Adult Entertainment Marketing: How our agency can help you in 2021
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Adult Entertainment Marketing: Giving Your Brand a New Lease of Life in 2021

adult entertainment PR and marketing agency

Adult Entertainment Marketing: Giving Your Brand a New Lease of Life in 2021

It’s no secret that the adult entertainment industry still comes under extreme scrutiny. With outdated views on sex and pleasure still polluting society, it can be difficult for adult brands to make noise. Despite the taboo, adult entertainment marketing is still a viable option for those of you in this sector. It does, of course, come with a whole host of restrictions, however. 

At Adult PR, we are a full-service agency offering award-winning marketing to our clients in the adult industry. We have touched almost every corner of the sector from sex toys all the way through to phone sex. No matter whether you’re after a full-scale strategy or just some creative direction, we have what it takes to effectively increase your brand exposure.

Why Is Now A Good Time? 

It would be ignorant for us not to mention the current state of economy. With a recession in tow, many companies are currently having some serious financial issues. Of course, this would make anyone wonder, why is now a good time to market my product? 

Well, whilst the pandemic may have been detrimental for a lot of industries, certain adult entertainment sectors have flourished. Naturally, this was likely down to boredom and sheer loneliness. No matter whether you were alone or stuck indoors with your other half, there was only one thing on everyone’s mind. Sex. With another lockdown in the UK, porn viewership and sex toy sales are set to boom once again. This means that you’d be silly not to harness the positives to come from COVID-19. Working on your adult entertainment marketing now could just be the making of your brand. 

Of course, we can’t just ignore the elephant in the room. People aren’t silly. Knowing how much the adult sector is worth, it’s full of companies looking to capitalise from our desire for pleasure. With competition rife and the industry becoming more and more overcrowded daily, you need to take action. Unless you invest in your marketing strategy now, it’s extremely possible that your business could fail. Wanting the best for your company is no crime. Using this time to get ahead of your competitors is vital if you want to succeed. 

What Are My Options? 

Similar to any other industry, your options are fairly vast. Regardless of the hurdles you’ll need to tackle, there are still plenty of things you need to be working on. Let’s explore some of the basic techniques you should be benefitting from: 

Social Media Management 

Of course, it’s difficult to give direct and accurate advice without knowing the exact details about your business. For more tailored advice, it’s always best to get in touch. In the meantime, let’s give a generalised overview when it comes to social media management. 

It’s likely that the platforms you will benefit most from are Twitter, OnlyFans and Instagram. This is either because of their target audience or their general nature. For example, Twitter is an extremely laid back outlet. Realistically, anything goes. Meanwhile, whilst OnlyFans wasn’t explicitly made for sex workers, it’s certainly popular for this service. No matter whether you’re just using one of these platforms or all three, their main purpose is to improve visibility. The more people see your branding, of course, the more they’ll recognise you. This is only natural. 

In addition to this, social media can also add value in other ways. For example, boosting your SEO, helping implement PR campaigns and also promoting exclusivity amongst your customers. 

SEO for adult industry websites

Search Engine Optimisation 

When we look for anything these days, often the internet plays a big part in what we find. This is especially the case when it comes to adult entrainment. Whether you’re a porn company, an escort booking platform or an adult retailer, your website is the most vital part of the puzzle. It’s for this reason that SEO is something you need to be constantly working on. 

As well as enticing more people onto your site, SEO also improves the enduser experience. This can go a long way in enhancing your reputation. Implementing changes such as fixing broken links or boosting site speed will only keep your customers happy. This will ensure they come back for more, further down the line. 

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO. This area of marketing is extremely difficult to condense into a few paragraphs. What’s more, it’s extremely difficult to understand. For more information on search engine optimisation, click here. We’d also be happy to advise further over the phone. 

Public Relations 

Public relations are all about bringing you closer to your audience. Given that this is most likely the general public, big mainstream outlets are the way forward. Getting your name in publications such as The Sun will allow you to reach the millions. In conjunction with this, articles in adult magazines will help you to target a more direct market segment. 

As we mentioned previously, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding your industry. As well as PR boosting your brand recognition, it is also a great tool for making noise and demanding change. The more people hear about the sex industry, the more comfortable we become with the idea. Similarly, questioning people’s taboo’s is likely to make them reconsider their outlook. Being a voice for change goes a long way in terms of promoting a positive reputation. 

Contact Our Adult Entertainment Marketing Agency 

Of course implementing change is a big step for any business to take. Not knowing how a venture will pay off may make you nervous. Despite this, we have helped hundreds of adult clients flourish from our hard work. 

With our 12 years of experience and multiple awards, you can be confident in our abilities. For more information on the work that we do, why not reach out? You can contact our adult entertainment marketing agency by clicking here!