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Adult Industry AI Marketing Strategy: The Pros and Cons of AI

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Adult Industry AI Marketing Strategy: The Pros and Cons of AI

Times are changing, fast! You may have noticed more and more of us are using AI in our everyday lives. As such, you’re probably wondering whether this tool could come in handy within your work life too. The answer is yes! When used correctly, automated content systems can be incredibly helpful with business promotion. As such, you may want to consider an adult industry AI marketing strategy if you’re looking to change things up in 2024.

What is Chat GPT and How Does it Work?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, AI stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Chat GPT is an automated content system that uses AI and machine learning to answer questions entered by the user. It also uses information from the internet to formulate these responses. 

You can ask Chat GPT almost anything, from ‘what to add to my packing list for my trip to Bali in May’ to ‘give me 5 blog titles for my sex toy business’. This tool can also be handy in producing an adult industry AI marketing strategy too. As such, it is beginning to play a pivotal role in many of our everyday lives, much like Siri or Alexa! 

Using Automated Content Systems for Marketing

Now, nothing comes without its limitations, and you guessed it, Chat GPT isn’t perfect! This being said, it also comes with many benefits too. Let’s break both down…

The Limitations

Contextual Understanding 

If your prompts aren’t comprehensive enough, AI platforms can sometimes get the wrong end of the stick when answering your questions. For Chat GPT and other AI tools to give you accurate results, you will need to be as detailed as possible in what you are asking. This can feel like a tedious process and some of the answers you receive may lack in contextual understanding. You need to understand how AI works to get the answer you need. 


As AI platforms such as Chat GPT use information that is readily available on the internet to formulate their responses, there has been some concern surrounding plagiarism. This is something Google will not tolerate and if you are found to have plagiarised content on your website, your SEO will suffer as a result. 

Whilst using Chat GPT is fine for creating marketing content, you should still try to add your own spin where you can. It’s important it sounds authentic too, so make sure anything you put out is in the correct tone of voice for your brand.

Adult Content Restrictions

Like with most things, adult brands are slightly hindered when it comes to utilising AI. This doesn’t, however, mean it is impossible. 

Platforms such as Chat GPT refuse to give results that involve anything of an adult nature. This being said, if you’re clever with your wording, you can still trick the platform into giving you what you need. It’ll just take a little trial and error!

Spelling and Grammatical Errors 

As AI platforms use information from other sources on the internet, there are occasional grammatical errors. You should also look out for spelling mistakes within your adult industry AI marketing strategy and campaigns too. Although rare, they can feature within atomically generated content. Moreover, Chat GPT also defaults to using American spellings. If your audience is predominantly UK based, you will need to ask the tool to use these variations within the text.

Benefits of AI

Despite there being some limitations to AI marketing, there are also a plethora of benefits. Producing content in this way is much quicker than organically writing it yourself. So, as less time is needed, this is also a cheaper option too!

It goes without saying, however, that even AI generated content needs an expert’s keen eye for detail. Given the limitations mentioned above, it’s always advisable that you proofread any writing before it goes out for your clients to see. Moreover, if this is content for your website, it should also be optimised in line with SEO best practises too. 

Our Automated Content Service

As a professional adult marketing agency with almost 15 years of experience, we have seen the landscape change astronomically over the last few years. As a result, the services we offer have also changed. 

Whilst organic content is always the best option when it comes to marketing, we understand that some businesses only have small budgets for organic promotion. As such, our experts are now offering an additional service whereby we utilise automated content systems on behalf of our clients, allowing us to be even more competitive with our pricing. 

As part of this service, we will create marketing content using automated systems, proofread this, make any necessary changes, and distribute this when needed. Be it social media content, blogs, or landing pages for your website, our clients benefit from a more affordable adult industry AI marketing strategy, in addition to our expertise. 

Contact Us 

Looking to finetune your adult industry AI marketing strategy in 2024? Perhaps you’re just looking for a little bit of direction and advice with your marketing? Either way, we can help!

Get in touch with our business development team today! For more information on any of the services we offer, you can find our contact details by clicking here.