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Adult Entertainment Social Media Agency

Social media marketing agency for porn brands

Adult Entertainment Social Media Agency

Something we often hear our clients say is that they wish they had invested in an adult entertainment social media agency earlier. Time and time again, we see businesses overestimating the workload that goes into successfully running profiles online. This task takes a great deal of time, patience, and dedication.

At Adult PR, we have been working with NSFW brands for over a decade, helping them to fight the stigma surrounding sex and pleasure. We have helped to elevate many businesses over the years, leading to a stronger chance of long-term survival. In such a busy market, your strategy has never been so important.

If you’re speaking to everyone, then you’re speaking to no one

The above phrase is one that many of you may have heard before and when social media is your job, this becomes a philosophy you need to live by.

Through the years, we have worked with hundreds of adult brands that have fallen into the trap of thinking they need to be everywhere. Just because your competitors are using a certain platform, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to use this too. When it comes to creating and sharing meaningful content, you need to be careful you’re not spreading yourself too thin.

Trying to appeal to every consumer, regardless of age, gender, or job title, may seem like the dream. This can actually dilute your message. People want to feel valued and if you’re trying to resonate with everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one. 

We won’t lie to you, creating content for adult brands can be tricky. With many platforms putting restrictions around explicit and illicit content, knowing what to share can be tricky. It’s for this reason that many businesses within this industry look to an adult entertainment social media agency for advice. If you’ve hit a wall with your creativity, we’re here to help!

3 tips for reaching your target audience efficiently 

As experts in the execution of social strategies for over 12 years, we have picked up many tricks along the way. Below, we share some of our top tips for improving efficiency when it comes to reaching your target audience. 

1.     Research

When it comes to social media, knowing how to reach your audience is often one of the first hurdles you need to overcome. Before this can happen, however, you need to know who they are.

Look at the kinds of accounts that are following both you and your competitors and look for patterns. There is a lot to be learnt from your peers. Additionally, you can also use historical analytics. In-depth research can give you a better insight into who your product/service appeals to best, giving you an idea of who you need to be targeting!

2.     Social listening 

Social listening is all about tuning into the topics your audience are talking about and learning what their common interests are. Track certain platforms for mentions and conversations that could relate to your brand. These could offer up the perfect opportunity for you to get involved.

social media for the adult industry

Another way you can get to know your audience a bit better is through polls. If you’re not quite sure what your followers would like to see from you, keep things simple and just ask them! Not only will this give you inspiration, but it will also make your consumers feel more valued too.

3.     Hashtags 

In-depth research into popular hashtags and who’s using them is crucial. What’s more, it’s also vitally important you know how to implement these effectively too. 

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to use hashtags. In fact, there is also quite a science to it. If you’re not quite sure how to be efficient with this process, it might be time to reach out to the professionals. 

What are content pillars? Should I be using them?

When researching social media marketing, it’s likely you may have stumbled across the idea of content pillars on your travels. If so, you might be wondering what these are and if we recommend that you use them.

Quite honestly, content pillars are your best friend when it comes to content creation. As an adult entertainment social media agency, our team are always using these when writing. 

Essentially, content pillars are when a business collects a few topics (usually between 3-5) that they want to consistently explore on their feed. This could be information about sexual wellness, exploring your body, the list goes on! Doing this can help you to clear up any confusion about your niche. Being an expert in a few areas often helps your following to grow quicker too!

What’s unique about Adult PR?

The search for a top adult entertainment social media agency may return several options, but how many of these will be completely honest with you? At Adult PR, we value integrity. At the end of the day, it’s in our best interests to provide nothing but the very best for our clients. With this in mind, we always provide a transparent service. This means that we won’t try to upsell services that we know aren’t right for you, a characteristic that can be tricky to find.

Marketing can be expensive, especially when you are looking in the wrong places. As a team based outside of the city, we can keep our pricing competitive as opposed to charging the extortionate rates you often get with London agencies. It’s important to remember that a larger firm doesn’t always quantify better work. In fact, this often means the opposite, with smaller teams having more time for you. However, if size does matter to you (see what we did there?), Adult PR is one of the largest marketing agencies in the entirety of the South East!

Finally, as a fully integrated team, we can offer full support and guidance with a range of services outside of social media. Additionally, Adult PR is also home to experts trained in SEO implementation, press generation, and event management. Further, we also have a department dedicated to graphic design, branding, and website development too!

Want to get in touch?

For more information about the work of our adult entertainment social media agency, we recommend getting in touch! You can reach a member of our team by clicking here.