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A Guide to Adult Model Marketing: Building Your Presence

Adult Model Marketing - Image of black lingerie.

A Guide to Adult Model Marketing: Building Your Presence

Usually, the first hurdle to overcome with adult model marketing is understanding what restrictions you face. Being in the NSFW industry, your options are limited when it comes to digital advertising. This being said, an organic approach is possible and can be incredibly rewarding when implemented correctly. 

Suggested Services

Whilst we always advise potential clients to get in touch for more tailored advice on adult model marketing, below are some of our suggested services that might work for you:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is a type of organic search marketing. This technique is targeted at improving the visibility of your website to, in turn, improve footfall and enquiries.

There are lots of different moving parts to SEO. Ultimately, the main aim is to appease the Google algorithm. This is the structure they use to determine what sites a user sees when searching for specific topics, and the order in which they appear. The more aligned you are with the algorithm, the more successful you will be in increasing site authority and visibility.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, meaning your approach to SEO also needs to be flexible. This being said, there are fundamentals that you should be implementing. A few examples include:

  • Optimising your website for mobile devices
  • Including keywords (almost like buzzwords) within your content
  • Producing regular content (like this blog!) that addresses consumer questions and pain points
  • Improving your websites loading speed
  • Including alt-text for accessibility

If you rely on your website for taking bookings, this form of adult model marketing is going to be crucial in making you stand out among your competitors. Working with our team, you can be rest assured that your site is always aligned with current best practises. We’ll help you to optimise your current website and copy, whilst producing regular content to bolster your visibility.

Editorial Press Coverage

Public relations, or PR for short, is the act of having a brand featured within the media. This predominantly includes the press, but can also signify opportunities on the radio, within podcasts, and on the TV too.

There are two types of press coverage – editorial and advertorial. The former is organic and typically a much more cost-effective way of building awareness for your brand. Meanwhile, the latter can be quite costly and involves running ads in the back of newspapers or within digital publications.

Here at Adult PR, we typically favour editorial PR for our clients. In this instance, this would entail writing first person stories about your experiences as an adult model. This might include stories about any unusual requests you’ve had, your life before adult modelling, whether your family have been supportive of your career, what you love about your job, or stores about your income (if this is something you are comfortable to discuss.) Working with models in the adult industry, we understand that our clients often want to use pseudonyms for privacy reasons. This is never a problem.

Our communications specialists have spent years building up a high-calibre list of connections within the journalism field. In doing so, we have secured exclusive exposure opportunities for our clients. Just a handful of the publications our clients have been featured in include: 

  • The Metro
  • The Daily Star
  • Cosmopolitan
  • The Daily Mirror
  • Women’s Health
  • Vice Magazine

For adult model marketing in particular, our focus will usually be around securing national, mainstream coverage. Your audience is vast and therefore, we should not limit ourselves or our reach by targeting industry specific publications. What’s more, we can also look for international coverage if you’re a model agency with talent that spans more than one country.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another area worth exploring. These platforms allow you to build a rapport with your audience, showcasing your personality. There is more to this activity than you may at first think.

Effective social media marketing requires consistency. What’s more, being in the adult industry, you’ll also need a good grasp on the many restrictions that some platforms have in place. If this is something you need support with, our team can offer either a full management or a consultancy, advice-based service.

Knowing where your audience are is important. A lot of adult models and content creators make use of three main platforms – X, Instagram, and TikTok. When you work with us, we’ll help you to communicate with your audience effectively, establishing more work opportunities. 

Choosing the Right Agency

If you’re toying with investing time into your adult model marketing, there are lots of benefits to working with an agency rather than doing this yourself. The main being time. 

Building your online presence requires time and consistency. Working alongside our team here at Adult PR, we can hit the ground running with your marketing and know exactly where and how to reach your audience. This allows you to focus on what you do best, whilst we take care of the rest!

In addition to the above, knowing and understanding the industry, your audience, and restrictions is vital. As such, working with an agency that specialises in the adult industry is a must. We can help you navigate the marketing landscape better than mainstream agencies. 

Last but by no means least, Adult PR offer competitively priced, flexible packages to suit the needs of most businesses or individuals in the industry. What’s more, we also offer shorter contract terms than many other agencies. 

Collaborating with Us

Interested in knowing more about our adult model marketing packages and working with our friendly team? Get in touch with our business development team today by clicking here!