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Adult Entertainment SEO Agency

SEO and promotion marketing

Adult Entertainment SEO Agency

Specialising in adult entertainment SEO, we are a marketing company who care about delivering results that go above and beyond. Alongside SEO, we also work collaboratively with companies to improve their brand awareness through social media, PR and more. 

Why SEO is so Important in the Adult Industry

Adult entertainment SEO is difficult to get right. In fact, any form of marketing within the adult industry is problematic purely due to how saturated the market is. Research shows there are 1.3 million porn sites alone. With new competitors popping up everywhere, your brand awareness has probably taken a hit recently. This means standing out is more important than ever. Improving your SEO is a highly successful way of boosting your brand recognition meaning it is something any business should be nurturing. Knowing how to on the other hand is a whole other story. 

Different Ways to Help Your SEO

As we have just established, search engine optimization can do more than just boost your Google ranking. Now let’s take a look further into the ways you can work on your website’s SEO.

On-Site SEO

Of course, nothing is never simple, and SEO is no exception. Splitting it into categories, there is two types of SEO. On-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO is essentially anything you do on your website hence the name. This can be in the form of back-end optimization or content creation.

Looking more closely at content creation, this refers to things such as a daily blog, website pages or even as simple as adding a ‘contact us’ page. Google like their algorithms so of course there is a check list of criteria you need to meet for your content to be effective. 

What is important to remember is that Google likes to make it as easy as possible for searchers to find what they are looking for. Therefore, any content put online that answers questions that are likely to be searched for is bound to do well. Another example of how you can do this is by adding keywords Google will find easy to pick out. Alongside this, Google then wants the content to be easy to read. To help consumers, you have to be careful with your sentence length. For instance, only 20% of your sentences can be over 20 words. Going further, formatting is also equally as crucial. Make sure you have headings and plenty of subheadings to break things up. 

The back end 

When looking into back-end optimization, things can get quite technical. It’s for this reason that many people look into getting an agency to help with their adult entertainment SEO. Back-end optimization includes things such as speeding up your loading time, fixing links, including meta descriptions and optimizing your site for smartphones. 

Adult Entertainment SEO for pornstars

Let’s firstly talk about the importance of loading speed. Humans are impatient. The longer you make someone wait, the more likely they are to click off. Therefore, making your website load as quickly as possible is integral when it comes to SEO. As we’ve said before, Google is more likely to promote you in the SERP if it’s confident users will get their answers quicky and effectively. With 70% of online traffic said to have come from mobile devices, making sure your website is easily accessible is crucial if you want anyone to use your services. When it comes to adult entertainment such as porn, most people consume the media through portable devices rather than computers. Moving on, meta descriptions are the little pieces of text that appear underneath search options. These are great for boosting your SEO because they draw the reader in improving your click through rate. Fixing links is fairly self-explanatory. That’s if of course you are able to identify and repair them yourselves. 

Off-Site SEO

Opposite to on-site SEO, off-site SEO refers to anything you do off of your website that improves your sites performance. This can include anything from link building to creating and building social media channels. 

Focussing on back-linking for the time being, essentially it is where another website links your website within their content. Touching more on Google’s algorithms, they like to use the EAT anagram as a measure of your worthiness when it comes to SEO. Standing for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, EAT is a way for Google to score you and determine how high in the SERP you deserve to feature. When another website is risking their reputation to suggest yourself, Google sees this as a pretty good indicator that you are trustworthy thus pushing your ranking higher. 

Building your social channels can be effective in more than one way when it comes to marketing. Being SEO specific, social media is another way of showing Google you are trustworthy. If you are able to build a large following, you are most likely going to then get a lot of engagement. When this happens, people tend to share your posts and links to your profiles with their friends. This is another form of link building which again boosts your SEO. Of course, with adult entertainment being a taboo topic, what you can post on social media is limited. With age restrictions and explicit content guidelines, improving your SEO through social media can be tricky. Here at Adult PR, we are experts in adult entertainment SEO. Being specialists in this field, we know all the loopholes and the best ways to get around the restraints put on our clients. Going back to EAT, having a hefty following also indicates to Google that you are experts in your industry. In terms of your SEO, they are then likely to boost you higher because they have more confidence in your ability to answer the questions of the consumer. 

Contact our adult entertainment SEO Agency

As I’m sure you can tell, there is more to adult entertainment SEO than meets the eye. With such intricacies, people often like bringing onboard a marketing company to help. With years of experience and a team bursting with creativity, we would be more than happy to help take your brand to the next level. To find out more, get in touch by clicking here.