Adult Content Marketing: The Changing Online Industry
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Adult Content Marketing: The Changing Online Industry

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Adult Content Marketing: The Changing Online Industry

If you’ve been in this industry for as long as we have, you become an expert on the ins and outs of adult content marketing. As someone just starting out, or even if you are new to the internet side of adult marketing, it may feel overwhelming. There are so many avenues you can take, especially with the online adult industry growing every day. Adult PR can finesse your marketing strategies to allow you to market your adult content appropriately. Before we go on, if you need help with your marketing, click here to get in touch.

Our team will create you a bespoke proposal which will show what you should be doing and when. There is no obligation or cost, just the combined knowledge of our team and our 15 years brand experience in the adult industry, working with some amazing names. We do only work with one client in each sector, for ethical reasons. After all, if we worked with you and your competitor we would have a moral dilemma as to who is ranking where, who we have journalist opportunities too… the list goes on. However, if we are working with one of your competitors we will quickly let you know.

Online Content 

By now we are sure you are aware of the rise in adult content online and how the industry has developed over the years. The internet has gone from something some claimed ‘would never catch on’ to a utopia of information. Now we have the whole world at our fingertips: sex toys, porn, and adult websites at the click of a button. Furthermore, even in the past couple of years, we have seen a significant change in the way we use the online world.

Most businesses have had to utilise the internet, to ensure they stayed afloat during troubling times. This was no different for the adult industry. Businesses like escorting were made obsolete due to social distancing and lockdowns. Many people found themselves unemployed and have turned to the internet with new businesses, tailored to a COVID restricted world. 

Why You Need Online Adult Content Marketing Now 

Due to the increase in people starting businesses in the adult industry over lockdown, the market has become saturated, OnlyFans saw a 42% increase in sign-ups, meaning sex workers have had to try even harder to market themselves online. Having an effective adult content marketing strategy can help to boost your business and brand awareness. It will help you to stand out amongst a sea of industry competitors.

The Social Dilemma 

With the online industry booming, now is the perfect time to efficiently market yourself and your brand or product online. This being said, when it comes to adult content marketing, you really need to know your social media platforms. Each platform has strengths, weaknesses, and restrictions that you need to be aware of. 


Twitter is very relaxed with their Terms of Service in regard to explicit content. Most people use Twitter for personal use, but that is not it’s only function. Sex workers and adult industry companies prefer using Twitter as it is diverse and accepting with the more explicit content. However, this may mean the platform can feel a bit oversaturated at times, with everyone competing for customers. Adult PR can help tailor your Twitter content to allow you break from the mould. 


adult industry social media marketing agency

As an image-based platform, Instagram can be incredibly helpful for the visuals. It is, however, a social app that has continuously silenced and hindered its many adult industry users. The recent update to their Terms of Use changed the definition of sexually suggestive content. This has affected many people who rely on Instagram for adult content marketing.

Luckily, here at Adult PR, we know what hashtags and captions to use within your posts and what photos you can post, whilst still being in line with those all-important Terms of Use. Adult content marketing on Instagram is a difficult beast to tame. But with the right help, you can utilise this platform effortlessly. 


An entirely unique platform you may not have heard of is Switter. Born in the response to a 2018 US government bill, Switter aims to provide those in the adult industry with an effective site to post their adult content marketing. The bill was passed to prevent sex trafficking but, ended up directly effecting American sex workers who use the online world to market services and products. Switter is sex worker friendly, and you can use it for marketing without having to worry about your hashtags or how explicit your content is. 


This platform is not for everyone! But with the surge in users over the last year, it is a perfect adult content marketing tool when used well. The only downside is that with no internal search system on their site, it can become difficult to use the site correctly. As an adult content marketing agency, we understand that OnlyFans won’t suit all businesses but with the right strategies, it can be incredibly valuable. 

The importance of influencers 

The internet is a massive part of our daily lives. Our phones allow us to be online pretty much whenever we want. Scrolling through any social media platform you are bound to see an influencer or two prompting a product. At Adult PR, we have a range of influencer contacts for adult content marketing. Although this method of marketing isn’t for everybody, influencers can be the perfect way to reach already established audiences and build up your reputability as a brand. 

Graphic design for your brand 

Having the perfect branding can really make or break an adult industry product, especially with adult content marketing online. A lot of adult industry branding can seem tacky and most of it has been seen before. People want fresh concepts and ideas. Adult PR can help to overhaul (or tweak if needed) your overall brand image. Creating a cohesive brand across all your socials is an effective strategy to increasing brand awareness. 

Contact our team 

Our 20 years’ worth of experience in adult content marketing we are experts in our trade. Some parts of marketing can be tricky to wrap your head around, especially with the sheer size of marketing options to utilise online. Adult PR can make sure you use socials and the internet wisely in order to increase your customer base and get you seen by the right people.

If you think you are in need of Adult PR’s marketing expertise, do not hesitate to contact our team today to start discussing your strategy!