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Adult brand marketing agency

SEO for adult business

Adult brand marketing agency

Why you need an adult brand marketing agency? 

Adult PR is an adult brand marketing agency that specializes in creating effective marketing strategies to help your business. The adult industry is often seen as being hard to market, due to the taboos and stigma attached to its content. As we all know, the industry itself is remarkably competitive. However, our highly skilled and specialized team can help you create outside of the box campaigns!

To be noticed amid your competitors, you will almost certainly need to seek the advice and support of an external agency. Here at Adult PR, our skilled team will make sure that you stand out from the crowd! With our innovative strategies and 12 years’ experience, our specialists will make sure that your brand succeeds. 

Brand reputation

Unfortunately, as mentioned, there are still taboos in the adult industry which effects the ease in which your target audience can be approached. Establishing a renowned reputation builds rapport which equals customer retention and growth. In simple terms, people need to both know who you are and like you! You can’t just sit static and expect results, you need to be proactive about it. Therefore, you need consistent quality content, and luckily, this is our forte!

The adult industry & the pandemic

Mid- Pandemic 

Although many of us are loving the fact that we can now say the phrase ‘Post-Pandemic, we cannot deny the increased income many in the adult industry enjoyed during this period.  During May 2020, it was reported that on the Only Fans platform, there was a 75% increase in new creators, and the performers we work with earnt a significant amout in this period, some with an increased income of over 1000%! The industry became tremendously saturated and still is! (Which can make things difficult for you).


Even though we slowly seem to be returning to back to some kind of normality; many individuals working in the sex sector find it more efficient to remain online. However, for others, like the escorting industry, business has just got back up and running after almost 2 years! An adult brand marketing agency like Adult PR can help you increase your online visibility and importantly, the money you make! We can help you attract your target audience through strategies, even after the nightmare that is Covid! 

How we can help

Social media

Social media is a direct tie to your audience; therefore, it is vital to have a consistent social media presence to become noticed and stay relevant. Unfortunately, their guidelines can heavily restrict your content. Restrictions can be a pain; and the knock-on effects are detrimental. But whatever the platform, we are here to jump these hurdles for you! (we’re pros at it).


Instagram has a variety of restrictions which makes it the hardest platform to post on. Adult PR tactfully know how to maneuver around Instagram’s guidelines. For Instagram sex work marketing; you should embody a supportive community ethos, reaching wider audiences with messages of female empowerment, simultaneously positively effecting stigma surrounding sex work and your brand. 

An adult brand marketing agency like ours, know how to work the system (we know the loopholes). Overstepping the line is easily done, and a lot of people don’t know where that line is. An Instagram ban could always be a risk, but our team know what specific hashtags and brand appropriate content to use, to keep you on predominant platforms.


Unlike Instagram, Twitter is very lenient with explicit content, however, this means the platform is highly saturated, having easy access to an array of content. Regardless of the socials channels your business uses, you need to be in the spotlight. Ask yourself, are my marketing strategies effective? Could they be better? At Adult PR our professional social media team are here to help you navigate this complicated, ever-changing world.


Ever heard of the saying it’s what you know, not who you know? Although many may resent this statement, it’s often true. Media contacts can be very useful in the adult world; Adult PR has influencer contacts that can promote your brand and its products. Marketing your business through our PR contacts can help diminish taboos around the industry because audiences tend to trust influencers opinions. 

Contributing to a change in stigma towards the adult world and discussing sex in general openly, is the dream. It shouldn’t be shameful, and PR decisions like using influencers can chip away at that stigma. Not only would this angle potentially bring traffic to your business currently, but our media contacts can bring long-term benefits to your brand and personal reputation.    


In this world, we see the same graphics time and time again. Consumers skim past predictable visuals, happily scrolling past until something that stands out, gripping their curiosity. Audience’s attention spans are often shorter nowadays because of the sheer volume of media we induce daily.  As a result they glaze over content without even realising. 

But here at Adult PR, we produce innovative new ideas, thought up by our creative marketing team, stopping people in their tracks to make them notice your company. As cliché as this sounds, you need to stand out and be that colourful rainbow amongst that boring, grey background of other advertisements! Whether you want entirely new graphics from scratch, or simply to refine current visuals, we have the skill set to elevate your brand to the next level, through social media, blog posts or your website.


The significant aspect of SEO’s in the adult industry is that there are niches. Niches can dramatically help your brand to reach your specific target audience, and as a business you need to establish who your target audience is. 

As an adult brand marketing agency, we are experts in SEO. Your content can reach the high ranks of search engines like google, building your brand credibility. If you become a top result on a google search page, people will trust your service, feeling as though they were in control of the whole process. Adult PR can strategically get you on the map.


Pay Per Click can also an option to gain traction through search engines. Ads reach the very top of a google webpage. Every click is paid for in order for you become the top result, possibly giving you competitive edge in the industry. This establishes new customers, consequently, better for the short term. It’s important to remember however, that in the adult industry this is a very expensive exercise that doesn’t always create the best ROI. 

Contact Us 

It is key that your brand is marketed correctly and here at Adult PR we have a team of creative minds to produce effective content. We offer both written and visual expertise, with inventive, new ideas to get the wheels turning for your business. Pre-existing or new!

If you feel like we can offer you assistance on your brand marketing strategies, get in touch!

Contact us today to elevate your adult business to the next level.