drive interest around your brand, encouraging people to explore your website and purchase your product/service. Providing your strategy is well executed, this will allow for better financial stability and long-term growth.

The difficulties you’ll face as an adult brand 

As brands within the adult industry, I think that we can all agree the taboo around sex and pleasure should be irradicated. Unfortunately, however, this just simply isn’t the case. With this in mind, it’s likely you’re going to face a number of hardships during the marketing process. Nevertheless, with a credible agency behind you, we can help you generate invaluable results.

Building relationships with journalists can be tricky, let alone when you’re an adult brand. With many of them keen to keep clear of this industry, a team of PR professionals are a must-have. Although opportunities are difficult to find, this isn’t an impossible terrain to traverse, providing you know where to look.

Social media platforms are well known for tarring all adult brands with the same brush. In recent updates to their terms of service, the likes of Instagram have reinforced their rulings around the distribution of explicit and illicit posts. Naturally, this makes producing content for your organisation tricky. However, as experts in adult industry digital marketing, we know all the loopholes. We can help you to create content that shares your true brand personality, all whilst keeping in line with platform guidelines.

In need of some help?

Not quite sure where to start with your strategy? Our adult industry digital marketing specialists would love to help! To get in touch, just click here!