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A Guide to Marketing for OnlyFans Models from an Award-Winning Agency

A Guide to Marketing for OnlyFans Models from an Award-Winning Agency

Standing out as a creator on OnlyFans has never been so difficult, with the platform now inundated with adult models. More and more creators are looking for guidance on marketing for OnlyFans models to ensure their earnings don’t take a dip. If this is what’s brought you to this blog, you’re in the right place!

Adult PR is a leading adult marketing and communications agency, helping OnlyFans models and other NSFW brands to optimise and execute their growth strategies. Our methods are tried, tested, and most importantly, proven. To read about some of our most recent success stories, click here.  

What to Bear in Mind Before We Get Started

Before we dive in, there are a couple of things we need to note first about marketing for OnlyFans models. 

First and foremost, working in the adult industry does mean that you’re slightly more limited when it comes to your marketing options. This being said, with the help of our specialists, getting your message out there isn’t difficult. Through PR and social media, we’ll help you to grow your fanbase on OnlyFans.

Secondly, marketing isn’t an overnight fix. We encourage our clients to see our services for what they are – an investment in your future. Although it does take time, marketing is the best way to ensure you’re maximising your earnings on OnlyFans, LoyalFans, or other similar platforms. If no marketing has taken place previously, we usually tell our clients to expect to start seeing results after 2-3 months.

Lastly, working with our experts is a collaborative process. Once we have been working with you for a few months, you may feel confident to have less involvement in our work. In the initial few months, strong communication between us and our clients is key.

Routes to Market

The main two routes to market when it comes to marketing for OnlyFans models are social media and PR. Let’s break things down…

Social Media Marketing

Social media, although restricted, can be one of the best ways to build up your fanbase. Having profiles on the likes of Instagram, X, and TikTok, make is easier for new clients to find your content. Consistently and frequently posting updates and insights into your life help your fans to feel closer to you, ensuring they keep coming back for more. 

Whilst X is an unrestricted platform, Instagram and TikTok do have certain restrictions in place than ban NSFW content. It’s important that your posts do not break the guidelines, or you could risk losing your account altogether. Our specialists have years of experience navigating these platforms and know what is and isn’t allowed. By working with Adult PR, we can reduce the risk of your account being banned. 

Our support with social media marketing can be flexible to your individual needs. If you have the time to manage your accounts yourself but simply want some guidance, we can offer our skills on a consultancy basis. This is an advice-based service that gives you the tools to execute a strong strategy. Alternatively, if you would like a team to manage your accounts for you, our experts can also help with this. For more information, get in touch by clicking here.

Public Relations (PR)

PR is a sure-fire way to generate more traffic to your OnlyFans account, with a huge variety of people reading the mainstream media each day. Our communications experts have strong connections with a myriad of journalists and publications. What’s more, being creative individuals, they’re incredibly talented when it comes to brainstorming new story angles.

Our team will write first-person stories on your behalf to be published in the press, with a guaranteed minimum lead quota set each quarter. These stories will be formed around stories and experiences from your career, such as any unusual requests you’ve had, your earnings (if you’re comfortable with this), and your journey to becoming an OnlyFans model.

Our team have contacts with both local and international publications. This means that we can help you reach a wide audience from across the globe!

Working with Adult PR

If you’re unsure of where to start with marketing for OnlyFans models, it might be time to consider reaching out to an experienced, specialist agency like Adult PR. We understand your audience better than most and with a background in the adult industry, we can navigate the restrictions with ease. 

Working with both individuals and businesses, we have a variety of packages to suit everyone’s set up. Whether you’re a self-employed OnlyFans creator or a management company, we can build a tailored strategy to suit you.

Our team are friendly, responsive, forward-thinking, and above all else, passionate about what they do. This puts us in good stead to deliver strong results time and time again. It’s our goal to meet and exceed the targets set for us, ensuring our campaigns are innovative and proactive. 

Get in Touch!

Marketing for OnlyFans models requires a strategic and tailored approach if you want to stand a chance of being heard. Through carefully curated social media posts and considered media placements, our team can help you build a loyal fanbase.

For more information about working with the team here at Adult PR, get in touch with our team today! You can reach our friendly and helpful team by clicking here