Sex Toy Marketing: How to Sell Sex Toys on Social Media

If you read our blogs you will know that the team here at Adult PR, adult marketing agency, love talking about the sex industry; in particular sex toy marketing. Sex toys have hit an all-time high in popularity and acceptance from the public. As with any business, where there is a demand there will be a supply of resources and there is definitely an abundance of supply in this case.

According to Business Wire, the global adult toys market is currently worth over 24 billion USD. There are now more sex stores online than there has ever been before and as such competition to gain customers is fierce. One of the best routes to take in order to win clients is to gain their trust through sex toy marketing on social media. This should not be mistaken for advertising as quite frankly adverts can often fail to gain long term customers.

The team here at Adult PR, sex toy marketing agency, have listed some of the ways you can attract customers to your website through adult social media marketing.

Work backwards

The best way to start a sex toy marketing strategy for social media is to look at the end consumer. You will need to think about what platforms they are using; what content they engaging are with and what other interests they have? This will help you decide what platform is best to use and what content you should be posting to gain their loyalty and trust.


To engage your audience, you will need to create original and gripping content. You should always use a visual element such as an image or video. Using a graphic designer will enhance your chances of your image and videos being seen by your audience and allows a chance for you to watermark any visual content.

Link back to your website

People virtually spreading the word of your business can be a huge benefit for you. For instance, If a friend recommends something to you, you are naturally more inclined to trust what they are recommending. For maximum ease and to track that your website visitors are coming from social media you should include a direct link to your website on your social media platforms.

If you are looking to promote your sex toy store on social media, then contact our friendly team today to discuss your sex toy marketing strategy on +441621 927010.

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