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Adult Entertainment Public Relations

public relations for adult entertainment brands

Adult Entertainment Public Relations

When it comes to adult entertainment public relations, not many people know where to start. Everyone knows that sex sells. However, how to go about getting this kind of coverage is where people struggle. This is where it can often be helpful to enlist the assistance of PR professionals. 

At Adult PR, we do exactly what it says on the tin. PR for the adult industry. We help clients from all over the sector in helping them build a solid communications strategy. Further, we get companies reaching their full potential. We bring our clients an array of exposure by creating them a narrative to tell their audience. No matter your niche, PR is going to help you climb your way to the forefront of your industry.

What Are Adult Entertainment Public Relations?

Before going any further, it’s important you have a clear insight into what public relations actually are. In laymen’s terms, PR is the process in which a business uses outside sources to promote their brand. It’s a way for them to reach their audience and build a stronger connection with their customers.  

PR is one form of marketing that has seen lots of change with the introduction of modern technology. Traditionally, PR entailed getting brands seen in well-known publications such as newspapers or magazines. Recently, this has developed, supplying businesses with far more options. Digital PR now includes influencer marketing and also, appearances in popular TV shows, on radio stations or within podcasts. Although these may not all suit your adult business, there is definitely a place for your brand.  

The Main Benefits of Public Relations

  • Brand visibility. When executed well, PR aims to put you right in front of your target segment. 
  • Credibility. If you’re being promoted by a trusted source, this helps add to your own credibility.
  • Reputation. Emotive stories make your brand more personable and relatable.

Why Adult Entertainment Public Relations Can Be Tricky

Escort and sex worker PR agency

One of PR’s only downfalls is in journalists being unpredictable. Unfortunately, no matter how good your story is, the power is in their hands. This means, they have free reign to change their minds about publishing an article at any time. For businesses trying to gain traction in this way, this is obviously a big barrier.

Fear not! At Adult PR, we want our clients to be completely satisfied in the service we provide. So that you can ensure security, we introduced our PR guarantee. If a lead is ever lost, we promise to replace it. Moreover, we go above and beyond on every occasion to supersede your expectations. As the only adult marketing agency to offer such a thing, you can be sure you’re in safe and capable hands with us.

Could You Need Crisis Management?

The answer to this question is always yes. No matter what industry you operate in, every business needs a reliable crisis management team behind them. Although a journalist has the opportunity to excel your company, they also have the power to leave your reputation in tatters. Moreover, if given the opportunity, they will.

It’s common knowledge that humans prefer reading negative news stories over good. Whilst our previous anecdote was correct, sex does sell, sex scandals sell better. If your company open yourselves up to a potential crisis, you can be sure that a journalist is ready to report on the matter. And they won’t hold back.

As experts in adult entertainment public relations, we have seen first-hand just how much damage a crisis can create. When you enlist the help of a team, you provide security to your reputation. It is our job to pinpoint potential weaknesses in your campaigns and stop negative news stories from breaking. Alternatively, we can help you manage the fall out should a crisis have already occurred.

Why Our Team Are Perfect for the Job

When implementing a communications strategy, you need to be vividly aware of cultural differences. How an American may perceive something is very different to how an English person may and so on. When working alongside international PR professionals, you benefit from our knowledge of the entire global landscape. This means that we know how to tailor your story to better suit different audiences. This is crucial if you want to maintain a strong reputation for your brand. 

Not every story is newsworthy and thinking they are is where a lot of people fall short. As one of the biggest marketing firms in the South East, it’s safe to say we know the PR terrain. We have been operating in this field for over 12 years and our team’s ability is extensive. Working with us will mean we can assist in helping produce an emotive and worthwhile narrative.

Taking on your own PR without prior contacts is a risky strategy. At Adult PR, we have put a lot of time into networking and building strong relationships. Having constructed a trusted name within the industry, we now commonly get journalists approaching us. This is a rarity and serves us many amazing opportunities for our clients. With our name behind your campaign, the possibilities are endless.

When working with any business, ensuring there is a good flow of communication is vital. When choosing Adult PR, you benefit from being able to get all your marketing under one roof. As a full-service agency, we are able to offer a complete turnkey strategy. Whether you’re in need of SEO, event management, social media assistance or even graphic design, we’ve got you covered!

Contact Our Specialists

The bottom line is, for any brand to be successful, they need to be discoverable. In such an over saturated market, this can be increasingly difficult. The best way to combat this, you ask? Getting your PR strategy in order.

If you’re after media coverage or help in your upcoming influencer campaign, we can help! Our adult entertainment public relations specialists are always ready and raring to go. If you’re passionate about securing the longevity of your business, then we’re passionate about getting involved. To get in touch with our team, email us on [email protected] or click here!