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 There are many components that go into effectively building reputable adult entertainment backlinks. From coming up with good article ideas and securing coverage within publications, to knowing the right people and having the right connections. The truth is – this element of digital marketing crosses the borders of both PR and SEO. With this in mind, you need a team who have a good understanding of both of these areas if you want to be successful. That’s where we come into it! 

 Adult PR are a full-service digital marketing agency. This means that we have a deep understanding across all elements of organic promotion. What’s more, we’re multi-award-winning too! 

What is a backlink?

Starting with the basics, let’s discuss what adult entertainment backlinks really are. In layman’s terms, this is essentially a link between two websites. 

Backlinks are typically generated as a result of your adult communications strategy. PR is the process of generating digital brand exposure within online publications. When these platforms have featured a brand within their article, they typically include a link to where their readers can find out more – the brands website. As such, backlinks are born! 

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are vital for any and every business. When they come from a reputable, related, and trustworthy website, they will give your brands credibility a real boost. This is crucial for any business operating within the adult industry. 

In the eyes of Google, backlinks coming from sites with good authority make your site far more attractive. As such, this will have a positive impact on your SEO value and where your site ranks on the search engine, making you far more visible!  

What is SEO?

When researching adult entertainment backlinks, you’re likely to see the acronym ‘SEO’ flying about a lot. If you don’t come from a marketing background, things can quickly get quite confusing. Allow us to explain. 

SEO is a digital technique used by marketeers to boost the visibility of a brands website. The process involves making certain modifications both in the front and back end to ultimately improve the end-user experience. These should be done in line with Google’s algorithm, the set of criteria used to determine a website ranking on the results page.  

Alongside on-site SEO, a well-rounded search marketing strategy should include off-site SEO too. Much of this is link-building through PR. Google’s algorithm favours websites that are credible and as we mentioned earlier, high-quality backlinks can make your site appear more trustworthy. There are lots of things that tie into a good SEO strategy, and backlinks should never be over-looked. 

Why you should never buy adult entertainment backlinks

When you buy backlinks, these typically come from dummy websites. Companies selling these links usually set up thousands of sites with hardly any content, poor domain authority, and that offer no value to visitors. As such, these links can harm your SEO value. Before you know it, you’ve shelled out a load of money for what you think is going to be a ‘quick fix’. In reality, what you get is a load of dodgy backlinks that have left your site worse off than it was before. In all honesty, it’s better to pay out for a trusted adult digital marketing agency who can implement an organic link strategy.  

How can Adult PR help me?

The team here at Adult PR are leading digital marketing experts, specialising in helping those within the sex industry flourish. We’re a full-service firm providing brands with a wide range of services. These include: 

  • Strategy writing and implementation  
  • Social media management 
  • Public Relations (PR) 
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Crisis management  
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) 
  • Pay per click (PPC) 
  • Event planning and management 
  • Graphic design  
  • Branding and rebranding  
adult digital marketing agency

Why choose Adult PR?

Here at Adult PR, our main aim is to be fair in everything we do. As such, we don’t tie our clients into lengthy contracts like other agencies. Instead, we like to let our results do the talking. As such, we keep our contract lengths to a maximum of 6 months. In the current climate, flexibility is key. By keeping our agreements short, we’re able to offer our clients just that.  

 Secondly, our team is approachable and transparent. When entering a partnership with any other business, it’s important that you’re able to establish mutual respect. We recognise the importance of good customer service. As such, we’re always just a phone call away whenever you need us.  

As creatives, we’re in constant collaboration with our colleagues to make sure our ideas always remain fresh and unique. Each and every member of our team is knowledgeable within their specialist area and passionate about what they do. This allows us to give every project our all, no matter the size of their contract.   

And last but by no means least, we’re experienced. Our team have worked with a wide range of brands across the adult industry. From camgirls and escorts, right through to sex toy companies, we know all the best ways to help you reach the right people. What’s more, our amazing team has also been awarded many accolades for our efforts. These include titles such as ‘Best Marketing and PR Agency’ to ‘Most Influential Marketing CEO’ – achievements we are immensely proud of! 

How to reach us

If you’re looking to ramp up the performance of your website and are looking for help with generating adult entertainment backlinks, we’re here to help! To find out more about how we work and for your complimentary proposal, get in touch today. You can reach us by clicking here or by emailing us on [email protected]. We look forward to hearing more about your business!