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Adult Entertainment PR Agency: Making headway in your industry

public relations for adult entertainment brands

Adult Entertainment PR Agency: Making headway in your industry

When it comes to sourcing an adult entertainment PR agency, making the final decision can be difficult. Ultimately, you’re trusting them with your brands future and its vital that things run smoothly from the off.

Based just outside of London, Adult PR are a trusted marketing and communications agency. We also have over 13 years of experience within the sector, if you didn’t already know that! During this time, we have been awarded many accolades for our hard work. What’s more, our ability to deliver high-quality results is also reflected throughout our many client testimonials too!

Interested in knowing more about PR and how we can help? Keep reading!

How does PR work?

If public relations isn’t something that your brand has explored before, you might not quite realise the sheer scope of this technique. PR is an incredibly broad area of marketing and has many subsections. These include press, influencer marketing, crisis management, and media appearances to name just a few.

This technique is aimed at bridging the gap between a brand and the public, with a heavy focus on building relationships. When applied to adult brands specifically, this technique can have a hugely positive impact on beating the stigma that surrounds sex and pleasure.

With so many different options, it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention. When you choose to work with a professional agency, however, you benefit from expert advice on the right direction for your company.

What are the benefits of a strong PR strategy?

Before diving headfirst and investing in your communications strategy, it’s only natural that you want to know more about what exactly you will get in return for your efforts. Having operated as a specialist adult entertainment PR agency since 2009, we have seen this technique elevate hundreds of brands throughout the years, and in more ways than one.

One of the biggest advantages of any form of promotion, organic or non-organic, is exposure. With the adult industry being so overcrowded, brand awareness is everything. Failure to make noise among your fellow competitors could end in disaster, emphasising the importance of investing in your communications strategy. PR allows you to strategically place your brand in front of the right people, keeping you at the forefront.

As we touched on earlier, PR is hugely focussed on strengthening the connection a brand has with its consumers. Now more than ever people want to feel close to the brands they love. Further, when it comes to the adult industry specifically, consumers want to have the reassurance that they can actually trust you too. Public relations is the perfect way to establish credibility for your brand. As a result, this puts people at ease and encourages them to support you.

Although it is always important to focus on building customer loyalty, PR allows you to do this whilst also attracting new consumers too. It’s vital that you see every member of the public as a potential client. Further, that you treat them as such. Exposure within large, mainstream publications can open your brand up to individuals who may have not otherwise known you even existed.

How your PR efforts can add value elsewhere

Beyond the many advantages detailed above, PR can also have quite the impact on the rest of your marketing strategy too. Namely, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media.

Here at our adult entertainment PR agency, we are multiskilled. Beyond communications, we also specialise in many other areas, one of these being search marketing. SEO is an incredibly lucrative technique and one that many adult businesses are investing in. This method is centred around optimising your website so that it better aligns with Google’s algorithm. Credible backlinks, built through digital marketing, is just one of many ways you can improve your websites ranking on the SERP. Without press appearances, you’re likely going to struggle to improve your online visibility.

PR and marketing agency for adult entertainment

The main purpose of a strong press piece or influencer marketing campaign is to pique interest around your brand. Providing your story is emotive, this kind of coverage should drive more people to your social media platforms. In turn, you should see a healthy increase in your following, as well as engagement. If your content receives a good level of interaction, this will encourage social platforms to push your posts out further, helping you expand your reach.

Why work with us?

We won’t lie to you; marketing and communications agencies are two a penny. This being said, finding a credible firm who can deliver is easier said than done. Moreover, locating one that is willing to promote an adult brand can be even harder.

When appointing a marketing and communications team, it’s vital that you look for a firm with direct experience. This is the best way to ensure quick and efficient results. At our adult entertainment PR agency, we have been elevating brands within the sex industry for over a decade. During this time, we have been fortunate enough to work alongside a wide range of amazing businesses, from Smoochi, right through to Off the Record Models. This has given us an in-depth insight into different target markets, allowing us to get your product/service in front of the right people.

When you’re looking in the wrong places, marketing and PR assistance can be incredibly expensive. At Adult PR, however, we believe that every brand should have access to a strong communications strategy, and this shouldn’t cost the earth either. Being based outside of the city, we are able to offer competitive pricing that is fair. What’s more, we are always happy to tailor our packages to suit your budget too!

Last but by no means least, our team are incredibly innovative and hardworking. As a close-knit team of young individuals, we work collaboratively. With brainstorms being a frequent occurrence, our clients benefit from fresh, unique, and forward-thinking ideas, giving their campaigns an extra boost!

Get your complimentary proposal today!

When it comes to investing in marketing for the first time, we know this can be a big step. It’s only natural that you want to compare different agencies and find the perfect team to suit your brand. That’s why we offer all prospective clients a complimentary proposal that’s tailormade to suit you!

Keen to learn more about working with our adult entertainment PR agency? Start the process by getting in touch today. To do so, just click here!