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Adult Entertainment SEO Agency: Why search engine marketing is vital for the success of your brand

adult industry SEO

Adult Entertainment SEO Agency: Why search engine marketing is vital for the success of your brand

Here at Adult PR, an adult entertainment SEO agency, we understand just how difficult it can be to get your brand seen. The sex industry is incredibly oversaturated and highly competitive, making it difficult to make an impact. If you’re struggling to put your brand on the map, search engine marketing is the answer to all your prayers!

Having specialised in SEO since 2009, our team are well geared to help you get your brand on the map. No matter your niche, we can advise on the best route to take, in addition to implementing your strategy. 

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO, also known as search engine marketing, is all about improving your discoverability on Google. This technique involves making modifications to your site in order to better satisfy their algorithm. When this happens, it results in a higher ranking under certain search terms relating to your industry. As you will know, in the adult industry, this can be notoriously difficult!

Ultimately, Google want their users to find exactly what they need within a few clicks. With so much misinformation and untrustworthy brands on the internet, it’s vital that they are able to differentiate between the good websites and the poorer ones. To help them do this, they created their algorithm. Essentially, this is a list of criteria detailing every characteristic of an elite website. The more boxes you tick, the more likely Google are to promote your site to searchers.

So, how do they know how ‘good’ your website is? When information is uploaded online, it undergoes a process known as ‘crawling.’ This is where Google send out robots to search through your site, looking for the characteristics set out in their algorithm. Once this process has been completed, your website is then discoverable on the SERP (search engine results page.) It is this process that determines how well you rank.

How can I optimise my site?

Optimising your site takes time and as an adult entertainment SEO agency, we highly advise that you leave this job to the professionals. Your site health is incredibly fragile and one wrong move could cause serious damage, limiting the amount of traffic your website receives. In order to make the most out of this technique, you need a team with extensive experience.

Nevertheless, we understand that learning about how an expert might optimise your site is key in actually getting to grips with what SEO is. Don’t worry, we know it can be confusing! This being said, you can improve your ranking by….

Sharing optimised content

Content is easily one of the most effective ways to boost your websites health. From blogs and landing pages, right the way through to your website copy, it’s vital that you’re spending time optimising these areas.

One of the key things to remember when writing is the use of keywords. These should be relevant to your business and evenly distributed throughout every piece of content you produce. Additionally, you also need to look out for sentence length and word count too! Google don’t like to promote content that consumers may find too tricky to understand, so pay extra close attention to making your writing simple, but informative!

Here at our adult entertainment SEO agency, our team can help you keep your content in a constant flow!

Working on the back end 

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When it comes to back-end optimisation, there is lots of work to be done. In fact, some would even argue that this is the most demanding area of SEO. It’s here that experts will help you to improve your sites loading speed, optimise your website for mobile viewing and work on compressing your image sizes. In addition, specialists will also want to focus on creating alt-text and meta descriptions too.

As you can see, this is one of the more technical parts of the job and not something you’ll want to be attempting on your own!

Generating backlinks through PR

Now, you’ve probably read the subheading for this section of the blog and are now wondering how the hell PR ties into the mix. Like with most marketing techniques, SEO and public relations cross paths when it comes to generating backlinks.

When an article is shared online, journalists will often include a link within their piece where readers can find more information. When content has been distributed featuring a particular brand, the link included is often back to organisations website. This is known as a backlink. 

Google know that in order for a trusted publication to share an article about your business, they must have done their due diligence. Therefore, the more credible the source of the link is, the more authority this adds to your site, boosting your SEO value.

SEO or PPC – which is better?

When researching SEO online, it’s likely you stumbled across PPC on your travels. Both of these techniques are two types of search engine marketing and are both responsible for driving traffic to your website. Regardless of this similarity, the approach of both methods couldn’t be more different. 

PPC (or pay per click) is all about paying for your ranking on the SERP. These are the options you often see at the top of a search with ‘ad’ positioned next to them. In other words, this is a non-organic form of search engine marketing. 

So, which is better? In all honesty, it depends what you’re after. For rapid results, PPC is definitely the best way to go. On the other hand, however, search engine optimisation offers far more in terms of long-term strategy. Not to mention, the quality of leads is often better too!

At our adult entertainment SEO agency, we offer both of these services to clients in need of a boost. If you’re not quite sure which direction to head in, our specialists will help you pinpoint the most lucrative strategy.

Get in touch!

Battling with industry giants isn’t easy. Nevertheless, search engine marketing will certainly give you a push in the right direction. 

Keen to know more about our adult entertainment SEO agency? Contact our team today by clicking here!