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Adult Entertainment Graphic Design: Finding the right tone of voice for your brand

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Adult Entertainment Graphic Design: Finding the right tone of voice for your brand

Based in Essex, VerriBerri is home to a team of talented experts specialising in adult entertainment graphic design. Day to day, we work with a huge variety of brands to help them find their space within the market. What’s more, through cutting edge, modern design, we help organisations to reset the tone that surrounds the sex industry, beating the stigma as we go.

With over a decade of experience within the adult marketing landscape, we have been able to build an incredibly diverse portfolio. From working with erotic masseuses, to launching campaigns for camgirl sites, we have seen, done, and conquered it all! 

What is branding?

In short, branding is considered to be any feature that is used to distinguish between you and your competitors. From your key colours, right through to your logo and tagline. For example, you see the yellow arches and you instantly think of McDonald’s.

Branding is easily one of the most important aspects of adult entertainment graphic design. It’s also something that every business needs to be investing in! Additionally, your organisation also needs to keep reviewing your image on a regular basis if you want your business to remain modern.

Why is graphic design so important?

There are a multitude of positives that come with spending time developing graphics, refreshing your website, and evolving your branding. One of the most important advantages to note is the impact this can have on your reputation. Whether you like cheesy sayings or not, first impressions really do matter and there is little you can do to escape this fact. 

Research suggests that first impressions are formed within 2-3 seconds of our first encounter with a brand, person, or object. What’s more, psychologists claim that it is near impossible to change an opinion without at least some kind of remaining bias. With branding being one of the first things people see, it’s vital that these design elements hit the spot and portray a clear message from the off. Your branding should tell someone what your company does and your core values and beliefs.

As we touched on earlier, branding is also used as a way of differentiation. These days, almost every market is oversaturated, and this is especially true of the adult sector. With a constant battle for the limelight on your hands, it’s important that you’re able to stand out from the crowd. When implemented correctly, adult entertainment graphic design is an extremely effective way to put you on the map.

As specialists, we have seen first-hand just how much of an impact our work has on the success of our clients. If you had been neglecting this area, trust us when we say that you won’t regret investing time here. Adult PR know what they’re talking about!

Key statistics you need to know 

  • Utilising colour within your branding will increase recognition by up to 80%
  • Keeping your branding consistent across multiple platforms can increase your revenue by 23%
  • 89% of consumers are loyal to brands if they share similar values
  • Traits such as trustworthiness are determined within a tenth of a second
  • 48% of consumers say that the best time to earn loyalty is when their first purchase is made
  • 91% of consumers would prefer to buy from brands that have positioned themselves as unique and authentic

Finding the right brand personality

People like to buy from established brands that know who they are. This is what gives them confidence in their purchase. It’s for this reason exactly that finding a personality for your business is so important. In fact, if this is something you have been avoiding, you might find that you’ve been unconsciously hindering the success of your business. 

As part of the branding process, our experts will take our time to get to know your organisation and how you want to come across to potential consumers. From here, we can then begin to pinpoint key characteristics for your brand that can be reflected throughout each branding element (logo, tagline, typography etc.)

Below are a few examples of personality types that you may want to adopt for your brand:

  • Sincere – kindness, generosity, honest, and wholesome
  • Excited – spirited, daring, youthful, and forward-thinking
  • Sophisticated – elegant, endearing, feminine, and prestigious

How we can help

At Adult PR, our adult entertainment graphic design team are extremely skilled, allowing us to offer a diverse and extensive range of services. Whether you’re in need of a website revamp or a complete rebrand, we’re ready and raring to go! What’s more, as a multi-service marketing agency, we can also help you take things that one step further.

Marketing is something that we believe every business should be investing in. Not only is this a great way to reach your audience, but it also boasts a multitude of other advantages too. From social media, PR, and crisis management, right through to search engine marketing and event management, we’ve got you covered!

Interested in knowing more about our other services? Click here to read more in-depth.

Get in touch with our specialists!

Want to see the results for yourself? If you’re looking to invest in adult entertainment graphic design for your brand, we highly recommend getting in touch with one our specialists. 

Here at Adult PR, we know that every brand is different. So that we produce nothing but the very best for our clients, we tailor every package to suit you and your individual requirements. 

For a quick chat or your complimentary proposal, get in touch with a member of the team today. You can reach us by clicking here!