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Adult Entertainment Public Relations

public relations for adult entertainment brands

Adult Entertainment Public Relations

Regardless of industry, every business needs PR and marketing to attract customers. Unfortunately, Adult PR and Marketing is very poorly represented; which is why we wanted to launch. Eleven years of experience firmly places us as the ‘go-to’ company for anything sexual. Furthermore, our office is mainly female, which offers a Porn PR perspective that only our clients can boast.

Adult entertainment Public Relations doesn’t have to be seedy. As technology has progressed the adult industry has too. All the businesses we represent are proud of what they have achieved and regardless of whether we are promoting camgirls or sex toys, this can be done in an inoffensive, appealing and upmarket way. (If that fits with your branding of course.)

As with any business you need to know your target audience, who do you want your product to appeal to? Without having a defined idea of your market how are you going to make sure that you make the most money in the least amount of time? After all; selling porn to men and lingerie to women is going to be a vastly different process and everything from the language to the imagery that you use is going to need to be unique.

As with any business, your target market is, to some degree, flexible. For example, men want to buy women’s lingerie too. As such you need an adult entertainment public relations agency that understands the entire buying process. What is going through a man’s mind as he looks through the underwear website? Is he buying for a partner or himself? What will be the selling point that makes him decide to click ‘add to basket’?

It could be argued that if you are in the adult industry, marketing and PR are even more important.

Why? Because simply put, you are working in a flooded industry.

Let us take porn as an example, just this cross section of the adult industry accounts for 12% of websites and every single second $3,075.64 is spent on pornography.

With that in mind is it any surprise you are finding it difficult to promote your adult brand?

You are in the right place. With eleven years’ experience, amazing results and competitive rates we cater to a variety of clients in the adult industry; from sexual health services to sex toys. We cover all the angles of PR and marketing you require.

Our team offer marketing; public relations and branding in addition to talent management. Due to our position in the marketplace along with our connections, we offer our clients the very best platform to promote themselves from.

We are based near London but work globally.

To meet the growing demand for our adult industry services, as a team we continue to expand year on year whilst retaining our experienced team of copywriters; branding specialists; public relations executives; research assistants; social media managers; designers, and event management to ensure the very best service for our diverse range of clients.

Currently at the forefront of the adult entertainment industry, Adult PR have been promoting the porn business for a new and mainstream era.

Using 11 years of knowledge and experience in public relations, our team specialise in growing and refining a company’s brand – no matter what the challenge is!

How to  implement a good public relations strategy and how it can impact the adult industry:

Make Yourself Known.

In a saturated market such as adult entertainment, the chances of clients finding your company is second to none. And let’s face it, you can’t rely on word of mouth in an industry that’s still so taboo! Unfortunately, in this day and age, adult businesses have to think outside the box to raise awareness of their brand.

In every form of business, public relations is important in establishing your brand within the mainstream media. For porn PR, traditional marketing strategies and techniques won’t have the same effect and in some cases, won’t be permitted within certain guidelines. Instead, you need to think about unique ways to get your brand into the news.

Spread The Word.

No matter the angle or topic, bondage or fetish, public relations is an effective way to spread the message you’re trying to present. It’s not easy getting in the media, especially through the image that the adult industry portrays.

A PR team will think of new and creative ways to secure a place for your company to be in different newspapers and magazines. They can reiterate your message to editors which will reinforce and endorse your service.

Build Relationships With Industry Experts.

Nowadays, the most effective way to promote your business is through the essence of social media. The opinion of an influential adult entertainer or model will go a long way when it comes to gaining followers.

An adult entertainment public relations agency can reach out to influencers with a high following who are most relevant to your brand. If they post about your services on their accounts, you’ll be gaining maximum exposure to your ideal target audience.

Public relations in the adult entertainment industry is vital for building a solid brand; attracting new clients and creating future work opportunities. Great adult entertainment PR can do everything from driving traffic through your website to making people want to work for; or with you. You should be seeing a great ROI and increase in profits as a result of using an adult entertainment PR agency.

Why you should use Adult PR.

If you are not seeing a satisfactory ROI from your current adult entertainment public relations agency then you need to start looking at the agency itself. Our team have compiled a list of early warning signs to look out for.

Juniors and apprentices.

So, the MD sold you their glossy looking PR package. Now you have signed on the dotted line, you only seem to be dealing with apprentices. Although hiring apprentices have benefits, you should not be dealing with them.

Confusing pricing and invoices

Is pricing hard to keep track of as? Do they add a price to every service instead of giving you a whole figure? There should be a clear scope of work that will be carried out under one price. Another red flag is if the invoices are equally confusing and don’t come with any reports or proof that you are getting value for money and a good ROI.

There isn’t that click

Public relations agencies need to have great interpersonal skills and a fantastic understanding of a variety of businesses. This is even more true within the adult entertainment industry. If you are constantly having to explain your business or brand to your PR agents; chances are the agency isn’t understanding what your brand is about and as such probably won’t be able to relay it to the public very well.

If you are looking for honest, trustworthy and accountable representation from an adult entertainment PR agency, contact our team today.